The show is now almost 17 years old. They gave us a whole load of drama, amazing cast, cameos, and high stakes in just five seasons.

The show has a 4.7-star rating on Google, with many happy and missing fans. But many fans are still looking for the faces that made the show ten times better. The show had a total number of 106 episodes throughout the 5 seasons. They were telecasted on NBC. Where is the Las Vegas TV show cast?

We are going to look into exactly where the Las Vegas TV show cast is. But before we go and dig up that information, let us first remember what the show was.

Here are the points we will be discussing down below –

  • Getting to Know Las Vegas TV Show
  • Cameos
  • Las Vegas TV Show Cast – Where are They?

Getting To Know The Las Vegas TV Show

Getting To Know The Las Vegas TV Show

This primetime drama series was a 5 season treat. With Josh Duhamel starring as Danny, who is a former Marine trying to figure out his life. He starts to rise through the ranks using his skills. The main plot of the series is a team of security-surveillance trying to maintain the security of a casino.

The show contains everything from glamour, showgirls, tough guys, deals, deaths, and all of these happen just under one roof. The show ended on a cliffhanger because the creators wanted to create season 6. But due to some reasons, that was not possible. Still many are waiting for a reboot of the show.

Before we find where the Las Vegas TV show cast is, we must first learn about the cameos we got to see in the show.


One thing that annoys every fan is when a cast member leaves the show unexpectedly. But in the case of Las Vegas, the majority of the main cast stuck around till the end. But what made the show more refreshing was seeing new faces regularly, and the faces were not ordinary. Celebs like Sylvester Stallone, Paris Hilton, Alec Baldwin, Snoop Dogg, Jon Bon Jovi, Blue Man Group, and Criss Angel were cameos on the show. You know a show is great when it features so many cameos from such recognizable celebrities. Now let us find the Las Vegas TV show cast.

Las Vegas TV Show Cast – Where Are They Now?

Even though fans want to see the 6th season, there is nothing they can do. All we can do is check out what the original cast has been doing since the show ended.

Josh Duhamel

Josh Duhamel

The first Las Vegas TV show cast member on the list is Josh Duhamel. The former soap opera star was very popular after working in Las Vegas. He got a chance to juggle various roles in Transformers, Turistas, and Date With Tad Hamilton. After the show ended in 2008 Josh got to work on 2 Transformers movies, Rom-Coms like “Life As We Know It” and “When in Rome.” In 2011, he even reprised his role of character Leo Du on “All My Children.”

Josh Duhamel married Fergie in 2004. They decided to get separated in 2017 and finalized the divorce in 2019. Fergie and Josh met on the Las Vegas set when Fergie was a guest cameo.

James Caan

A legend, who is popular for his role in The Godfather as Sonny Corleone. This experienced movie star was playing “Ed Deline.” He plays the head of the security department in the casino and becomes a father figure for Danny throughout the series. Ed Deline is the father of Delinda. Delinda becomes a love interest for Danny in later seasons.

He left the show after four seasons to work on movies. James Caan has worked in films like Misery, Elf, Queen Bees, etc. He has been working as a co-star in a drama series with his son Scott Caan.

Caan was married four times. He and his fourth wife, Linda Stokes, got separated in 2009. James and Linda stayed together for 14 years. He was five kids.

Because of stars like this, people still love the Las Vegas TV show cast.

Molly Sims

Molly Sims

Daughter of Jillian and Ed, Delinda is the director of food and beverage in the casino. The chemistry between Danny and Delinda keeps going on the first few seasons till they finally get together and get engaged in later seasons.

Molly has done a lot throughout her career. From being a host and a model, she even appeared in the sports illustrated swimsuit edition five times.

She has a huge fan following because of her lifestyle, fitness, home decor, and fashion.

Molly Sims is married to Scott Stuber, who is a producer and a Netflix executive. They married in 2011 and have been together since then. They have three children. Fans were really happy when Danny and Delinda get together. They were the dream couple of the show and the creators made the right choice by giving these characters what they deserved.

Cheryl Ladd

You might know her from Charlie’s Angels. She plays the role of Ed’s patient wife “Jillian” in the series. But when James Caan decided to leave the show, the creators showed Jillian had left Ed.

Cheryl has been pretty active as an actor and has worked on shows like – NCIS, CSI: Miami, The People v/s O.J Simpson, Chuck, etc.

Even though she has her name from her first marriage she has been married to Brain Russell. They have been together since 1981. Cheryl Ladd has a daughter named Jordan Ladd and a step-daughter from Brain Russell named Lindsey.

Marsha Thomason

Marsha Thomason

She plays Nessa Holt, who is the pit boss in the casino. Nessa’s father, who is a CIA recruit, fakes his death. Nessa is raised by Ed and Jillian, resulting in Nessa and Delinda becoming sisters. After two seasons, the creators decided to show Nessa getting back together with her father and real “blood” sister.

