Traditionally, lawyers have not been incredibly dedicated to marketing their own services. They have either relied on word of mouth, referrals, organic search, or agencies to help them out.

However, in this day and age, marketing and business management as a whole has become more accessible and easier to achieve than ever before. This means fewer costs when it comes to traditional marketing, overheads, and paying agencies to assist with clients.

But, what tools are out there for lawyers and law firms to use? What kinds of platforms are available to streamline business and extend the reach of the brand to new audiences?

We thought we would take a look at what is available and what firms can choose from that would have a good ROI for the business. Let’s get stuck in.

Must-Have Tools For Lawyers

Automation And Software Tools

Tools for lawyers

Automation has certainly become one of the top elements used in businesses worldwide. As more and more processes become digital and remote, there is more need for solutions to automate them. And so far, the tools have evolved quickly to keep up with the demand.

Law firms can automate a wide variety of processes. From finance to HR functions and everything in between. You simply need to look for a tool that will work for you.

One of our favorites is the legal case management system. This is a tool that enables law firms to manage their cases seamlessly. There are various solutions on the market, but it would be best to go for software that is specifically designed for your area of expertise.

For example, if you are an immigration lawyer, you can look for reliable immigration software to help you streamline case management. This solution provides you with smart forms, case management, and case tracking solutions, helping you stay on top of your cases and improve communication with clients.

Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools are being effectively used in businesses globally, especially those with remote workers. Collaboration tools for lawyers like and Trello allow you to effectively create tasks and projects and assign them to the right people to take action and monitor the progress.

You are able to create deadlines, monitor time spent, track the progress of all involved, and set timers for each project. You are also able to share files and documents and integrate a wide variety of tools into these platforms.

One of the most popular is Slack. This is the instant messaging tool that you can integrate on most platforms. It provides you with real-time alerts and notifications and allows you to communicate, in real-time, with your team, individuals as well as the whole company. These platforms could be a great solution for lawyers who handle a variety of cases and require constant visibility into what is going on in each case at all times.

Digital Marketing Tools

Digital Marketing Tools

We mentioned this earlier, but lawyers are not invested in marketing. However, with modern marketing and digital tools for lawyers, a lot of the hard work is somewhat taken away from the firm.

The first thing will simply be about getting your content right at all times. If you simply don’t have time for this, we highly recommend hiring a content creator to help you.

Digital marketing centers around constant content being continuously sent to various marketing channels. So, get those social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram set up. Create your email platforms and make sure you have a blog section on your site.

From there, you can create a content strategy to post across all channels and once you get that streamlined with social media automation, getting the content created is going to be your most intensive process.

SEO Tools

Seo tools for lawyers

This does fall under digital marketing, but we want to mention it specifically with lawyers in mind. SEO is going to be one of your most powerful ways of reaching new audiences online totally organically.

And, organic audiences and traffic are what you are after. These are the people that are searching for your exact services. So, make use of keyword research and focus on the content that you are using for your firm.

This includes on your website, paid ads, across all of your marketing channels, and your blogs. The more keywords you have used, the more likely you will start showing up in relevant searches.

But, it is also important to remember that you need to put money behind these keywords. The ROI of getting a professional is really high, so is something to consider.


Take some time to research various tools and platforms. Know that you will have to spend some money to make money. So, try out our four suggestions and see which one makes the most sense for your firm.

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