There are many technologies on the market that help owners-operators and truckers safely and efficiently perform their work. Progress does not stand still but helps us in cargo transportation and step deck loads, which is good news.

Moreover, new technologies help to save lives. They show blind spots, brake in front of obstacles, and report the need to slow down. In this article, we will talk about ADAS technology, which is one of the most effective ways to reduce the number of accidents. This is confirmed by research. For example, it is claimed that direct collision prevention technology can reduce the number of road accidents on commercial vehicles by up to 44%.

What is ADAS

And you know how dangerous trucks can be on the roads. Tons and tons of metal traveling at high speed is a dangerous thing that can lead to death and injury. We need these technologies, and we need to know more about them.

What is Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

ADAS technologies, such as collision avoidance systems, lane departure warnings, and blind spot detection, are becoming increasingly widespread today. All owners-operators should understand the value of the safety of their groomers, their employees, and all road users. Fortunately, the pace of implementation of this technology remains high; manufacturers are increasingly including it in the basic configuration of trucks. This helps to increase the comfort of the driver and the overall impression of the work, which takes care of your safety. An additional advantage is that thanks to ADAS, you can get a more favorable insurance offer.

How Does ADAS Work

How Does It Work?

For example, let’s analyze the lane retention function. As soon as the trucker starts to run out of the lane, the camera sensor informs the system that an error is occurring. And informs that adjusting the steering control to the correct lane is necessary. This is very useful for a trucker. What other system improvements are there?

  • Active Speed Control, which is activated when the driver begins to exceed the speed limit. If he ignores the warnings, the system will shut down the engine.
  • The Lane Keeping Assistance System (LKAS) with automatic stop is activated if the driver takes his hands off the steering wheel for more than 30 seconds while driving. That’s when the automatic stop function is activated.
  • Brake hold mode: no longer do truckers need to keep their foot on the brake pedal for a long time. The system will stop the car.

ADAS technologies have many advantages that ensure the safety of truckers on the road.

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