Want to build a mobile app for your business? First, you need to make some fundamental decisions that will have an immense impact on the success of your project down the line. Which programming language to choose? Is it better to build an app for iOS or Android? Or maybe target both operating systems at the same time?

This article explains what cross-platform app development is and how this solution can boost your business.

What is cross-platform app development?

What is cross-platform app development

In a nutshell, cross-platform app development means building a mobile app that works perfectly fine on multiple platforms. With this solution, you write only one universal codebase instead of separate codes for different platforms or software environments. This technology is usually implemented to sell a digital product on different operating systems.

Benefits of cross-platform apps

Lower development costs

Time is money – I guess we all know that! By creating just one codebase instead of building code to suit different operating systems, the development process takes significantly less time. What’s more, you no longer need to hire individual teams for iOS or Android. Cross-platform developers will take care of building code that is compatible with all the most popular operating systems.

Wider target audience

target audience

Often, companies choose to build applications on Android or iOS, as most mobile users worldwide use one of the two operating systems. And that’s where the question occurs: what to choose – iOS or Android? With cross-platform development, you can choose both! From a business perspective, you won’t miss any opportunities to reach your target audience and thus boost sales.

Fast time-to-market

Since your development team doesn’t have to build code for both Android and iOS, it’s Since your development team doesn’t have to build code for both Android and iOS, it’s quicker to complete the development process. This way, you will release your digital product much faster and start making money from it.

It turns out that with cross-platform development, you can save up to 30% of the time spent building your app. What’s more, you have a vast choice of highly functional frameworks to choose from. Currently, Flutter and React Native are by far the most frequently selected by developers worldwide. Therefore, they are certainly worth considering!

Easy maintainability

Many people tend to think that their mobile application is complete upon release. They couldn’t be more wrong! If you already have an application, you probably know that it requires making changes, fixing bugs, or introducing updates and new versions.

With cross-platform apps, it is much easier and cost-effective to maintain digital products, as even when some errors occur, the development team only needs to fix one code, making it so much faster.

Easy maintainability


In recent years, cross-platform app development has taken the mobile industry by storm. And for a good reason!

As you can see, this solution brings many benefits for businesses: it speeds up the entire development process, making it much cheaper and affordable, and increases the reach and opportunity to get to a broader target audience.

It is, therefore, worth considering cross-platform development for your mobile app!

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