Today, people are watching TV differently. People are using their smartphones while watching television. These devices are known as second screens and are seen as a companion while watching the main screen of a television set. Forming an LLC in Wyoming is easy and affordable. Check out MoneyBrighter from more information

Influencing viewer engagement

If TV is not interesting enough to hold the viewer’s attention, the viewer quickly goes over to the second screen which helps to enhance the engagement. Social TV is the blend of social media content into TV programming and advertising. The idea is to engage audiences with shows to other viewers. GoMiso is a TV application that is hot and fun.

As a TV application, GoMiso has plenty of content for users to watch. TV’s social component has become more established and different technologies influence the way people consume television. It is the Internet revolution that has extended the social potential of television.

Influencing viewer engagement

The GoMiso TV app has a search feature and the database is categorized according to large posters for users to skim through. Find media you want to watch without spending the time and hassle to navigate through the list with the GoMiso TV application.

Tracking television and movie consumption

Miso was a San Francisco-based social television company. Miso social TV is a social media app for users to track their television consumption. Users have a lot of television shows which can be tracked by individual episodes. The app’s movie selection covers every genre. Users earn badges and points for consuming new media and then sharing it.

They launched their first version of their app for the iPhone in March and in June the app launched for the iPad and then later for Android users. Later, Miso reached a major milestone by registering 100.000 users.  In 2011, the Miso API and developer contest was released, and this resulted in the platform being integrated into devices such as Windows 7, Blackberry, and others.

In February 2013, social TV start-up Dijit acquired Miso

With smartphones, social media, video streaming, and second screen apps, television viewing is changing and it is thought that 60% of TV viewers look at their second screen devices during TV advertisements.

Those interested in social TV will no doubt have heard of MisoTV. This is a social TV application under the brand GoMiso. Many subscribers joined the social media TV trend, wanting to interact with friends and family while watching TV.

GoMiso gave users the ability to connect socially with other users while watching TV. The aim of GoMiso is to be the next best thing for the TV industry, becoming a significant start-up in 2011.

GoMiso is not something that people expect. This business of watching TV with families has been passed down to the next generation and people want to recapture those old days of settling down to watch the like of Dallas, Little House on the Prairie, and Bonanza with family all gathered around.

Interactive content experiences on iPhones while users watch TV

This gave families and friends the chance to all be together and to comment on what was happening on the shows. Entertainment delivered from the internet is one of the changes we are all seeing and there are ever new solutions to building content for 2nd screens. GoMiso can detect what the viewer is watching on the TV set and then syncs with the viewer’s registered mobile to capture data about viewership.

Interactive content experiences on iPhones while users watch TV

There are many of these apps that provide viewers a means to chat. Research shows that out of all the tasks available to users on 2nd screens, the one they least do is checking in to earn badges or points. Users check into television shows to earn points and badges and they can then comment on episodes of shows and like’ posts. Users can also rate shows to let others know what they thought of a certain episode as well as a mark which shows are their favorite.

Television provides the most entertainment for people in the living room, and it is changing rapidly. Industry analysts tell us that the traditional TV experience is even now, continuously undergoing changes.

TV is far more interactive

Certainly, the rise of social media has made TV watching more interactive. Viewers get status updates from friends and family sharing the latest trends about the shows they watch. There has also been an increase in niche influencers and this has increased the volume of online chatter.  The rapid growth of social TV has raised quite a few questions for advertisers. How can shows with social TV benefit today’s advertisers with multitasking TV?

Shows with a high volume of online engagement have a committed viewing audience. These viewers watch lots of episodes and they do not change channels when adverts come on. This is important news to advertisers.  Participating in online chatter on a certain show engages viewers, making them more loyal to a show. This in turn improves the effectiveness of ads shown during commercial breaks.

These social shows, therefore, benefit advertisers, because media multitasking decreases the ability to resist persuasion attempts, increasing ad effectiveness. It is though that viewers who chat about TV shows will also discuss ads online

Adding a social element into static television watching is what TV watching was missing out on. With social TV, it becomes important to know exactly what it does and how we can use it in the best way. Social television supports TV viewers’ engagement beyond their flat screens. It supports something about what we are watching via social media channels.