Marsha is from England. She has played quite some roles on projects like White Collor and Lost. Her recent appearance was a guest arc in Angeles, Better Things, The Good Doctor, etc.

She is married to Craige Sykes with a daughter, Tallulah. Marsha and Craige, are together since 2009.

James Lesure

After Las Vegas, James Lesure has starring or recurring roles on Lipstick Jungle, Mr. Sunshine with Matthew Perry, The New Adventures of Old Christine, TBS Comedy Men at Work, Blue Bloods, Salvation, Girlfriends Guide to Divorce. His most recent work was on NBC for Good Girls. He has been on our TV screens regularly since Las Vegas. Las Vegas TV show cast members became really famous, and it helped them a lot in their careers.

Nikki Cox

nikki cox

She plays the role of Mary Connell, who is the director of special events at the casino. Danny and Mary almost get married, but the creators decided to let her character suddenly take off from the show.

Nikki left the show after four seasons. Nikki worked on voice acting and some TV movies and shows. But she decided to focus more on her family to take care of them. Nikki met her future husband on the set. Jay Mohr was appearing as a guest on the show, and they both got married in 2006. Sadly they got a divorce in 2018. They have a son named Meredith.

Vanessa Marcil

Playing the role of a resident of Montecito, Sam Marquez.

Marcil has worked on a number of shows and movies throughout her career. This Las Vegas TV show cast member was notably recognized on 90210 (Here she met the father of her future child Brian Green), Lipstick Jungle, Beverly Hills. Her latest movie is My Stepfather’s Secret which was released in 2019.

Tom Selleck

Obviously, a legend has to be replaced with a legend. When Caan decided to leave the show Tom Selleck replaced him with the role of A.J Cooper who fishes out the casino from financial trouble becoming the owner of Montecito in season five. Fans did not require much time to get comfortable with Tom’s character as everyone knew Tom Selleck will make the show nothing but better.

Tom Selleck has a huge fan following even before joining the Las Vegas TV show cast. He has appeared on FRIENDS as a guest star. He played the role of Richard who is an eye specialist who ends up falling in love with Monica.

He has also worked as an NYC police commissioner on Blue Bloods. You can find many of his popular movies like Three Men And a Baby, Killers, Three Men and a Little Lady, The Shadow Riders, and much more.

Selleck got married the second time in 1987 with his wife Jillie. They both are still together with a daughter named Hannah.

Lara Flynn Boyle

Lara Flynn Boyle

Boyle was recognized for her work Threesome and the Practice, Twin Peaks, Law & Order. She also appeared in films.

She is married to Donal Ray Thomas II who is her second husband. They have been together since 2006.

Dean Cain

Cain has worked on a bunch of movies and TV over the years. His most recent work is from The Man Who Went to Heaven. He also had recurring roles on Lady Dynamite, Hit the Floor, and Supergirl.

He and his ex-girlfriend Samantha Torres have a son together, Christopher.

Jerry O’Connell

His highlighted work has been going on since he was 12. He debuted in Stand by Me. Since working in Las Vegas he has been seen in Scary Movie 5, Obsessed, Veronica Mars Movie. He had some memorable appearances on The League, Scream Queens, Drunk History, etc.

He has been married to Rebecca Romijn since 2007 and was blessed with two daughters in 2008.

Jill Hennessy

When the show wanted a character for a forensic pathologist, they called Jill Hennessy to play the role of Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh.

Even though the Las Vegas TV show cast is popular you still might be remembering Jill from Law & Order, Ghost in My Head, performed at Lilith Fair. She also worked on an HBO drama Luck. Released “I Do” album and was seen on Bull in the year 2018.

You can catch up on her latest work in a crime drama called City on a Hill. She has also worked on a Netflix film called Standing Up, Falling Down.

Jill has married Paolo Mastropietro and has both been together since 2000. They have a family with two sons, named Gianni and Marco. This was the last Las Vegas TV show cast member on the list.

This was the end of the list. Now you know where your cast is. You can catch these actors in many other films and series to experience the new and fresh flavor of their acting skills.


It is such a relief when you get to know what your favorite cast is up to. Fans must be happy to know all of their favorite celebs are happy and some are still working on big projects. The show was incredible and now it is nostalgic for many of us. The Las Vegas TV show cast has given us so many memories and emotions.

Sadly the show is not available to stream on any streaming platforms. All the fans can do is wait for them to put the show on a streaming platform or simply purchase a DVD box set for the series.

Do you miss the Las Vegas TV show cast? What do you think if the creators decide to bring the sixth season?

If you haven’t watched the show or if you don’t remember it quite well be sure to binge-watch it. You will surely feel the intensity, rush, romance, and drama in the series. Relive the casino life in the Las Vegas TV show.

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