Battle Infinity is a P2E cryptocurrency project with a wide variety of DeFi items that may be used to get in-game cash and this raises questions regarding IBAT crypto price. Battle Infinity’s decentralized currency exchange, Battle Swap, is where you can buy and sell the local currency, IBAT (DEX). IBAT Battle Swap, a distributed and NFT-based sports fantasy league, is a standout component of this new cryptocurrency initiative. The IBAT Battle Market is the NFT marketplace in the ecosystem, where players may purchase battle infinity coins and sell NFT credentials to get access.

The Battle Arena, Battle Infinity’s digital ecosystem, likewise relies heavily on NFTs. Players in this P2E setting may create their own NFT character on the fly with the use of ERC-721 smart contract technology, allowing them to join the Metaverse as a brand-new avatar. Players may attend online events and concerts by wearing headsets and enhancing their avatars from the NFT marketplace.

Battle Infinity is one of the most significant utilities of NFTs, and it also happens to be one of the best places to buy NFT games and engage in P2E NFT games online. NFTs, which may also be exchanged on the market, are given to the best achievers as a reward. To participate, users must wager IBAT on the Battle Stake. IBAT has recently been a popular cryptocurrency due to the implementation of the staking system.

Key Points Regarding IBAT Crypto Price, Battle Infinity Coin & Battle Infinity Stock

Let’s look at some of the crucial points regarding IBAT crypto price.

Battle Infinity Price & Presale Recap


Using NFTs and crypto trading on its metaverse-based platform, Battle Infinity blends gaming with decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols. IBAT is the native coin used in the ecosystem and is used for tracking transactions and doling out incentives. Investors may purchase IBAT on Battle Infinity’s DEX, known as IBAT Battle Swap. IBAT tokens, once purchased, may be utilized in a number of different game settings, such as a metaverse-based ecosystem and a sports fantasy league. The IBAT token (Binance Exchange Token) is a BEP-20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). In 2022, IBAT will release 28% of its entire 10 billion token supply in a presale. IBAT completed one of the finest crypto presale rounds by selling all of its supply in only 24 days, despite having a presale period that was supposed to last three months. In this stage, the token could be purchased for a mere $0.0015.

After the close of the presale, IBAT was added to one of the largest cryptocurrency DEXs, PancakeSwap. After its first release on August 16, 2022, the battle infinity coin’s price skyrocketed to $0.0105, a gain of more than seven times. As a result, within a few months of its token release, IBAT was recognized as one of the most rapidly expanding cryptocurrency projects. The current market price of IBAT ranges from $0.003 to $0.0035 per token, giving it a fully diluted market value of $32 million and a live market cap of $10 million.

IBAT has the ability to maintain producing higher prices over the long run and retest its ATH – about $0.011 on PancakeSwap reached on the day of its August 17th debut due to its additional token listing on centralized altcoin exchanges like LBank and Coin98 and more on the roadmap.

An Overview Of The Battle Infinity Price Prediction

crypto price graph

Battle Infinity is a decentralized cryptocurrency platform that uses its own token, IBAT, to add metaverse, NFT, and other features. The IBAT token is listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges in 2022 after a successful presale.

By the year’s end of 2022, the price of the stock price may rise to $0.006. Investors should anticipate more trading volume in the coming months as a result of the token’s recent introduction on LBank (a prominent crypto exchange for low-cap cryptocurrencies). By the year’s end, of 2023, IBAT may trade at a premium as the main altcoins and metaverse cryptocurrencies attempt to recover from 2022’s significant IBAT crypto price corrections. By 2023’s end, analysts expect the IBAT crypto price will be $0.009. By the year 2025’s end, it’s anticipated that Battle Infinity would prove to be a profitable investment because of the platform’s versatility. Price equality and utility coins might reach the $0.05-$0.06 range by this time.

Influential Factors Of The Battle Infinity Stock

Some of the primary reasons influencing battle infinity stock are discussed below.

ICO And Token Listing

In August 2022, IBAT successfully concluded one of the greatest crypto ICOs by raising over $5 million in only 24 days. The currency was then made available on the decentralized trading platform PancakeSwap. In August of 2022, after the presale and launching of the new token were both a huge success, IBAT soared to a new all-time high of $0.0105. Tokens may now be bought and sold on LBank, a controlled cryptocurrency market. Battle Infinity has begun launching the cryptocurrency on various platforms, including LBank and Coin98, giving investors hope for higher trading volumes and a possible upward moment.

Social Media Presence

social media

Due to the high level of competition in the cryptocurrency market in 2022, it will be essential for any project to have a strong social media presence. The number of people who follow Battle Infinity on social media sites like Twitter and messaging apps like Telegram is increasing. Battle Infinity’s Telegram user base has skyrocketed in the latter half of 2022. There are now around 20,000 people following the platform on Twitter and close to 50,000 people on Telegram.



The project’s use cases are likely the most crucial consideration for long-term investors. Meme coins like Dogecoin saw huge price gains, however, they are very ineffective because of their limited practical uses. On the other side, Battle Infinity is gaining popularity by including well-liked web3 features like NFTs and metaverse construction. Investors may also use the DEX and stake pools to instantly convert their cryptocurrency assets into cash.

Bottom Line

Battle Infinity is becoming more and more popular day by day and many people are thinking that it might be the next big thing. I hope you have got a clear picture of the details of IBAT crypto price by reading this article but keep in mind that this guide is not a financial suggestion to make any kind of investment in crypto and we won’t be liable for your actions.

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