Geographic Information System (GIS software) is an interface or program which allows the user to upload, manage, store, and display all types of geographic and spatial data. Map drawing software allows map and graphic development of static data, offering important insight for anyone who wants to have a better understanding of the information that they are getting.

What Is GIS Mapping Software?

Mapping Software

GIS software allows individuals to produce geographic information maps for presentation and further analysis. Map drawing software is a crucial tool for developing a deeper understanding or further integration of core decisions.

GIS stores all data on geographical features and any applicable features and characteristics. These features are often classified as pins or markers, although city data may include road, aerial photos, or previously scanned maps.

Best Software For Map Drawing

While there are thousands of different programs available for geographic mappings, such as Maptive, it’s essential to evaluate all features and capabilities when making a final decision. Let’s look at the capabilities mapping programs bring to businesses of all sizes.

Mapping Tools Available

Creating powerful and intuitive maps can help analyze and visualize your data. Thankfully, most mapping software offers users a wide array of options, including customized components to incorporate your brand into everything you do.

Radius Functionality

Many mapping platforms allow users to create multiple radiuses that match specific locations or driving times, depending on their needs. A multiple radius functionality allows users to evaluate current and potential sites, find limitations of existing business demographics, and determine underserved communities effortlessly.

Radius maps include a distance limitation from a centralized point (determined in miles or kilometers) or drive time polygons that base boundaries and constraints on the driving time from your location. Users can evaluate data points within the radius, optimize the areas within the limit, and export all data quickly.

Demographics And Census Data


Integrating U.S. Census data and demographic details into the mapping functionality adds deeper understanding and analysis to your map. In addition to an individual’s data, demographic and census data allow all accounts to access collective population details to further their understanding of mapping software. These details include education, race, median household income, and population density without additional uploads.

Lasso Tools

Manually draw around relevant data directly on the map to select segments for interaction. Users can optimize routes, export data, and edit information directly from manual “lasso” boundaries.

Optimized Route Functionality

Integrating with Google Maps can connect individuals to real-time updates instead of navigating basic and generic maps. With Google Maps, users receive real-time updates to assist with route optimization, factoring traffic, road conditions, travel times, and construction when setting the appropriate schedule. Upload all data and determine relevant points for optimization.

Heat Mapping Tools

Use numerical data density to establish popular areas, identify popular sales locations, and locate additional territories directly from your map for sales and marketing initiatives. A custom heat map tracks the density of specific markers within a geographic area. On most software with heat mapping tools, all maps are completely customizable, allowing the personalization of markers, heat map colors, and any range evaluations you’d like to consider.

Territory Or Boundary Development

Having a solid visualization of your current consumers is only the beginning of mapping programs. Most mapping software allows users to upload all data points within the map and evaluate whether current boundaries or territories are functioning at optimal levels. While most mapping software offers predetermined boundaries as a default setting, some individual software allows users to manually establish boundaries in whatever manner they want (city-specific, ZIP code, or other custom-drawn design).

Google Maps Reliability

Google Maps

Mapping software built on the Google Maps functionality can add powerful features and customization to geographic maps. Users can leverage street view functionality, perform a geographic search within the map, and directly integrate all satellite imagery into the interface. Mapping software that integrates with Google Maps will occasionally allow users to access step-by-step navigation on top of all route optimization efforts – saving your sales, logistics, or delivery team time and energy navigating throughout the day.

Cloud-Based Service

Most mapping software is available as traditional storage or with cloud capabilities. Functional software available through the cloud brings additional benefits to the subscriber. Users can access their accounts, maps, and route optimization from any computer or device. Instantly update route optimization or pull an older map for comparison effortless, without slowing down a device.

Filter Tools

Filtering options allow individuals to filter or limit the categories, dates, ranges, and values of their data within the geographic map. Users will only see the data that matches specific criteria instead of irrelevant points that clutter the visual.

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