A vast number of technical indicators and studies mainly rely on two things, price or volume data. Between these two things, price always becomes the center of attention because it directly affects the portfolio values. So does this mean that volume has nothing essential to do with the trading? It is not true because the interpretation of volume can be beneficial for traders in many ways.

The vertical bars you see below the price chart are the volume. Volume is an expression of buys and sells, reflecting the number of trades for a price bar. Notice the net price. If it goes higher at a particular time frame, it means that the volume is up. Similarly, if the net worth goes lower, it means that the volume is down.

To make you understand the importance of volume trends in trading more, let’s assume that volume is an emotion that indicates euphoria or maybe fear. An increment in volume during an uptrend is a sign of euphoria. In contrast, if its levels go down, it means fear.

The knowledge of the ups and downs of volume holds a vital place. You can know what stocks go higher on average trading volume. By comparing the trading volume with the average daily volume, you can quickly determine whether the volume is low or high on a relative basis.

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Essential guidelines for analyzing volume

Essential guidelines for analyzing volume

You will often come along with specific guidelines highlighting the strength or weakness of a move during volume analysis. As a trader, your main aim is to join the intense action rather than the weak one. Otherwise, you can always look out for an entry. An entry point is a price at which an investor either buys a security or sells it. From these guidelines, you will get a general idea about trading decisions.

The volume must keep on rising to keep the prices higher. A downtrend in volume with an increment in prices is a sign of a reversal. In simple words, a price drop on small volumes is not a big problem. What is a matter of consideration here is the price drop on larger volumes. This is a sign of a potential alteration in stocks. Suppose a volume faces small changes or a decline in the breakout. In that case, it is a lack of interest, indicating greater chances of a false breakout.

Identification of bullish signs

Identification of bullish signs becomes easier with volume. How? You may ask, it’s simple to see if there is an increased volume for a price decline followed by a move back lower. Suppose there is no falling price below the previous low, and the volume on the second decline also disappears. In that case, it’s an indication of a bullish sign.

The exhaustion moves

The exhaustion moves

Exhaustion moves indicate the end of a trend. They combine sharp moves in price with solid moves in volume, which directly shows an ending trend.

The comparison between volumes

It is crucial to compare today’s volume with a relative or recent one. A comparison between a current volume to the one 50 years back will provide inappropriate data. Whereas comparing recent ones will provide more accurate and relevant data.

The volume as an indicators

Many charting platforms represent volume indicators. These are the mathematical formulas that help the traders improve their specific market approach. Volume indicators are not necessary tools in trading, but they prove to be good assisting hands to aid the trading decision process.

There are different volume indicators, like on balance volume, volume oscillator, and volume profile. Each one uses a slightly different formula. The indicators will help you to see when the volume rises and how the prices are affected along with the overall trend in volume in a time frame.

about the indicators

If you are a beginner trader who has no idea about the indicators, it is recommended that you first research about them. Investing time in this research will definitely help you with the trading in the long run!

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