GoMiso is a web as well as a mobile app social stream platform. You need Gomiso if you want to fully immerse yourself in your preferred virtual world. Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s take a look at what we’re about to do discuss today—

  • What the hack is GoMiso
  • The origin of this amazing concept
  • How GoMiso is different from other garden variety apps
  • GoMiso’s unique achievement system
  • How GoMiso made things more fun by letting people interact with friends within the app
  • Why you’re already might be too late to ride the wave
  • The right way to watch TV with GoMiso
  • Final thoughts

So, without further ado, let’s dive in—

What the heck is GoMiso

As I have already mentioned, GoMiso is an application system that is available both in web and app format. GoMiso has revolutionized the second screen TV watching experience. The second screen is a technology that provides an enhanced viewing experience by letting you consume your content on other, preferably bigger, screens.

What the heck is GoMiso

The app heavily focused on the broadcasting industry and the emerging internet entertainment industry.

GoMiso utilizes TV check-in and second-screen technology to keep the audience hooked. And man oh man, it works like a charm as it provides a real-time social stream!

The origin of GoMiso

With innovation in mind, the founders of Miso launched the app only for iPhones on March 29, 2010.

Seeing the initial success of the app, Gomso soon launched on iPad and Android. And the rest is history. Within the first month of launch, the app obtained over one million registered users.

The founder thought why to stop at developing only an app when you can develop APIs. So, in early 2011 they released the Miso API that allowed the platform to interact with devices other than iPhones and Androids, such as Windows phones and blackberries.

Miso kept expanding its horizon. And this time in the form of DirecTV. With the introduction of DirecTV, users now could consume extra content from satellite services. This was a big step for GoMiso’s overall development, as now users could connect their app with their set-top box.

How GoMiso is different from other garden variety streaming apps

In this era of technology, you need to walk the extra mile to WOW your users. Just ask yourself this question, how many times do you check your phone while watching a movie? A study shows an average American check their phone approximately 26 times during a 90 minutes movie.

The study made one thing certain, people are losing their attention span drastically. The evidence you can find on any social platform. Short videos get more views and get viral!

Now, ask yourself, why do you check your phone constantly while watching a movie or your favorite tv series? After all, this is something you chose to watch. Nobody is forcing you to entertain yourself. This is something you enjoy watching. Then why do you keep doing this?   The answer is pretty simple because your TV is not interactive enough. There’s nothing to do besides watching it. It is one-way communication. I am ashamed to admit, but the truth is our monkey brain wants more!

GoMiso team knew there was something that needed to be done to keep the attention of their audience. So they took an innovative approach. They implemented something no other streaming platform dared. They made their content interactive!

We, humans, are highly opinionated, at least when we are online. If you only watch a show on one platform and give your review or comment about your experience on some other platform, it creates nothing but inconvenience and more reasons for the audience to get distracted.

When it comes to viewing preference, we prefer the opinion of our friends and people who actually have watched the show over some so-called critique. So it’s highly convenient to go to a show on your TV or on your smartphone app and see what other people have to say about the show before spending your valuable time on it and ending up disappointed.

GoMiso did just that! An average GoMiso user can check out what other users have to say about the show before investing their time in it.

Now, you might say, why would I listen to random strangers on the internet. Well, GoMiso made sure that the random stranger has some credentials. GoMiso gives you points after you finish watching a show, they give you points when you talk about the show on the app, they give you points for liking a show, you get the point. With these points, you can unlock special achievements and badges that give you more credentials.

Bottom line, a comment from a GoMiso user is not the same as the comment from a random dude from the internet. So, a comment in the GoMiso app means stuff as you know it for sure that the person making the comment has actually watched the show, not just ranting.

GoMiso’s unique achievement system: Watching a show on Gomis is more than just watching a show. I don’t know about you but more often, if not always, after watching a show I feel like I have wasted my time, especially if the show was not enjoyable.

But things are different in the world of GoMiso because it’s more than just a streaming platform. After watching each and every show you get points, unlock special achievements, and get badges, which gives you a sense of accomplishment.

And all these achievements just don’t pile up. With every point, you get one step closer to the next badge. And who doesn’t love badges!

So, GoMiso is not just a streaming platform you use as a second screen. It’s more than that, it’s a fun game, where watching every show pushes you one step closer to the next badge and gives you the necessary dopamine rush to keep on watching, but rather than giving you that guilt of “I should probably do my homework” or “the dishes ain’t gonna clean themselves,” it gives you the polar opposite sensation: the sense of achievement.

