Most of us are fond of watching TV shows, especially those that bring something different and have an exciting story, which is why we’re going to discuss the IMDB best tv shows 2021 in this article.

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Let’s get started with the IMDB best TV shows 2021 list.

IMDB Best TV Shows 2021 List

The following are the best TV shows for the year 2021.



The TV show “Loki” does not need an introduction, and it is all about Thor’s mischievous and eccentric brother Loki who plays the God of mischief after the events that unraveled in the “Avengers: End Game.”

As you would expect, there is a lot of action, plot twists, a great storyline, and the cheesy comedy Marvel is known for. The beautiful dynamic lighting, the cinematography, the brilliant, at times slightly forced dialogues, and top performances by Tom Hiddleston, Owen Wilson, and other actors will have you glued to your screen.

The pacing is perfect, the soundtrack is on point, and the themes of narcissism, destiny and free will are just right. Loki is a 12 episodes series that is amust-watchh for any marvel fan.

Resident Alien

resident alien

An American science fiction mystery comedy-drama television series, Resident Alien is a show about an Alien who takes the appearance of an unsuspecting Colorado doctor on a mission to wipe out the entire humanity.

During his mission, Harry Vanderspeigle, played by Alan Tudyk, quickly adopts the life of a human, fascinated by the language, the culture, and the people. However, no matter how much he tries to blend, he is always on the edge of blowing his cover, with the mayor’s son seeing through his identity.

As the shocking twists and the plot lines are revealed, you will start to enjoy the dark humor that wraps itself around the mystery and science fiction. The small-town setting, loveable characters, and their backgrounds will engross you in the series from start to end.

Squid Game

Squid Game

Another TV series that requires no introduction is the Korean Squid Game which took the world by storm. One hundred cash-strapped players are given the opportunity to be a part of a game, but they don’t know that the stakes are high and the consequences of losing the game are deadly.

Throughout the series, the tension builds up every episode as players start to get eliminated, and those that remain continue to fight for a 45.6 billion won jackpot. You’ll begin to know the characters and their troubles in life and some whose motivation pushes them to do sinister things.

The soundtrack is brilliant, the emotions are phenomenal, and the plot twists are mind-bending. Watch the show to find out why it falls under the IMDB best TV shows 2021 list.



Another show included in the IMDB best TV shows 2021 list is Arcane, an action-adventure TV show that will have you hooked. Although it is a single-season TV series consisting of 10 episodes, it is undoubtedly a treat for people who love adventure.

The plot revolves around the oppressed underground nation of Zaun and two powerful characters. As society grows frustrated with the dystopian underworld, many factions rise, with two sisters gaining access to immeasurable power that can tear their lives apart.

Clarkson’s Farm

Clarkson's Farm

Clarksons Farm is a British television drama series that follows the adventures of Jeremy Clarkson, a controversial commentator who was, for most of his life, a beloved member of the Top Gear trio.

The series follows Clarkson’s life after his recent purchase of a farm, an investment he thought would make him serious money. However, maintaining a farm isn’t easy, and the struggles the Britisher host experiences will have you laughing at his misery.



1883 is a Western drama based on the Dutton family. It reveals the aspects and life journey of the Dutton family as they explore the trip to the west, from Texas to Montana, in search of a better life.

It is a serious Western drama about the unfortunate circumstances and poverty-stricken life that forces the Dutton family to move west in hopes of a better life. The tv show has won one award and has secured around 22 nominations.

1883 ranks high on the IMDB best TV shows 2021 list due to the cast and the acting that portrays the grief, anger, happiness, and stress they’re facing during their travels. It will have you in tears, frustrated, and even sighing in relief at the happy moments.

It’s a prequel to the Yellowstone story about the Dutton family, who own the largest ranch in Montana.



Invincible makes it on the IMDB list of the best TV Show 2021 for many reasons. It is an adult animated series that revolves around Mark Grayson, whose father is a superhero and the most powerful person on the planet.

After celebrating his 18th birthday, Mark gradually develops powers, and as he struggles, his father takes him under his tutelage to teach him how to control and grow. However, while training under his dad, Mark realizes that his father’s past is not as glorious as many are led to believe.

It’s a story about a father-son relationship that hits its ups and downs, but the action and the animation will have you glued to the screen.

The series is based on action and adventure and has secured a rating of 8.7 out of 10. It has received four wins and has been nominated for 11 awards too. In addition, it is a season-based series consisting of 8 episodes.

Honorable Mentions: IMDB Best TV Shows List 2021

Above mentioned series are some of the top shows listed on the IMDB best TV Shows 2021 list. However, there are many other shows that did not make it in the top 7 but are worthy of watching, some of which include the following:

  1. Only Murders in the Building
  2. Superman & Lois
  3. Star Wars: The Bad Batch
  4. Shadow and Bone
  5. The Chestnut Man

The shows mentioned above are a few top shows on the IMDB top TV shows of the 2021 list. We hope this guide has helped you make your way through the maze that is TV. The list of IMDB best TV shows 2021 is a great place to start if you’re looking for something new and exciting!

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