You may have heard about GoMiso TV, a social TV application under the brand GoMiso that aims to change the way people watch TV. The concept started really strong with more than 100,000 subscribers joining the social media TV trend. This showed that the demand for social TV is only growing with many looking to interact with their friends and family while watching their favorite shows. Check out the best webinar platforms of 2021 from Webinarcare website.

GoMiso became the star among audiences providing users the ability to socially connect with other users while watching anything on the TV. GoMiso operates from Sanfrancisco and wants to improve the user experience while watching TV just like how foursquare has changed how people tour around a particular city. Just like foursquare providing recommendations for tourists and locals on the best deals in town, the best spots, user recommendations, and other information, GoMiso aims to be the next big thing for the TV industry. GoMiso became a huge start-up in the year 2011 with many venture capitalists flocking to pour millions of dollars and become part of the next generation of television, social TV.

Why is there a need for social TV with GoMiso?

GoMiso is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. There is a thing about watching TV that has been passed down from generation to generation. Remember those old big TV boxes in your childhood that you all would sit around to enjoy the 6 PM cartoons or the 11 PM action movie which starred Tom Cruise and other stellar rated actors. Well, the idea of sitting together and socializing (spending family time) has come down from this traditional TV viewing. Now, many of us subconsciously desire watching content (movies, songs, cartoons, TV series, and more) with our family and friends.

Why is there a need for social TV with GoMiso

The idea of watching TV with family and friends has its own perks that we all enjoy. Not everyone is a fan of sitting quietly and enjoying a movie. Many of us have grown around a family that enjoys sitting together watching TV and discussing the latest news or talking about a particular movie or even movie commentaries.

Technology has progressed a long way from the 1960s. Televisions are no longer bulky but sleek and can be found in 42 inches and more as well. Not only that, but smartphones, tablets, and laptops have allowed us all to stay connected even at distances. However, as technology has progressed, we have become distant from our friends and family even though we’re more connected than before. Why is that?

Think about it. Why is it that in many southeast Asian countries Mukbang has become a thing? Many people desire to have dinner together with their families or friends or even someone so that they don’t feel alone. Everybody has become so busy with their lives that many of us have forgotten to give others the time. This is where GoMiso social TV comes in and this is what GoMiso aims to solve.

GoMiso has understood how many desire to be more social even in the simplest of things. You don’t need to plan a hangout at a cafe, weeks in advance, because of availability issues with your group of friends. With the GoMiso social TV app, you can simply watch TV and interact with your friends and family at the same time. Share a joke about what you are watching, make background commentary and feel like the good old days when everybody settled around the TV to watch something together.

GoMiso not only offers the ability to socialize but provides a lot of features that aim towards connecting friends and family together on a deeper level. Let’s take a look at some of the features GoMiso provides.

GoMiso and its features

The features that GoMiso TV provides revolves around the concept of socializing. Start by logging into your GoMiso TV application and inviting all your friends and family.

GoMiso and its features

The application allows for a deeper understanding

Once you’ve got all your social contacts on the application, you can check-in the application and share the shows you’re into with your contacts. On the other hand, your contacts also share their favorite shows with you. This allows users to connect with their friends and family on a deeper level, understand their likes and dislikes, and even find mutual shows that they like which can lead to discussions with each other about the show.

Take your TV to Facebook

Users also have the option to connect their Facebook profiles on the GoMiso application. This helps them to share what they are watching with their entire social network. Many times we run out of ideas on what to watch, however, if you know you have a friend or family member on your Facebook who shares the same tastes you can start watching their favorite shows. GoMiso allows users to share their watching lists on social media with their friends and family. So, if you’ve missed out on the latest entertainment trends, latest movies, TV series, and more, your friends can help you catch up.

Socialize with your friends/family

Using the GoMiso application, you can comment on your friend’s movie list or recommend movie lists to another friend of yours. You can even comment and like on the current TV show they are watching. Better yet, watch the same show together at the same time and chat along with your friends on your tablet or phone or whichever device you’ve got GoMiso installed on. GoMiso TV literally takes social TV to a whole new level by using existing technologies. Right now GoMiso offers a lot of unique socializing features but as technology progresses, the company looks towards implementing modern ways of socializing with watching TV.

