The vast film industry covers storylines and themes about all walks of life. From fictional, history, and sci-fi to docuseries, there’s so much to watch for the movie buffs. That said, one more concept that has a large fanbase is betting. You’ll find many series, shows, and movies showcasing the glitz and glamor of the gambling world.

Some Top Recommendations Series about Sports Betting

Bookies – 2003

Sports Betting

This German comedy thriller film is an ideal choice for sports betting lovers. See the journey of three college students turned bookies who eventually fell into the trap of the Italian mafia. The trio’s last bet on an underdog for a boxing event will decide their fate.

Will they win, or will the sinister world overpower their successful sportsbook business? Watch to know!

Silver Linings Playbook – 2012

When talking about the best gambling-based plot, nobody can miss mentioning this oscar winning movie. The film, starring Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, and Jennifer Lawrence, enticed many betting and general fans.

Although Silver Linings Playbook has a love theme, the storyline also portrays wagering in many parts. Watch how a Philadelphia Eagles fanatic lover takes a risk by staking more than he presumably should.

The Gambler – 1974

Get to know the life of a gambler up close through this crime drama. The Gambler depicts a life of an English professor who loved indulging in bet events. It shows how anyone can become a gambling professional.

Axel Freed is a courageous bettor who gets adrenaline from playing risky betting games. However, he falls into trouble when winning a fixed Lakers game grabs the attention of the influential mob. The cliffhanger leaves viewers thinking if the betting is a gamble of life.

The Hustler – 1961

One of the most iconic classic sports betting movies of all time! The Hustler is full of melodrama and plot twists. The story emphasizes the luck and hustle of Fast Eddie Felson during pool games. Once a low-stake pool player, his life took a turn after challenging a legendary bettor. Enjoy nail-biting and mind-blowing betting scenes at the Pool table in the movie.

The Library of Congress in the USA voted this film “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.” So you know what you’re missing.

Hardball – 2001

Hardball is a movie on gambling addiction featuring the heartthrob of many – Keanu Reeves in a lead role. It’ll even engage viewers who aren’t into gambling.

As per the story, the lead character gets head over heels in debt by playing high-stake games. He trains a kids’ baseball team of troubled African-Americans to escape the worsening financial condition. Keep your tissue box ready while watching this emotional movie.

60 Minutes Sports Betting: Billy Walters – 2011

Sports Betting

Billy Walters is a name not unknown in the gambling industry. Ask any seasoned player, and they won’t agree more. This documentary features the life of a prominent American punter who never lost money on his betting predictions.

Walters once won $3.5 million in the Super Bowl betting event. There’re many more credits under the belt of a world-famous bettor. This movie will give you a sneak peek into the life and experience of a notoriously private bettor. Also known as “The Godfather of Las Vegas Sports Betting,” it covers his 60-minute interview with Lara Logan.

Inside Edge – 2017

Whether you’re a cricket or gambling enthusiast, this Emmy Awards-nominated web series will impress both. Although fictional, the story depicts the dark side of the sports betting industry and match-fixing during the T20 cricket league.

To date, there’re three seasons of this gambling-based Indian sports drama. Get a dose of Bollywood by binge-watching Inside Edge on Amazon Prime, starring renowned Indian artists.

30 for 30: The Legend of Jimmy the Greek – 2002

Another docuseries sports betting lovers would like to watch is The Legend of Jimmy the Greek. This documentary will give you an insight into the thrilling life of James George Snyder, Sr.

Better known as Jimmy the Greek, he was a notable Las Vegas-based bookie and a sports commentator. Besides, he predicted several NFL match outcomes during his 12 years of career on The NFL Today Program. Hence, the man knows his game! Anyone looking forward to wagering on sports betting sites that don’t require ID mustn’t neglect this show.

Luck – 2012

Are you a horse racebook fan? You must pay attention to this one. This show by David Mitch focuses entirely on the horse race betting industry. The extraordinary acting by the actors and risky bet events will keep the viewers hooked throughout the show. However, Luck had an impromptu end due to the accidental death of horses during the shoot.

Las Vegas – 2003

The title of the series says it all! This Gary Scott Thompson TV show rightly represented the essence of the world’s gambling hub – Las Vegas. So if you’ve never been to the Vegas Strip, play this show to get a real-like casino experience of the city.

The story revolves around casino boss James Caan, formerly a CIA agent. The series ran successfully for five years as it grabbed the attention of several betting enthusiasts.

sports betting enthusiasts


1. What is the movie about gambling in sports?

There are many movies and shows based on sports gambling. You may like to watch Bookie, Hustler, or 60 Minutes Sports Betting: Billy Walters.

2. Which sport is best for betting?

Football, basketball, hockey, boxing, and cricket are the best sports markets worldwide. However, no one game fits all in gambling. So only bet on the sports that you know inside out.

Wrapping Up

Dedicate this weekend to one of these betting-based movies or series. Get to know the fame, fortune, and money of the gambling industry. Playing these all-time favorite classics will also suffice your movie mania. Besides, you may learn a lesson on how to win a bet or two during your next gambling session.

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