Social media marketers call it the future of television. The social TV niche actually covers a large spectrum of technologies that back up social interaction around the TV as well as those companies that study television-related social behavior. A good number of social media campaigns have attracted quite a bit of investment from established media companies.

TV-watching and social media go hand in hand

Another important aspect of social TV is linking broadcasters with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. This encourages data spread with friends and family which means that a simple piece of information can become a status that can go around the world via social media channels.

GoMiso is a companion app linked to a particular TV show that gives additional information to the user, such as special features. Many popular events that are televised make use of these companion apps for enhanced user engagement and visibility.

Social TV gets people engaged and this is a winning recipe for network providers and online businesses. They are able to promote their products with ads. Ten years ago television dictated what we consumed, but things have changed a lot with the arrival of the Internet. Audience segmentation still is part of our lives and the only way to reach certain audiences is to restore television confidence with the help of Social Media, engaging users in 1st and 2nd screens.

Since 2010 Miso partnered with different television networks. The partnerships have given television networks a new way for customers to engage with their favorite television shows. Miso partners have included the likes of Fox Broadcasting, Food Network, The Weather Channel,  Oprah Winfrey Network, TNT TV channel, and others.

Those who use Twitter and Facebook will have heard of Miso to check in to what they are watching and to earn points and badges. You can add your Facebook and Twitter accounts to share and connect with your friends and see what shows are trending and then submit your comments.

The Gomiso app allows you to check-in and shares all the TV shows you watch. You can connect the Gomiso app with Facebook and Twitter to see what your friends are watching. You can use it to search for TV shows from an extensive online database and see which shows are trending and you can also see a list of your favorite shows.

Use your phone as a remote control

Use your phone as a remote control

Have you ever thought to use your smartphone as a remote control for your TV?  The Gomiso app became famous because it has an important feature – it acts as a remote control.

The GoMiso TV application can be used to play TV series, movies, and more on your TV acting as a remote control. Users choose a movie to watch and when they click on it, GoMiso TV acts as a remote control and you simply switch your TV to the movie you want to watch. There is no need to buy any kind of external device. Simply download the GoMiso TV application on your TV and control your TV through your tablet or phone.

All the features that GoMiso offers are linked to socializing. It is a case of logging into your GoMiso TV application and inviting friends and family. With all your social contacts on the application, you can then share the shows you are into with all these contacts. In turn, your contacts share their favorite shows with you. Users are able to connect with their friends and family on a deeper level and know exactly what their likes and dislikes are. This is what leads to discussions.

Users can also connect their Facebook profiles on the GoMiso application. This means that they can share news on what they are watching with everyone on their social network.

You are always current with TV entertainment

Sometimes a person just does not know what to watch, but if you see several people are watching something, you want to see what it is about. GoMiso allows users to share their show lists on social media with their friends and family. The beauty about this is that if you have missed out on the latest entertainment trends, you can use your friends and family to fill you in.

With the use of the GoMiso application, you can be commenting and recommending movies and such to your heart’s content. Some people love that they can watch the same show together at the same time as friends and family and be chatting with friends on a  tablet or phone.

Whoever you are, you can see that GoMiso TV l takes social  TV to a whole new level by using technologies that currently exist. While GoMiso offers a lot of unique socializing features, it remains current with the way technology advances and they are always implementing new ways of socializing with watching TV. As already mentioned,  GoMiso TV provides badges to those who complete certain milestones such as making their first comment.

GoMiso has always been looking to revolutionize how we perceive the television set. To this end, it became the ultimate TV guide.  Dijit offers a lot to GoMiso and the team of Digit provides a  solution for TV viewers where they can have access to lots of content in one place. With GoMiso, Dijit can be more personalized for all its users.

It can use GoMiso technology to promote all the content it has been providing over the years. The company of Diji is already using a system that manages all the TV shows in one place.  Users can simply view content and search for what they want instead of going through a list of complicated content.

GoMiso is with you in times of isolation

Dijit has acquired Gomiso because they know that you can never believe that people and their preferences are static. People’s preferences are constantly changing and they know that there is a lot to learn about consumers and what their viewing preferences are.

Dijit believes that GoMiso has a role to play in the future of  TV, and if it is not Covid-19 there will be some other new disease that keeps us isolated from others. With GoMiso though you can still keep in touch with your family and friends as you did in bygone days.

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