According to the Harvard Business Review, 40% of employees would put more energy into their jobs if they were given more positive recognition. This may sound astounding because we think employees go to work and give it their all day after day. However, without incentives to work, many employees quickly get run down and feel inundated with work.

By developing employee recognition programs, you can improve employee engagement and productivity. Keep reading to learn how to reward employees.

1. Give Out Awards at a Reception

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Employers could opt to celebrate company success quarterly or even annually. By hosting a company reception to celebrate a triumphant quarter or year, you will make your entire firm feel included in the company’s victory.

To further recognize star employees, you can give out awards at these receptions. By ordering a plague or trophy, you will make your hardest-working employees feel valued by the company and fortunate to play an important role in the company’s overall successes.

2. Verbalize Positive Feedback Publicly

Even if you opt not to do a fancy reception, verbalizing positive feedback at staff meetings is a great way to give your employees a pat on the back. When employers fail to recognize their hardworking employees, the organization will suffer.

Positive feedback helps to highlight areas of success, boost confidence and motivate your company. Employees who aren’t shouted out feel as if there is something to work towards because they also crave that kind of public accreditation.

3. Take the Team Out for Food

Employee Recognition

Communal team meals are a great way to encourage your team to get together. The hierarchical structures at work can often seem hard to cross, but when employees are out to lunch with their managers, they will feel more comfortable and open with them.

These team meals will help boost morale and increase productivity. These kinds of meals should be offered as a reward for the team’s hard work or to celebrate a new team member coming on board.

4. Offer Gift Cards and Merch

Gift cards and free company merchandise are a form of compensation. These kinds of gifts motivate employees to surpass performance goals and work towards the next benchmark.

Some employers even use physical incentives to spark a little competition amongst coworkers. By offering gift cards for the employee who sells the most or creating the best presentation you can inspire a little healthy competition amongst coworkers. Giving away Axomo merchandise allows you to spark the same kind of competition while promoting your company’s brand.

5. Provide Personalized Recognition

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Good acts of recognition are personalized and specific. Generalized praise to your entire department or company doesn’t make an individual feel as prideful as personalization would.

Having upper management write a personalized and handwritten note of gratitude is an inexpensive way to show employees that their hard work is recognized by company leadership. Even though this is at no additional cost to the business, it can pay dividends when it comes to employee productivity.

Learn How to Reward Employees

It’s human nature to crave recognition, even at our 9-5. Now that you are well versed in different tactics to offer recognition and rewarding employees, you can decide which options work best for you. By learning how to reward employees, you can reduce your company’s turnover and improve your profitability.

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