What is something that we all look for in a show? Elements of comedy? Perhaps stellar action? What about a nice twist? You can find all of that in the 2003 TV series Las Vegas. A mixture of everything and more, Las Vegas is packed with entertainment that is sure to get you hooked. With 5 seasons under their belt, the show will keep you busy for a long time. Let’s look at what the show is about, the cast, plot, where you can watch Las Vegas TV show streaming, and more. Hang in there as we go deep inside what the show is all about.

Before we get into Las Vegas TV show streaming available options, let’s get a feel for the show.

What Is The Las Vegas TV Show?

What is Las Vegas TV Show

If you’ve caught on to the Las Vegas TV show streamings then you would know what the show is all about. With 106 episodes to view, Las Vegas aired in 2003 and is a comedy-crime-drama genre TV series. Broadcasted on NBC, Las Vegas is about a group of employees that are working at a casino/strip joint in Las Vegas. Things start to go unplanned when the president of operations is removed and replaced by his protege.

Before you go to Las Vegas TV show streaming options, here is some information that will help you in deciding on whether or not you want to watch the show. The show’s pilot episode was considered to be the most expensive in the history of NBC show tapings and cost the production house $5 million.

Filming of the show was either done in casinos/hotels in California or in Las Vegas itself. After the first pilot, NBC decided to push for an entire first season the same year. Las Vegas TV show streaming was initially kept on Mondays, however, this Las Vegas TV show streaming was later shifted to Friday nights around three years after the show was first aired. This move did not go down well with fans and therefore the ratings during Las Vegas TV show streaming in its last two years declined to cause a complete stop to Las Vegas TV show streaming. The last episode during the Las Vegas TV show streaming left many cliffhangers and unanswered questions which did not sit well among the fans of the TV show.

Before we head on to where you can watch the Las Vegas TV show streaming if you’re interested, let’s go over the cast of the show.


Las Vegas TV show

There are a total of eight main characters giving the series the right oomph if you’re into crime-drama TV shows. Having too many characters can have you lose focus of the plot and series at hand.

Before you go about reading the cast details, you are warned of the spoilers ahead. If you don’t want to get spoilers before watching the Las Vegas TV show streaming then simply read the names of the actors in the cast. If spoilers do not bother you and you’re okay with knowing them before watching Las Vegas TV show streaming, then go ahead with the reading.

James Caan

The producers of the show decided to hire James Caan for the role of the EX-CIA president of operations (Ed Deline) of the casino/hotel Montecito. It was the actor’s first-ever role in a TV show. However, Caan left the set during the fourth season as he wanted to move towards acting in films once again.

Josh Duhamel

Josh Duhamel plays the role of Caan’s protege who becomes the president of operations after Caan leaves but gets demoted once again when Caan is back to assume his role. Danny McCoy, the on-screen character played by Josh, goes through many life events including job-related incidents and relationships.

Although he has a one-time relation with Caan’s on-screen daughter Delinda, Danny is involved with other people throughout the series and even proposes to someone else. However, in the end, the character gets down on his knees to marry Delinda in the final season of the series.

Nikki Cox

Nikki plays the role of Mary Cannon, a director responsible for any events in the casino/hotel. Although she starts as a hotel manager, she is promoted throughout the series. Mary is involved in a relationship with Danny at the start of the series and the latter had proposed to her in the second series. However, after giving it a thought, she rejects it after she had initially said yes. Things get complicated with Mary as her father is introduced in the show.

Mary’s father had sexually abused her daughter at a very young age and Mary is determined to ensure justice is served. After losing the court case against her father who turns the verdict of the court in his favor due to his connections, Mary spirals into murderous intent. Purchasing a gun in series four, she kills her father and escapes the hotel never to be seen again. She does send a postcard to Danny in season five to let him know that she is okay and living her life in a dream house that she had always imagined.

In reality, however, the situation was much different. Cox was let go from the show due to budget constraints and the story given of her father and her escaping after killing him seemed like a good way to end Mary’s story.

James Lesure

James plays the role of Mike Cannon, head of the valet at the hotel who soon becomes friends with Danny. Mike is brought into security by Ed and slowly starts getting into his role. He does have many relationship troubles throughout the series before settling down and getting married in the final season. Mike Cannon becomes the head of security after Danny becomes the president of operations.

Vanessa Marcil

The character Samanta James is played by Vanessa Marcil. Her character is shown as a cold, relentless businesswoman who takes control of Montecito. She also has her fair share of relationships that keeps her character interesting however, the turnaround is when she fails to pay the hotel/casino’s taxes leading to the transfer of the property to another buyer thus concluding her on-screen character.

