Many investors love cheap stocks to buy, and the reason for this is understandable. With cheap stocks, you may get lucky and get triple or even quadruple your input. But that said, some unique problems come with the strategy. First, most institutional money managers tend to avoid cheap stocks, translating to low trading volume. Besides that, low-priced shares often tend to stay low for a very long time. However, this article will provide you with 5 of the best cheap stocks to buy right now. So let’s get started!

Banco Santander

Banco Santander stock

Banco Santander may have a sluggish industry rank, but it shows promises of being a good stock that can be profitable. The company has a TTM Price to Earnings ratio of 4.16. As for the Price to Sales ratio, it is around 0.71. In addition, the company currently has a dividend yield of 0.86%, making it a good choice for value investors.

Bridgeline Digital

Bridgeline Digital has a market cap of $37.1 million and recorded a YoY growth of 50% in 2020. Its PE ratio is -8.7x, but it seems the company has never provided a dividend so far. Nevertheless, considering the upsides, Bridgeline Digital may be a good cheap stock. You can check its historical data, and while doing that, you can also have some fun and play Vegas Style American Roulette online.

Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd

How to buy preferred stock

TEVA is another cheap stock that value investors can consider. The company has a Zack Rank #3 and a PE ratio of 3.35. Its market cap is $9,98B with a Price per Sales (TTM) at 0.9. Although there is no current dividends report, TEVA has good share statistics, trading an average volume of 8.72M in 3 months.

OpGen Inc.

With a PE ratio of -1.93 in 2020, OpGen may not seem like the best stock to dabble into. However, the company has all the indications of a good cheap stock worth the risk. Its market cap is $119.02m, and after experiencing a long streak of losses, it is gradually profiting in the market. In addition, OpGen has a Zacks Rank #4, but the company does not have a dividends report. Nevertheless, the bullish turn it’s experiencing is something that value investors should look into.


Types of preferred stock

Last but not least on our top 5 cheap stocks to buy list is BEST Inc. With a market cap of $742.23m, the company recorded an actual PE ratio of -2.85 in 2020. Its relative strength over a month is at +86.1%, but there is no information about dividends. Nevertheless, the mid-cap size stock records an average trading volume of over 6 million.

These Are The Best Cheap Stocks to Buy

Throughout this comprehensive article, we’ve provided an insight into the best cheap stocks to buy. It goes without saying that these stocks have their own risks, and many fall into the category of adventurous risk rating stock. Remember that when buying stocks, it is essential that you check the statistics and historical data such as the Price to Earnings ratio, Price to Sales Ratio, average trading rate, etc. If you follow all the necessary steps and do your homework, you may just be lucky enough to get massive profit from the cheapest stocks.

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