Many people are interested in starting to earn money as quickly as possible. That is why students try to find a part-time job in the evenings or start their own business at the university. But the problem is that young people are not ready to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to open a restaurant, service center, or supermarket. Luckily, you don’t need a huge start-up capital to start making money. Here are small business ideas to try if you are a student.


small business ideas

What if you are an outstanding student and professors admire your talents? In this case, you can monetize your academic skills. Become an online mentor and help other students with their homework and other academic papers. In addition, you can choose a different path and only give hints so that other students can develop critical thinking skills and search for relevant data.

This idea does not require any investment. All you need is a social media page and any gadget to be able to connect with your students. But the irony is that you may not be able to keep up with your papers if you work every night. What if you can’t meet deadlines? In this case, you will have to find a reliable writing service and delegate papers. But first, read the reviews to know which sites you should avoid.

Vending Machines

Let’s say you have a couple of thousand dollars and you want to choose a relatively easy way to earn money. In this case, you should buy several vending machines and install them at the campus, local store, or shopping center. All people love to buy sodas and snacks, so you can earn a steady income every month. Of course, you should consider all business risks and choose the most advantageous place for installing vending machines. Fortunately, the initial investment will easily pay off in 4-8 months so that you can expand your reach to other parts of the city.

Online Shop

What if you want to sell products online? Such an idea is hardly original, but you have a good chance of making money. Moreover, you do not even have to rent a warehouse and negotiate the supply of goods. Choose dropshipping as your main business strategy, and you will be able to launch your online store with the minimum initial investment. After a year, you will be able to switch to the classic trading model and rent a warehouse.

Online Shop

But don’t forget that you will have to learn about invoices and purchase orders to calculate your accounting activities correctly. In addition, the first stages of creating an online store will require all your free time. So you should consider delegating papers to successfully run your business and generate income. Find a reliable writing service like, so you don’t have to worry about your grades. It is what entrepreneurs do when they want to reduce risk.

Scooter Rental

Have you noticed that electric scooters have become a modern trend and many people use such innovative devices to move around cities? Surely many of your friends love devices like the Xiaomi Mi Electric scooter as they are very fast and allow anyone to move around the streets for at least 3-5 hours. That is why you should organize a scooter rental company. Start with 2-3 devices and arrange with the campus to place a parking slot near the campus. Such a business is convenient in that you will receive money for the time that other people spend driving your scooters. Such a small business is quite profitable in big cities. In addition, you can ensure your scooters and not be afraid that someone will steal all your smart devices.

Become a Pet Sitter

Who said that a business should involve a significant initial investment? Sometimes you just need to find a few customers to have a steady income. That is why you should become a pet sitter. Such a person can make money by walking the streets with pets. Feed the animals, wash them and organize other activities while your customers are busy working or raising children. This small business strategy is suitable for students who have 3-5 hours every day to take care of their pets. In addition, you can relax and abstract from the educational routine.

Become a YouTube Blogger

Become a YouTube Blogger

All people love to watch YouTube, so you can become a blogger and earn money from affiliate projects, advertising, or marketing collaborations. Find an area of interest that is your passion and create videos every week or even more often. Prepare a marketing plan and try to expand your audience. As a rule, you will be able to monetize your hobby when you have collected at least ten thousand subscribers. But even if you fail to become famous, you do not risk losing money.

Final Words

All of the above small business ideas are good for students and those who are not ready to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars. You just need to be patient and gradually capture your chosen market niche. Such a strategy will allow you to start earning at the university and not worry about financial problems. And do not be afraid of failure because all people can stumble. Your perseverance and commitment to the goal will help you become successful.

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