Molly Sims

Molly Sims plays Ed’s daughter, Delinda on-screen. She has a major in Psychology and is shown as a genius person responsible for the food, beverages, and entertainment at Montecito. Delinda Deline is involved with Danny, however, she leaves the hotel in season three to another resort where she gets into a relationship with Derek, her high school sweetheart. Derek asks her to marry him to which she agrees but upon finding out her dad was shot in season three she rejects the proposal.
Delinda is asked to join the hotel again as she was considered to be the best host and attracted a lot of customers when the hotel was under previous management. She gets involved with Danny and gets pregnant with their baby in season five. The end of the season shows a huge cliffhanger where she is bleeding leaving the audience to figure out the fate of the unborn.

Marsha Thomason

Marsha plays the role of Nessa Holt, head of the pit-ball team at the casino. She is also the step-sister of Delinda (not through the blood). Nessa’s father was a friend of Ed and therefore after disappearing, Ed felt responsible for raising Nessa. During season three, Nessa flees the hotel to live her life with her father who had resurfaced, and her sister who was considered to be lost for a long time.

Tom Selleck

Tom plays the role of A.J Cooper in the show who has become the new owner of Montecito. A.J is a billionaire and an ex-marine who has substantial experience in battles. A.J however is presumed dead when his helicopter crashes but during his memorial service, he baffles many by attending it.


Before you embark on the journey of watching Las Vegas TV show streaming, you should know that there are a total of 5 series and 106 episodes. Each series has approximately 21 episodes and each Las Vegas TV show streaming has a 40-43 minutes runtime.

Season four of the Las Vegas TV show streaming has the least number of episodes, 17. While on the other hand, the second season has 24 episodes making it the largest series for the show.

Public’s Response

Las Vegas TV show

Let’s go over the public response to the show before you start your Las Vegas TV show streaming.

TV Ratings

An overwhelming number of people, more than 11 million tuned in to watch Las Vegas TV show streaming. This was unexpected as the producers did not think the TV show would become an instant hit considering all the competition at the time. However, after choosing to move the Las Vegas TV show streaming from Monday to Friday nights, the show lost most of its popularity and the viewership dropped less than 9 million marking the fall of the series.

Even popular actor James Caan admitted that the series’ change of days was the last nail in the coffin for a TV show facing severe competition at the time.


The show was said by many critics to be cheesy, however, the addition of James Caan brought a bit of much-needed class balancing it out. The show had too many twists or mysteries that would prompt the public to return to it. Many critics went on to say although the show was trash, the production value ($2.3 million per episode budget) was more than enough for viewers to come back for more. There is one thing that all critics agreed upon and that is the entertainment value brought on by the show.

Now that we’ve gone over the show in detail, let’s go over where to watch Las Vegas TV show.

Where Can I Watch The TV Show Las Vegas?

watching TV

Now that you’ve read all the details about the show, let’s look at some of your options where you can watch Las Vegas TV show streaming.

Is Las Vegas TV Show On Netflix?

One of the most questions received is about the Las Vegas TV show Netflix whether or not the show is on the platform. Although there are many shows on Netflix, Original and Licensed, fans of the show would be disappointed to know that Las Vegas is still not on Netflix. Many start to Google search “stream Las Vegas season 1” only to find out that there is no available option to watch Las Vegas online free or even watch Las Vegas TV show online legally.

Buying It From Amazon

Currently, you won’t find any streaming platforms providing you with the TV show Las Vegas, however, you can buy DVDs from Amazon. There are box sets available that can cost you between $18 to $$60 depending on the seller. You can even find cheaper box sets if you don’t mind getting your hands on some used copies.

You may be searching “Las Vegas TV show where to watch” or “Las Vegas TV series streaming” on Google but unfortunately would not get any positive results. There is a reason for it. Shows that are old and not that well-known might be difficult to get licensed to streaming platforms. These platforms are looking for shows that will attract large audiences. However, don’t let that down you. If you’ve read the descriptions of the show and the plot that we have summarised for you and feel intrigued to watch it, then buying the boxset might be your only option as of now.

There are many B category shows, indie movies, and other low-budget Hollywood cinemas that are not watched by many but some of these shows end up being cult classics, the best with a great storyline and superb acting from new actors/actresses. If you’re into finding hidden gems and want to give such TV shows a chance, go for it. But keep in mind that it’s 5 seasons and you’ll never get the satisfaction if you don’t complete all five.

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