Buying a gift becomes quite a task when it is last minute. We have all been in the same situations where we either know our friends too well or think they already have everything. This leads us to the classic case of a dilemma where we are browsing, scrolling endlessly to find that one piece that would be a perfect jewelry gift that will be valued forever.

Buying a gift

Jewelry pieces, it turns out, are quite a savior in situations like these. The variety they offer, how they make a person feel special, and their value makes it the most preferred choice as a gifting article. From off-beat earrings to classic tennis bracelets, there are plenty of options out there which your BFF will surely adore.

Ideas Some Last-Minute Jewelry Gifts

Given that we have just seen a pandemic, we have shortlisted a few such jewelry pieces which you can order sitting at home and surprise your friend. Have a read.

1. Classic, Medium-Sized Hoops

Classic Hoops

While many iterations have been made to the 2021’s most desired accessory, from knotted and twisted metals to bolder pieces, enabled with colored stones, enamel-coated, etc., the classic gold/silver version remains the most appealing versatile of them all. If you have a friend who likes to wear minimal jewelry, then a classic, medium-sized pair of metallic hoops will go perfectly as a present.

You can add a sparkling touch by picking a pair of exquisite Tanzanite earrings and introduce a blush color to the equation to make it all the more luxurious and rare. Tanzanite is a bluish-purple Zoisite crystal that is known to be a thousand times rarer than a diamond but less heavy on the wallet.

The stone was initially discovered by Tiffany & Co., which introduced it to the market. Since then, it has been celebrated for its remarkable color, luster, and healing properties. The stone also bears a stark resemblance to the Blue Sapphire, so in case your friend wants to add one out of four of the most royal and high-luxury stones to her jewelry box, then these hoops will be the best bet.

2. Pendant Necklace


Pendant necklaces can be highly personal and sentimental – it allows one to express their feelings and individuality differently. A simple charm pendant can be empowering for many, while for others, wearing their birthstone or a piece of four-leaf clover can be genuinely inspiring.

Birthstones, made from natural stones, have various healing properties which can help to energize one’s body, mind, and soul and provide them protection against ill forces. Shungite jewelry is made from one such gemstone sourced from a village near Lake Onega, called Shunga in Russia.

The stone is believed to be about two billion years old and contains the crystallized form of carbon, called fullerenes. This provides anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, detox properties to the stone, allowing the wearer to find relief from sore muscles, skin infections, protection from harmful EMFs, etc. It also helps to balance and align the body’s chakras and improves the wearer’s sleep routine.

3. Charm Bracelet

Charm Bracelet

Charms take us back to our childhood memories, with colorful beads, late-night sleepovers, DIY BFF bracelets, necklaces, and earrings that one would often wear to school. Since then, designers have incorporated different styles of charms that one can enjoy in their everyday lives.

If you want your friend to be nostalgic and remember the good ‘ole days, nothing will make a better present than personalized bracelets with silly little charms. You can play around with colors, motifs, shapes, and settings to complete a wearable form of good memories created and shared between you. For numerous occasions, she can cherish the adornment with simple initials engraved on a bar or a sleek metallic cuff.

4. Signet Ring

Ring signet

Add a little drama and confidence to your friend’s wardrobe by gifting her a striking and chunky piece of a signet ring. They’re sharp, sophisticated, and completely dramatic, which makes them perfect for boosting one’s outfit.

One can add extra shine to their look by wearing a diamond or stone-encrusted signet ring in a high-grade metal finish such as white gold or platinum.

It can also be layered with two or three other sleek bands in the same metallic finish to bring focus to one’s hands, or in case your friend wants to go all-out, she can also wear a separate signet ring on each finger. Moreover, jewels are meant to be flaunted, and what better way to add that luxe factor to an outfit.

5. Enamel Hoops

Enamel Hoops

If your friend is a trendsetter or follower, then a pair of neon enamel hoops will do the magic. They’re incredibly playful, colorful, wearable, over-the-top, contemporary, and an instant hit on Instagram, which makes it even more appealing as a gift for your friend.

The quirky pair can be embellished with colored stones, pearls, beads, etc., to add some sparkle and shine to her wardrobe and be paired with matching enamel rings.

The best thing about wearing punchy, bold, and bright colors is that they can elevate the simplest of attires and be a great conversation starter for dates and celebratory occasions. Be it a stroll to the park or a dinner party; your friend can enjoy styling her hoops in a number of ways.