There are so many benefits to having a cable TV subscription and Gomiso is a company that has made sure that sports fans have access to thousands of on-demand titles and the chance to order pay-per-view events before they are available on streaming services.

People are social beings but many people complain that cell phones have made people far less social. Meaningful interaction with others is what being social is about. Social TV is changing the way individuals and businesses connect and engage with each other – putting right what social media on its own has taken away. GoMiso is a social TV app that makes connected TV a reality.

Social TV allows one to be connected to the Internet, enabling the user to use this TV-specific application to browse the web from the TV.

Social TV (or Social Television), in plain words, is the convergence of social media and television. Social television is a general term to refer to the technology of interactive television that supports and integrates social interaction, recommendation systems, ratings, comments, and interactive participation among viewers through chats, audio, or video conferencing, either directly on the screen or through auxiliary devices. Millions of viewers are currently sharing their experiences with other viewers on social media such as Twitter and Facebook, largely thanks to the help of smartphones and tablets.

The interaction is bidirectional (from Social media to TV and vice versa) and can take place directly through the television or other devices.

Merging Live Television With A 2nd Screen

Merging Live Television with a 2nd Screen

People are watching many hours of TV a week and watching it live. A big percentage of broadcast TV is watched live and the numbers become even bigger on cable.

Social media affects TV ratings, and marketers are taking note. Social media, and more so Twitter, is all about real-time information. By merging live television with people looking at a second screen which is their smartphone, during a TV show, is a big opportunity for businesses and marketing.

Through optimized social media content, brands can add to Facebook and Twitter and get attention from online consumers. By adding a comment during a popular TV event a business can develop an easy way to get attention for a brand in front of a large audience.

The passing years have brought a change in the way we watch television. About 80% of U.S. television viewers make use of some other device while viewing. This is what social TV is all about. It is when viewers of a television program are simultaneously engaged in social media sharing about the show they are watching.

Participating in social TV makes viewers more aware of the show they are watching. This improves the effectiveness of advertisements. Studies have been done to check the impact of social TV and advertising and whether these social shows enhance advertising. The idea was to discover whether television shows that generate social TV are beneficial for advertisers to increase online shopping.

Not all advertisements are the same when looking at the benefit of social TV. The study looked at information for advertisers on how to use social TV.

To reap the increased benefits social TV can provide, retailers might want to look at showing their advertisements earlier in prime time. However, according to studies done, despite these peak slot times, it was discovered that the slots still generated less web traffic and fewer online purchases. It is thought that the reason is viewers who have difficulty turning their attention away from the program to process advertisement information.

This study went on to suggest that the television shows that encourage social TV are beneficial for advertisers in terms of driving online traffic and online shopping. Of course, it goes without saying, that the advertisement has to be appealing enough to actually draw the viewers’ attention.

People want a more social experience when watching TV and these days people are using Gomiso and social television to benefit from an engaging experience. Social media marketers see social TV as the future of television.

Social TV encompasses a broad spectrum of technologies that back up social interaction around the TV. Many social media campaigns have attracted investment from established media companies, and another feature of social TV consists in linking broadcasters with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Social TV is important as it gets people engaged. There was a time when television dictated what we consumed, but things have changed with the arrival of the Internet. The way to reach all generations of TV viewers is to ensure it is immersive – engaging users on the first- and second screen.

An Encompassing, Entertaining Web App

GoMiso TV has changed the way we use the TV for entertainment. It is a web app that brings tremendous change to the media industry. Social TV is not really a new concept but rather enhancing something that we know already – the social and entertaining aspect of watching TV together.

The social aspect of watching TV is not the actual sitting together and watching TV but the interaction with family members – the comments and how they lead to conversations. GoMiso does not come out from sitting together and watching TV but it is the interaction with family members during TV time.

Bringing up topics that lead to all kinds of conversations is what Gomiso wants to achieve in these modern times.

GoMiso is an application used on a second screen while you watch TV on your main TV screen. The second screen could be a tablet or any device that can run the GoMiso application. Users, together with friends and family can watch the same thing and make comments and discuss it.

GoMiso molds social TV and user experience well, aiming to solve all the common problems associated with viewings by offering so useful features.

Many cable companies have started categorization so that users see movies based on their preferences. Cable television service providers can offer whatever channels they want, negotiating agreements with television networks regarding what channels will be carried.

Cable companies are required to offer a basic tier of programming to all subscribers. This basic tier includes the local broadcast television stations and public access channels. Cable companies can if they want, add more channels to the basic tier. GoMiso adds visuals that users can stream through and make a decision about what to watch.

