Need to market your business but you don’t know how? Feeling unsure of yourself in the digital marketing space?

Don’t worry. You’re not alone! That’s why we came up with these ten valuable tips to get you started on the right path as you undertake a seriously exciting marketing journey.

Digital Marketing Tips

1. Use Awesome Images In Your Display Ads.

Use Awesome Images

Display ads – those graphic ads placed throughout websites you visit – can only attract your audience’s attention when they’re nicely designed and visually appealing. One way to make it so is to use well-composed photos of your own products or team in action. Choosing photos like these helps your audience relate to your brand.

When taking photos to use in your display ad, consider snapping them from a much wider angle than necessary. This way, they can be cropped perfectly to size and still maintain a nice balance.

2. Ensure Your Website Is ADA Accessible.

Your website doesn’t need a literal ramp, but it does need to be able to be browsed by someone with a disability, including visual impairments. If your site isn’t compliant with the American Disabilities Act, your business could face a lawsuit!

A digital marketing agency well-versed in website design can help you nail your accessibility so that you don’t alienate a single member of your target audience.

3. Interact With Your Social Media Followers To Boost Engagement.

One sure-fire way to build your follower count on social media is not only to post interesting and engaging content but to interact with your active followers. Reply to their comments; add a “wow” or “caring” reaction where appropriate, and generally humanize your brand.

4. Optimize Paid Search Campaigns Using Google’s Advice.

Google Analytics – soon to be GA4 – can help you ensure your paid search campaigns are performing how they should. Take into consideration every suggestion that Google provides you with to help optimize your digital ads.

As you get the hang of paid search, you won’t need to rely on machine learning as much – but there’s no shame in doing it! You’re more likely to see better-performing ads that way.

5. Post Seasonal Blog Content At Least Two Months In Advance.

Search engine optimization is not for the impatient. Because it can take time for Google’s crawler to look through your website, you’ll want to post seasonal content far enough in advance of said season. If you wait until the last minute, your website’s search engine optimization won’t have time to take effect – and SEO is a long game.

6. Conduct Meaningful Keyword Research.

keyword research

Speaking of search engine optimization – you’ll need to have a list of powerful keywords to incorporate into your website’s content if you want it to show up when a potential customer searches for your product or service.

Choose keywords that rank highly and slowly build your search rank in the search engine results pages by writing valuable blog posts or updating web page content. Keyword stuffing and less-than-engaging pieces will do you no favors, especially if your metadata isn’t up to snuff.

7. Stay Insatiably Up-To-Date.

If you think little has changed in the world of digital marketing over the last few years, then you haven’t been paying attention. If you want your digital campaigns to be effective and drive conversions without eating up your entire budget, then you’ll need to know all the latest industry news.

To get started, find a few reliable sources you feel you can trust, and read everything they post on their websites. Soon your appetite for learning will be insatiable!

8. Don’t Write Off TikTok As A Valuable Tool.

It’s not just an app for teenagers. TikTok has proven itself to be a boon for digital marketers, especially those peddling eCommerce products.

Creating viral video content and using the latest retail features from TikTok and related social media apps can deliver results you’ve been chasing for months. You just have to be brave enough to put yourself – or your teammates – on camera.

9. Write Better Than A Bot.

content writing

Strong content writers are few and far between. The really good ones help drive traffic to your website. The truly great ones keep your site visitors there, looking for more and more.

Crafting compelling content that’s rich in keywords and full of personality both are vitally important. And no AI copywriting robot is going to replicate the success of a truly talented human. (In fact, Google could penalize you for using 100-percent AI-generated content.)

10. Don’t Be Afraid To A/B Test.

Still learning? So is every other digital marketer! One way we can all learn is to conduct A/B testing of digital ads. Try your ad one way, and create a second, similar ad to compare performance. You’ll gain an understanding of the type of ads that work best with your target audience and what is ineffective. Your next batch of ads will already be set up for success.

You’re Ready To Market Your Goods Or Services

We realize that this list is just enough to make you dangerous, but not quite enough to make you proficient. Remember when we said that to be good at digital marketing, you have to want to learn? Use these 10 tips to look up additional information on the facets of digital marketing that interest you. You’ll soon be knowledgeable and ready to help your small business succeed.

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