Ever since its inception, social media created a new form of communication between people. Nowadays, social media is ever present and even businesses have started using it for marketing purposes. With billions of monthly users and features that can convert followers to potential customers, it’s no wonder that many marketing experts create whole marketing strategies with social media as the focal point.

Something more prominent as of late in the world of social media is content creators and businesses putting the spotlight on the followers and creating exciting ways to interact with them through challenges and user-generated content.

If you are in need of ideas and tips on how to organize the best social media challenges, look no further as we explore essential tips on the topic below.

How To Start A Social Media Challenge

Manage Social Media

Every social media platform has different features that allow you to create the challenge you have in mind, however, TikTok is the place where this trend has the most potential to bring in a high amount of traffic your way.

If you aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of social media and wonder how to do challenges on TikTok, we have that covered as well. If you pinpoint an already existing challenge that speaks volumes about you as a brand and showcases your social awareness, join in and bring your followers along for the journey.

In addition to TikTok, Instagram introduced a new challenge sticker that makes it way easier for you to kickstart a whole challenge from scratch and create quality content. A carefully designed challenge might land you on the explore page which will do wonders for your business awareness.

Starting A Challenge From Scratch

Boost Your Social Media Presence

If you strive to put your name on a challenge of your own, then a lot of planning is in order. Without a proper plan and clear challenge idea, knowing how to use the stickers is worthless. Think of what will make your followers engage more and what’s best for your brand.

You might opt for a social cause or something more fun and trendy, such as the pillow challenge. On social media, especially when challenges are the main topic, people respond much better if there’s a fitting song or TikTok sound.

If you want to get creative and choreograph a whole dance challenge, TikTok move challenges are extremely popular as of late, and with just a little bit of effort and luck, you might end up going viral.

Give You Challenge A Personality

If you frequent the feeds of social media pages, you know that hashtags play a key role and are often what makes or breaks a post. Selecting the right hashtag will allow other users to find your post much faster and spread the word of your challenge far and wide.

You can always go for your brand’s name or go extra simple with just the challenge’s name, for example, #bringyourcattoworkday. Research the hashtag and see whether your competitors used it in the past or they are currently using it. In addition to that, check whether the hashtag can stir up controversy or offend someone as you want to avoid that at all costs.

If you can’t find the perfect hashtag, you can always use the help of a hashtag generator tool by inserting the keywords you think are essential for a hashtag to be a success.

Followers On Your Accounts

Feature Your Followers On Your Accounts

Now that everything is in motion and the challenges are underway, expect some of your followers to take you up on the challenge. However, they are a way to boost the speed and efficacy of this process by simply featuring their created content on your social media channels.

With the promise of landing on your accounts feed, everyone will want to take their chance and try their best to complete the challenge. Always ask your followers for permission before posting, as doing so can lead to a lot of unwanted situations and ultimately hurt your brand.

Don’t hesitate to cross-promote your challenge and let all your followers from various platforms in on the fun so that your business brand gets more recognition and credibility.

Final Thoughts

Social media challenges are as trendy as it gets, if you are looking to expand on the entertaining aspect of your business, social media challenges are just the right path to take. Go over our guide and create the perfect challenge that will propel your business to new heights.

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