Do you want to get more visits to your online store? Or do you want to know more about SEO? Link building is an effective way to do this. Find out in this article how to link your eCommerce site. With a little work, you can create links to any eCommerce store. After creating links to several eCommerce stores, we narrowed down four referral tactics to make your life easier as it relates to link building for eCommerce.

Just Ask!

Just ask

Think about any relationships you may have that you can leverage for links. The easiest thing for e-commerce stores is to ask the manufacturers of the products you sell. You are one of their key distribution channels and they want to keep you happy. All you need is a simple email or phone call, and you can get valuable links.

However, don’t limit yourself to manufacturers. Be creative. Check the websites of the software vendors you use. Do you have testimonial pages that link to customers? What about the professional services you use? Perhaps your accountant or attorney has a place on your site for clients.

First of all, e-commerce is an online sales system. To sell, it is necessary to establish traffic sources. There are several sources of traffic. There are paid traffic and free traffic. Natural referencing is a source of free traffic. There are several ways to be able to reference a site naturally. First of all, you can make use of keywords and also link building. Link building is a trick that involves finding other sites that can link to your site. In effect, the more links you bring to your site, the more the site will be referenced in search engines.

How are links created

Creating links for more visibility is simple. But you have to know how to do it. First of all, it’s important to understand that each link on your website plays a specific function. One can be to display your homepage, another a category of your site, and so on.

Secondly, it is important to find other sites. These are the other related sites that will take care of posting links for your e-commerce store. You can find a large number of such sites on the Internet. Your role is to post links to your site in your articles. Write articles about each product and put links in the article where readers can easily access the products. This way of making your e-commerce store more visible is not widely used. But most e-merchants who know the secret take advantage of it.

Product Page Contests

Creating links to internal pages of eCommerce stores is a difficult task. They are usually quite basic and don’t give other websites many reasons to link to them. So why don’t we give them one?

Run a contest on your current product page instead of creating a separate contest page. It just makes sense. You can then create links to your valuable product page instead of sending them elsewhere. It can be easily done through a tool like Rafflecopter.

When the contest is up on your product page, submit that page to various contest directories such as Contest Girl and ask bloggers or give them some offer to write about your contest. The more exclusive and interesting your content is, the more links it will take to your product page.

Internal link

Most of these link building tactics will create links to your homepage. It’s inevitable. The problem is that many of your high-value keywords are found on category and product pages. Without links, these pages would have a difficult ranking.

To overcome this, be sure to take advantage of internal links to your important keywords. Include your valuable product pages and categories as “featured” on the homepage. Add links to important category pages from your product descriptions. If brand terms are important, add them to the copy of your homepage. We hope these tips help you with link building for eCommerce. Execute them and watch your backlinks grow.


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