If retailers’ news headlines and advertising are anything to go by, Black Friday promises to be the biggest bargain shopping event of the year. Although the exact date has become somewhat blurred these days due to early-bird promotions and flash sales throughout October and November, set your clocks as the official date is Friday, 25 November. What shouldn’t be unclear are the products worth purchasing and the best stores to buy them from; cue sites like reviewsbird where you’ll discover honest customer reviews and find answers to your questions; such as, where are the best department stores near me based on consumer feedback. Search for tried and tested customer-approved stores from Walmart to roses reviews.

The Best Things To Buy This Black Friday

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Some of the best deals can be found in the department store’s health and beauty sections. Everyday essentials are so underrated over Black Friday sales. Most people flock to shelves of high-value electronics and apparel hoping to snatch a deal, often leaving those everyday items overlooked. An excellent place to start your shopping list is to look at consumables and products you can’t go a day without using. Next, you can include little luxuries, gifts, and lust-haves. Split up the shopping with a friend or a family member on the day to cover more ground, so to speak, prioritizing products at the top of your category lists. Health and beauty are broad categories but can include anything from vitamins and sports nutrition to makeup, haircare, and fragrances. Department stores such as Roses, Walmart, and Target, offering a range of products under one roof, could save you time by ticking off most of your list without rushing from store to store and enduring Black Friday mayhem, crowds and queues.

What Not To Buy This Black Friday

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Items that are high in demand but stocked in a low quantity will see you receive the lowest discount come Black Friday; subsequently, the same sometimes goes for higher ticket items, like luxury electronics. You could spend hours wish-listing laptops, gizmos, and gadgets, incidentally staying awake until midnight or waking up early in the dark, only to find them sold out, barely marked down, or excluded from the discounts completely. However, wishlist these items nonetheless and try researching the retailer beforehand to determine if they will mark down your must-haves. Many retailers feel the pressure to participate in Black Friday and, as a result, will try to present offers on old stock or lower-value items; indeed, Black Friday products not worth buying. A surefire way to ensure you get the best deal and not risk losing out is to familiarize yourself with return and exchange policies; that way, you can keep the receipts on hand should a better deal come around later.

Ready, Set, And Stock Up On Black Friday Department Store Deals

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Of course, you’ll want to get the most bang for your buck this Black Friday, and the lure of out-of-reach items will tempt you along the way but don’t forget about those daily essentials in the health, wellness, and beauty departments. No risk of these gathering dust at the back of your cupboards or finding their way back in-store for a refund as an unwanted gift. They say money can’t buy you happiness, but it does buy you the things that make you happy, so technically that’s kind of the same thing.

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