Students try to survive their first week in college, but the most difficult test for them is getting to know classmates. Of course, classes are a great opportunity to make friends, but they don’t enable classmates to reveal themselves. As a result, you need to spend time together apart from doing something that is related to college.

For example, you need a writing service and learn what a review source said about different writing companies. You visit different websites, for example. Of course, you’re taught how to work together but to get to know your classmates better, it’s important to talk about everyday topics and do something that makes you forget about classes. So let’s explore ways to do it!

Tips To Spend Your First Weekend At College

Go For A Walk And Explore Local Area

Go For A Walk And Explore Local Area

It’s the easiest thing you can do on your first weekend in college. Call your classmates for a walk and suggest they explore landmarks in the city that you’re living in. You can create a route in advance and follow it or go everywhere you want.

You can explore old streets and visit shops to buy something. Some students are crazy about buying books, so you can explore books shelves in the appropriate shops together. Or you can relish tasty food in restaurants. Do what you want.

If your classmates want, don’t forget to take joint photos. All because if you take them, you’ll have lifetime memories from the first walking. You’ll give emotions to your classmates; as a result, they reveal themselves and open up.


If both you and your classmates have already learned the local area, you can head to the rural one or explore the nearby city. And in this case, it’s the same story as exploring the city where you’re living: you can create a route in advance or go in your own sweet time.

When your new buddies like cycles, you can take a lease on them. By doing so, you’ll kill two birds with one stone: spend your time with joy and make yourself healthier.

Organize A Party

Organize A Party

It’s a brilliant idea to invite your new buddies. It can be both an indoor and outdoor event. It will probably be difficult to find appropriate clothing quickly if you want to organize a thematic party, so it’s better to make a usual reunion when all classmates will communicate, enjoy food, dance, discuss something, for example, which crypto is better, and the list goes on.

But don’t forget about budgeting. Avoid wasting money on too much drink and food, and too expensive a place when you have an outdoor jamboree. All because you have to save a lot of money when budgeting correctly.

Of course, organizing a reunion is a very difficult process, so you can ask one of your buddies for assistance. Such a procedure will make you closer, and you’ll learn a lot about yourselves.

Do Something New

Call your classmates to do something new. For example, if you have never tried art therapy, it’s time to do it with your new buddies!

It isn’t necessary to invite lots of classmates. You can communicate with two or three people. Keep in mind that quality is superior to quantity.

It’s important to talk to your classmates in advance as student life is too busy, and maybe your new buddies suffer from tons of assignments even in the first week. Maybe studying is too hard for them. In this case, you can become closer to them by helping with homework on weekends. Maybe you’ve imagined Saturday and Sunday in another way, but if you leave your classmates, you miss the opportunity to become good friends.

Such activity has a large advantage: people will thank you; as a result, you’ll interest them as a person, and it’ll be much easier to find contact.

Do Sport

Do sport

If you’re fond of doing sport, it’s time to think about doing it with someone! For instance, if you’re a fan of amateur bodybuilding and go to the gym, find a person or multiple ones who can go to it with you. In the gym, you’ll share experiences and maybe give advice for each one. For example, you can show some new exercises or share recipes for healthy dishes.

Or another option. You’re fond of swimming. In this case, it’s a good idea to buy a membership in a swimming pool and visit it with your classmate who likes swimming too. As you see, physical activities can be different, but in fact, the approach to make friends with your classmates is the same.

The Bottom Line

So now you’re aware of ways to meet your new buddies. The way that you’ll choose depends upon your new buddies, the city you’re living in, and the amount of your free time. Don’t forget about inviting your classmates in advance as they can make plans on their first weekends.

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