MMORPGs will keep you attached to your computer screens for hours. In fact, some players have been playing them for more than 10 years. That’s right; some games are so good that players have been playing them for more than a decade. One of these games is Old School RuneScape. This game was released back in 2013, and it has a player base of millions. Furthermore, each year, its player count further increase as new ones jump into it. If you started playing it recently, continue reading below as we are going to discuss some stuff that can help you become a better player. Also, if you want more gold in the game, then make sure to check this out

Old School RuneScape is a pretty huge game where you can go on adventures. The favorite part of most players is the quests. These quests allow players to meet exciting new characters and go on long adventures. Furthermore, quests also reward players with plenty of stuff. However, this is only one part of the game, and there is plenty of more stuff for you to enjoy. However, you can not enjoy the game properly until you become better at it. Therefore today, to help you out, we are going to share some stuff that we think can improve your overall gameplay.

Give Proper Time To The Game

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If you are not giving Old School RuneScape proper time, you won’t be able to become a better player quickly. A lot of players think that spending 30 minutes daily in the game will help them become better at it. However, this is not the case at all, as you should at least play it for around three hours daily. Furthermore, don’t skip a lot of days, as you can quickly forget what you learned. It will be wise to spend more hours in the game on the days you can, but the minimum you should hit is three hours. Anything less than that will not help you get better at it.

Don’t Be Careless With Gold

Make sure that you are not careless with the gold you earn. Gold in Old School RuneScape isn’t something easy to earn, but you can mess things up pretty quickly if you don’t use it properly. Make sure that you are not buying stuff just for the sake of its coolness. You should only purchase an item if it is going to benefit you in any way. Furthermore, you should also spend your time in the marketplace, as it can help you double your gold reserve.

Do A Lot Of Quests

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Do as many quests as you can. It will be wise to do at least one quest daily. Quests are a big part of Old School RuneScape, and you can meet amazing new characters through them. Furthermore, the kind of rewards you get through quests can not be found anywhere else in the game. Overall, quests are pretty amazing and there is no better way of learning about the game other than doing them.

Don’t Shy Away From Help

Don’t shy away from asking your friends for help. We all know that it is nearly impossible to become a better player on your own, so you should never be afraid of asking your friends for help. If you have friends who have been playing the game for a long time, you can ask them to play with you. This way, you will be able to learn from players who are pretty experienced in the game. And if you don’t have any friends who play Old School RuneScape, you can join different communities on Discord or other social media platforms. You can find groups of players in these communities who will be more than happy to teach you whatever you want to learn.

Watch Videos Of Pro Players

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Another excellent way of gaining more knowledge about the game and learning new things is YouTube. There are thousands of videos on YouTube that are made by professional Old Shool RuneScape players, and you can learn a lot of stuff from there. There are also plenty of streamers who play the game daily on their Twitch channel, and you can watch their live streams to learn new stuff too. However, make sure that you dedicate at least half an hour daily to such videos to speed up the process.


This was everything you needed to know about how to get better at Old School RuneScape. As you can see for yourself, you will not become a better player overnight, and you need to spend a good number of months before you can learn everything the game has to offer. However, after spending a few weeks, you will start noticing a significant difference in your gameplay. Just make sure that you practice daily and keep learning stuff from different videos on YouTube. It will also be wise to play with friends who have been involved in Old School RuneScape from the start

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