Earn badges

Don’t we all enjoy recognition and praise? We all flaunt our victories and achievements in life so why should TV be any different. GoMiso TV provides badges to users for completing certain milestones like making their first comment or watching a certain number of shows and so on. There are a lot of badges to earn and points to gain.

Act as a remote control using the GoMiso TV application

This feature is one of the most important ones and is why GoMiso has become famous. The GoMiso TV application can be used to play movies, TV series, and more on your TV acting as a remote control. Users can check the list of movies and select a movie to watch. The moment they click on it, GoMiso TV will act as a remote control and switch your TV to the movie you want to watch. It’s an added advantage without the need to purchase an external device unlike the Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire HD or more. Simply download the GoMiso TV application on your set-top box or TV and control your TV through your tablet or phone.

Extensive online database with GoMiso TV

Another feature of the GoMiso TV application is its online database. The GoMiso TV application has tons of content available for users to watch from Live TV to on-demand movies, TV series, and more. GoMiso makes searching easier with their online database combined with their remote control ability. Those that have used a smart TV before, know how hard it is to navigate around lists of movies or TV shows. The old redundant remote control does not do well and ends up wasting more time which you could have spent watching something. The GoMiso TV app has a search feature and the database is categorized according to large posters for users to skim through. Find media you want to watch without spending the time and hassle to navigate through the list with the GoMiso TV application.

Future of GoMiso: Dijit taking over

GoMiso TV started with a bang securing $1.5 million in their first round of funding and $4 million in their second round of funding. Many venture capitalists find a lot of value in social TV and hence have shown support for the idea by pouring millions into GoMiso.

Dijit taking over

Recently, Dijit has taken over GoMiso in the hopes to further improve the social TV experience. The company is looking to bring innovation by implementing GoMiso across many different platforms with the latest social TV features.

Dijit understands the issue faced with TV. Many of us have cable TVs, subscription services, and more but when it comes to selecting some content to watch, most of us spend the majority of the time browsing through the selection. With social TV, Dijit looks towards bringing in personalized recommendations for you and your friends. If your friend’s recommendations match yours, the application will show those content to you as well. Although the application was doing this since the start, Dijit wants to improve the recommendations even further by using machine learning. With a vast amount of data, imagine all the things Dijit can achieve with GoMiso propelling it to the next level.

GoMiso, before the acquisition, looked towards revolutionizing the telly. It created an entire system behind the idea making it the ultimate TV guide. With the acquisition already done, GoMiso can go global and bring in new features that many are waiting on. We believe that Dijit offers a lot to GoMiso as it already operates in this space. The Dijit team provides a one window solution for TV viewers where they can have access to thousands of content in one place. However, with GoMiso, Dijit can look towards being more personalized for all its users. It can use GoMiso technology to promote the thousands of content it has been providing over the years. GoMiso will detect users’ likes and dislikes in terms of movies, TV shows, and more and personalized recommendations for each user from the vast database of media it is currently offering.

Diji already uses a sophisticated system that manages all the TV shows, movies, and other content in one place. It provides an advanced TV guide whereby users can skim through the content, which has been arranged in an art form. The art form makes it easy to view content and search which one you want to watch instead of going through a list of content which can be hectic most of the time. The guide uses categories to provide different shows that might be of interest to its users. The categories are the best part of the Dijit TV guide because it doesn’t just categorize into genres but also categories based on your preferences such as “Emilia Clarke”, “Dwayne Johnson”, “Baseball” and many more. You can click on these categories to find out what is available. This is great if you’re in the mood to watch a TV series or movie that stars your favorite actress or actor.

There is a lot to learn about consumers and their watching preferences. This is why Dijit has acquired GoMiso to enhance its capabilities in this field by using the best TV guide with the best preferences algorithms. When you think about the future of TV, what comes to your mind? Something from the Jetsons whereby your TV is also another piece of equipment? Not really. This is the age of information and time is the entire essence here. Companies are looking to provide the best user experience trying to save the user time by ensuring the next level of convenience. The next age of digital TV is social TV and it seems like GoMiso and Dijit are on the right track.

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