As you are no doubt aware, the Australian Football League is already highly exciting. It is the highest-rated spectator sport in Australia, and it has also spread to other countries.

The AFL was originally launched in 1896 as the VFL. The Victorian Football League ran under that name until 1990 when it was rebranded as the AFL.

Now, there are many countries where Australian Rules Football is played, by adults, and by children. In the UK and some other nations, there are women’s AFL competitions also.

While the AFL is already great entertainment, and hugely popular, there are perhaps a few ways to make it even more exciting.

Make watching the AFL more exciting than it already is

AFL more exciting

While AFL cannot match the viewing figures that soccer gets around the world, the sport is definitely spreading.

This popularity just shows how exciting the game is. However, there are a few ideas below that can make these games even more enjoyable. And a few to make your interest in the game that bit keener.

Watch it with your mates

According to Media Week, the AFL Grand Final was the most-watched TV show of 2021. So, plenty of people were sitting at home watching the Demons beat the Western Bulldogs.

While many would have enjoyed this game on their own, getting your mates round for a televised game can make it far more enjoyable. Especially with a few beers and maybe the odd side-bet.

Join a fantasy AFL game or website

Fantasy football began decades ago and has spawned hundreds of different versions, covering different sports. There are fantasy cricket leagues, fantasy baseball, and fantasy grid-iron.

Fantasy AFL is a great way to get involved more in the game without actually participating physically. A newcomer would benefit greatly from an AFL Fantasy rookie guide. And there are many websites including this one where you can get advice and tips on drafts, and who to pick for your team.

Some fantasy leagues have cash prizes and take some serious participation to have a chance of winning. Fantasy AFL may even be more competitive than the real thing.

Place a bet on your favourite team

Problem gambling is a serious issue and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Nonetheless, there is little wrong with the occasional flutter if you know you can afford to lose.

Adding a cash bet to a game can add just that little bit of extra tension to any sports game. AFL is no different in this regard. Bet sensibly, and you could heighten the enjoyment, and perhaps the stress, of any AFL game.

If you are based in Australia then it is important to understand the rules before you consider placing a bet. There are retail betting outlets across the country where you can safely and legally bet on the AFL.

However, the online story is somewhat different. Online casinos and in-play sports betting were banned in 2001 when the Interactive Gambling Act was introduced.

Still, it is not all grim news for Aussies. Although online casinos cannot be operated in Australia, it doesn’t mean that you can’t use one.

Accessing an offshore kasyno means that you can place a bet on AFL without any restrictions. It could be a sensible idea to consider using a VPN while you do this.

While there is no risk of prosecution from using an offshore casino, a VPN makes your activities more secure and anonymous. While you are there, you can enjoy other casino games safely too, such as poker.

Do a sweepstake

Do a sweepstake or pool at work

This is something that many offices and workplaces in the UK do when the Euros and World Cup come round.

Simply write down all the names of the teams participating in the league, or in a cup. Cut them out and fold them up, then put them in a bag and give it a shake.

Every person who wants to play should pay $1, $2, or whatever the agreed amount is into a kitty. Then you can either do winner takes all, or let there be prizes for first, second, and third, depending on how big the prize fund is.

This is a simple way to liven up interest in cup and league competitions, even people who have no interest in AFL can join in.

Watch the games live

Perhaps one of the best ways to truly enjoy AFL is to go to the games live. Nothing matches the atmosphere of a live match. Although you may enjoy going to the pub with your mates, a live game can be a thrilling experience.

Imagine being at the Optus Stadium enjoying a live game instead of sitting on your sofa alone. The journeys back from games are always memorable too. So, sometimes they won’t be as enjoyable as others if you’ve lost, but there is a camaraderie to be had.

Join a club

Okay, perhaps the best way to enjoy the AFL and make it more exciting isn’t to watch it live or on TV. Maybe, it is to get stuck in yourself.

As long as you are in reasonable shape there is no reason why you can’t get into Aussie rules football yourself. There are amateur clubs all over and Sunday leagues too. Or, simply organise a game between your mates.

Join an AFL club

Take the ball to the park and have a knockabout. You’ll have a great time, you’ll exercise, and you’ll have a new-found respect for the pros.


Fantasy AFL is highly popular and is a great way to bring some more excitement to the game. You can find Draftstars players of the weekend, to get insights into the game and help your fantasy team.

Betting is another way to add a certain frisson to any AFL game. However, gambling should always be done responsibly. Treat it as a bit of fun, and just place a few bucks on your team with an online bookmaker or just with your mates.

You can always bet a couple of beers with a mate on the outcome instead of handing over cash to the bookie too.

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