How GoMiso made things more fun by letting people interact with friends within the app

Inherently, we humans are social creatures. We can do stuff alone only for so long before we get lonely and feel left out. These feelings are now more prominent as the corona pandemic has torn friends and family apart and forced us not to physically interact.

How GoMiso made things more fun by letting people interact with friends within the app

Even if we try, we can’t always hang out with friends. And when you’re not together, it’s easy to run off things to do together. GoMiso knows no show is truly complete until you dissect it with your friends and go full-on nerd about it.

Watching a show on one platform and discussing it on a different one doesn’t feel seamless. So GoMiso gave you all the tools you need to interact with your friends on the app and never leave the app.

Just think about it, games are always more fun when they are multiplayer. Whether it’s PVP or PVE, when you go on a quest with your friends, or team up on your shooter game to kill some zombies, time flies by.                 

GoMiso gives you a sense of belongingness. You can make a watch list and it watches along with your friends. When you’re on GoMiso, you’re with your friends even when you’re not together physically.

If you make your weekend hangout plan on GoMiso, you would never miss a weekend plan. Nobody gets to call you a lazy bum anymore.

Besides, when you watch a show with your friends, it’s easy to spot inconsistencies in the stories and discuss them later. And after watching the entire show, you, along with your friends, can come to a cumulative decision whether you like the show or not rather than fighting about a single scene for endless hours. We all know how tiring that can be.

That being said, to me, the most appealing part of hanging out with friends and watching our favorite content on GoMiso is I get to show off my badges and achievements to them. Try as hard as they might, I always stay one step ahead of them by watching more shows.

Bottom line, watching TV on GoMiso gives you a sense of achievement and you get to do a friendly competition with your friends.

Why you’re already might be too late to ride the wave

Remember the part where I said that no matter how hard my friends try, I am always one step ahead of them and get to show off my achievements?

This is what I was talking about back then.

Why you’re already might be too late to ride the wave

GoMiso is nothing less than a fun achievement-based game. If your friends are already secretly a user of GoMiso and watching stuff and gaining points to have a head start and to top it off if they have no intention to slow down, how would you ever catch up?

You see how a simple streaming app turned into a competitive game!

So, make the smart choice and start binging your shows on GoMiso and get ahead of the competition. And once you have a significant lead, ask your friends to ride the wave along with you and surprise them with your progress.

The right way to watch TV with GoMiso

By this point, it’s well established how GoMiso slowly but surely changing the TV watching experience for millions of users all over the globe. But things were always not this smooth for this amazing, revolutionary platform.

GoMiso started their journey a bit too early. The world still was not ready for such an innovative experience. So, GoMiso had to hit a few road bumps before people started understanding its true potential.

At one point, the people over GoMiso seriously considered winding up their business. But, they truly believed in the quality of their product and how it can change the TV watching experience. So, they buckled up and turned GoMiso into a perfect success story.

Now millions of people all over the world acknowledge the beauty of this platform.

GoMiso is a real-time social stream that lets you watch TV on it, cast it on your handheld, and lets you share your thoughts with others on the platform. GoMiso gives you a fully immersive experience that most other streaming platforms failed to deliver.

So, if you want to squeeze every last bit out of GoMiso, start by logging into the app; then go to your favorite show and see what other people have to say about the show. If after reading their thoughts you’re still confused, you can ask someone in the community for a more detailed opinion. The GoMiso community is extremely friendly and welcoming, so you can talk to people without the fear of getting harassed.

Once you have made up your mind on which show to watch, watch it! And interact with others in real-time while watching the show. Cast it to your friend or family to show them the most exciting moments.

After watching the show, collect your points and unlock new achievements and badges, which will increase your credential on the app.

Don’t just stop at collecting the rewards, give something back to the community. After watching the show, leave an unbiased opinion on how you like the show.

Once you have earned enough points and badges to brag, bring your friends on the app. Dazzle them with your achievements and watch stuff together.

Final thought

GoMiso is neither a linear streaming app nor a one-dimensional real-time social stream. It is the complete package. If you’re still on the fence on whether it worth your while or not, then you’re missing out big times. GoMiso is the future! This is a platform that doesn’t force you to get out of their platform to complete your content consumption experience. Once you’re on the app, time flies by.

Now the only question that remains is whether you’re going to be the early adopter and be on top of the food chain or do nothing and let your friends introduce the app to you later and walk in their shadow.

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