Technology has drastically changed over the past 30 years, and it’s affected our lives in every way possible. The transformation that technology has made to the way we communicate is astounding and most businesses now rely on secure communication methods to effectively run their daily operations. If you want to learn more, keep reading and find out how technology has changed communication forever.

Ways Of Marketing

Marketing Strategies

If you think back to the beginning of the millennium, what were the main ways companies would market themselves? Some might have enough money to run an advert, but most would rely on flyers passed out to the public or posted through letterboxes. Now, T.V. adverts mainly comprise of larger corporations and chain brands with smaller companies looking to use digital marketing as a more convenient and cost-effective method. Thanks to the evolution of technology, you can market to anyone at any time and the most popular way is through adverts they’ll see while using their smartphone. Targeted ads, push notifications, email marketing, and in-app ads are just some of the ways businesses can successfully market their brand. Word of mouth might not be enough anymore to help grow a business, but utilizing marketing communication through technology can really boost it. Companies like SuperWorld are pioneering AR apps for virtual real estate.

Customer Service

Customer Service

More companies are now making a shift towards providing digital customer service and moving away from the traditional telephone helpdesks. For example, companies can now use live chats, automated bot chats, email, and even automated text messages to assist customers and resolve their queries. The problem with using purely telephone-based customer service is that you can only solve one query at a time while on the phone. However, if you were to use live chats, employees can have multiple open at once which effectively cuts down the wait time and improves productivity.

News And Media

Previously the main sources of news came from the papers and television. Although they can be useful, they don’t provide immediate access to the latest news. However, with the use of technology and social media, you can have access to news from around the world 24/7. Media outlets can report something online and within seconds, millions of people are aware. Studies have shown that more people head to social media to source their news instead of picking up the paper, and though this might be quicker for the reader, it’s easy for them to be misled by false articles. This is why it’s important that reputable news agencies also use this platform so people can be accurately informed.

Internal Business Communication

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Technology has also played a massive part in internal business communication as we as external. Without the ability, for people to communicate throughout the business, working from home during the pandemic would have failed. Things like video calls and business communication platforms have allowed employees to stay connected and remain in contact even when they were cut off from the outside world. It’s also a great tool to use when feeding information throughout the business too. Sending a message to your whole team about an update is a lot easier than trying to grab everyone in person to hold a quick 5-minute meeting.

Technology has boosted productivity in the workplace and gives much more effective ways of communicating with each other. Technology can also provide a safer way to handle information too as you can ensure the data is secure and protected. Making use of what technology has to offer can help your life and business exponentially and it will give you access to a whole new virtual world.

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