YouTube has transformed completely in the past few years and has become an unconventional career choice for many people. With the growing competition, putting out the best content and creating exciting videos have taken a front seat for higher engagement. Professional-grade video editing, fresh content, and interesting presentation of the content are great ways to generate better visibility. Interesting content not only helps with improving and creating an influence but also income through ads and collaborations.

Tips to Make YouTube Videos More Interesting

Want to create engaging and interesting content to level up your YouTube game? Here are some tips for creating amazing content.

1. Choose an Outdoor Location for the Video

Choose an Outdoor Location for the Video

With millions of videos shot in front of a green screen or a standard studio setup, content can become quite monotonous. Instead, pick up the camera setup and go outdoors to shoot a video. Add interesting outdoor transitions, find unique locations, and use stunning landscapes or backdrop to give an edgy outcome to the final video. Outdoors give an entirely different perspective to the video and inspiration to create unique video clips. If possible, add a couple of drone shots to make it more impactful, rather than simply sitting before the camera and recording.

2. Record with the Power of Golden Hour Light and Smooth Transitions

Sunrise and sunset are indeed the best times to capture beautiful videos, with a vibrant or gentle golden shade in the backdrop. The good news? You don’t even need an expensive camera or gear to make the videos stand out while shooting during the golden hour. A phone with a good camera is enough to bring out magical footage that adds a lot of weight to the video.

Don’t forget to add some smooth transitions, cool background music, or an inspirational voiceover to make the content super interesting. Videos with a beautiful landscape or light have higher chances of driving organic traffic.

3. Plan the Shoot Concept or Story Ahead

Planning before the video helps put out a well-organized video and reflects a concept or story well. First, start working on a concept or story and organize all the tools necessary. Shoot for the snippets in an organized manner with the concept in mind. Think ahead of time how to stitch the video together and plan for the shoots accordingly. Using a YouTube video editor later makes it easy to put together all the videos and transitions and edit the video as per the concept or storyline. Planning for the shoot props, locations, and angle beforehand makes it easy and convenient and saves time.

4. Collaborate and Work Together with a Team

Unless you are a daily vlogger, creating a video with a particular storyline requires a lot of effort and brainstorming ideas. Working with a team not only makes it easy to shoot from different angles but also brings in different ideas and perspectives. As a YouTuber, try collaborating with either fellow YouTubers to make a video on a particular concept or topic or collaborate with videographers for unique video footage. It also allows you to use multiple gears and make the video stand out.

5. Know Your Audience and What They Like

Know Your Audience and What They Like

Without knowing your audience, it’s not easy to create a good engagement. First of all, stick to a niche. Don’t jump into random topics, as it can reduce engagement if your audience doesn’t connect. No matter what content niche you choose, create fresh content that has something new to offer to the audience. Closely track the performance and site analytics to know what videos show higher engagement and create videos around a similar niche. Do a poll and ask for suggestions from your audience on what kind of content they want to see. This is a great way to engage with the audience by knowing their choice and creating videos based on the lines of request.

6. Use a Professional Grade Video Editor

The right YouTube video editor is crucial for putting out the best-edited video with the help of in-built tools. Online video editors help in professional-grade video editing and ensure your videos use the best transitions. These tools are quite powerful for creating impactful, interesting videos as they can add transitions, change motion, blur, or highlight, and improve the color grading. The video editors help to completely transform your footage into a mesmerizing video from start to end.

7. Be Original and Authentic

Concepts or videos will always be trending, but don’t follow the herd blindly. Instead of copying the concept, add a new twist to it while sticking to the trend. Your authenticity and original content are your power: maintain the same to create a genuine audience following. Create videos to share information or entertain the audience with something new, always!

8. Work on Creating Videos of Value

Work on Creating Videos of Value

YouTube is a great and vast platform. So, choose your topics carefully to engage with the audience. Work on creating cool, informative content and video and add value to your audience’s learning curve. Interesting content will be videos that keep the audience hooked by teaching them something new and creative. Be it showing a different place, sharing information on a certain topic you have expertise in, a DIY video: make sure your videos are valuable to the audience. Instead of simply rambling and wasting time talking, add more action to your content to make it interesting.


YouTube is great for video creators as it increases influence, engagement, and even income. Ads on YouTube and videos sponsored by brands are great ways to create stable income as a YouTuber. However, to keep up with the competition, you must first create engaging videos. The above tips will help you in creating content that builds better audience engagement.

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