A lot of cable companies have started categorization, allowing users to see movies based on their favorite genre preferences. The company collects the data on what genres you enjoy watching and it recommends movies from those genres for you to watch.

GoMiso brings machine learning to the cable TV platform and ensures superior categorization. It not only categorizes according to genres but you can also say which actors and actresses you want to see more often. So if you enjoy thrillers, then the GoMiso application will recommend you a thriller movie with the movie stars you particularly want to see.

With GoMiso you no longer have to put up with having a hundred and one remote controls lying around. It can be far better turning your smartphone into a TV remote. If your phone does have an IR blaster, you can download a TV-remote app like Gomiso and control any device of yours that receives an IR signal.

All the channels provided by your cable company will show up on your phone and you just have to scroll through your phone and select what you want to watch.

There are many cell phones that come with an infrared blaster that uses the same technology as these old TV remotes, You just have to download the Gomiso app and it will work. If your phone does not have this blaster, you can buy an external one.

The Role Of AI In TV And Radio Technology

The role of AI in TV and Radio Technology

Look at radio – such an old technology and yet greatly used before TV came into being. it is still being used a lot in poorer countries where TV has not become the norm. AI or artificial intelligence is being incorporated now into this radio technology to understand human behavior and how AI can be used to spread a message.

There is a lot of interest surrounding AI in broadcasting and we are going to see lots of different projects as it develops. In fact, Artificial Intelligence has a significant impact on the broadcast sector.

While TVs and computers once relied on people to tell them what to do and how to react, developers these days develop machines that can learn and have artificial intelligence.GoMiso brings the latest machine learning technology to TV and in modern times machine learning is making entertainment more personalized and automated than ever.

Traditional cable companies and TV providers are starting to adopt machine learning. This machine learning is making TV far more personalized and having an impact on how shows are produced, learning the behavior of the person watching TV, and curating recommendations according to their preferences. It is able to track the preferences of a person by using their Facebook account. GoMiso uses the information that users share about their movie experiences on Facebook to develop personalized recommendations.

Video Streaming

There are some people that watch a lot of TVs and at the same time, the video streaming industry is getting ever larger. The video streaming industry pulls in roughly $22 to 24 billion, with more people than ever watching their favorite shows on their phones, laptops, and televisions.

The video streaming industry has reached record revenues and machine learning is a key player. Online streaming companies are creating personalized experiences for everyone and data scientists do a great deal of testing to fathom out what appeals to TV viewers.

User behavior data is collected and machine learning algorithms are run to discover which videos come as recommended. The whole idea is to gain insights into a user’s behavior.

These efforts to create a super personalized experience are paying off and a big percentage of all TV shows watched on a leading video streaming platform come from the platform’s recommendation engine. So more people watch TV that has been recommended to them.

GoMiso – A Cut-Above Social TV Application

a cut-above social TV application

Social media has satisfied our need for shared TV experiences, and social media activities such as Facebook and Twitter have increased dramatically during broadcast television.

Many people use their devices while watching TV and you can essentially be watching TV with anyone and anywhere. In fact, you can say that social media has become an important enhancement to TV and certainly marketers have seen the value of these 2nd and 3rd screen experiences to capture the attention of consumers where they are already immersed on mobile and social platforms.

While traditional television advertising is still a part of important advertising, brands can’t really count on viewers to pay attention, particularly if the viewer is busy on their mobile device while the ads are airing. It is important to develop active advertising that is integrated with 2nd and 3rd screen experiences to hold the audience’s attention.

There are many social sites that help brands make use of this multi-screen engagement by providing viewers with exclusive content and special deals with the interactive experience.

GoMiso is the leading app, and apart from traditional media and advertising and also social media engagement on Facebook and Twitter, brands like this particular app make use of 2nd and 3rd third screens to capture an audience’s attention.

Research has shown that individuals are using second-screen devices more than usual, wanting to communicate with family and friends and family in different locations. The Gomiso app allows users to share TV-related content with friends and family regardless of the physical location they are in.

GoMiso molds social TV and user experience really well. It aims to solve all the common problems associated with viewings by offering some cool features.

Dijit Acquires GoMiso

Dijit Media acquired GoMiso. The company has been able to capitalize on the machine learning systems that GoMiso got going and taken what GoMiso accomplished before the acquisition. It implemented its technologies to improve user experience. The combination of Dijit and GoMiso makes it powerful for controlling and future of social TV.

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