We’ve come a long way from black and white TV boxes to UHD 4K 55 inch plus flatscreen TVs and even more. This is because technology has advanced and so has everything with it. TV has advanced just as much as technology if not more. TV back then was limited to analog news channels. Then slowly a lot of companies came on board providing entertainment and media. As technology progressed, analog channels changed to HD digital channels. There are now satellite TVs with thousands of channels on board. The question is where do we go from here? What is the next step in progressing the TV technology? Well, we don’t know much about the future of hardware because things do change at a faster pace. However, GoMiso TV has started a social TV revolution setting the future for the entertainment industry. Check out how to start an LLC in Florida in simpler steps from MoneyBrighter

GoMiso is an android/iOS and web application that looks towards bringing a revolution in the media industry. It brings together “being social” and television. The world has seen the rise of social apps among teenagers and millennials alike. Being social on these platforms has become a trend among the new generation and GoMiso has been able to grasp this much quicker than any other company.

GoMiso and the introduction of social TV

Social TV is a fairly new concept. The idea of social TV revolves around traditional values, the good old times when people used to sit together and watch TV. Back then, there were not many gadgets or entertainment activities that people would do and the best one that many looked forward to was the evening cartoons or the late-night movies. The social aspect doesn’t come out from sitting together and watching TV but to interact with your family members during TV time. Bringing up topics and conversations during TV time is where the social idea comes from and GoMiso looks towards bringing that in the modern age.

GoMiso and the introduction of social TV

So, how does one go about bringing tradition or the old with the new? If you look around yourself or start to think about the things where old technology meets new technology, you will slowly realize that most of this is already happening.

For example, the radio is very old technology and before the times when TV was invented. It’s still being used in many different parts of the world. Radio has been used for entertainment purposes and still is, however, the main concept of radio in developing countries is to spread news rather than entertainment because many have access to radio as only a few can afford TV in these countries. Recently, AI or artificial intelligence is being incorporated in radio technology to understand human behavior and how AI can use that to spread a message across effectively.

GoMiso brings the latest machine learning technology to TV. It learns the behavior of the person watching the TV and slowly starts to curate recommendations according to the preferences of the person. It can track the preferences of a person by using their Facebook account. Users simply share their favorite movies on their Facebook or like and comment on media content on social media. GoMiso then uses this information to develop personalized recommendations. However, this is not the only thing it does but the gist of things.

GoMiso is an application that needs to be used on a second screen while you watch your TV on your main TV screen. A second screen could be a tablet, phone, or any other device that can run the GoMiso application. Users while watching TV can have their friends and family members watch the same thing. In doing so, users can comment on what they are watching and start a discussion with their friends and family just like the good old days.

Why is there a need for Social TV with GoMiso?

GoMiso captures the right market at the right time. Although the world has become more connected, we humans have become fragmented. Even with technology, we are unable to use it efficiently to enhance human interaction. We have forgotten about our close friends and family that most of us have started to seek companionship or some form of interaction online. Social TV is a concept that enhances user experience and human interaction. But the main question remains, why is it necessary?

How many times has it happened that you log into a media subscription service only to realize that you’ve spent a considerable amount of time searching through the tons of content but couldn’t settle on watching one? Many of us find that with so many options given, it becomes very difficult to choose and that is human nature. Think about it. When you’re at a restaurant and given a menu, the stress of deciding what you want especially when the waiter comes to take your order and you’re not ready is too much to take. The same applies to when a media subscription firm offers you loads of content.

Why is there a need for Social TV with GoMiso

In such cases, many ask their friends what the latest movie is, or which comedy series should I watch now? People go to particular friends to ask them about recommendations as both share similar preferences. Social TV aims to provide those recommendations based on preferences. But there are media subscription services that already do recommendations, how is social TV any different?

Social TV allows users to like movies and other media content on social media platforms. GoMiso uses this and takes it to another level. They use their system which allows their machine learning technology to quickly learn your tastes. If you like something on your friend’s movie list or their recommendation, the system instantly picks up on that and starts to recommend movies that both you and your friend might enjoy. This allows users to watch movies of interest together with their friends and family.

Not only that, but users can socialize with each other while watching content. You can comment about your favorite part of the movie or start a healthy discussion about the movie, its core theme, and more. This takes interaction to a whole new level when it comes to watching TV. GoMiso understands the challenges that one faces when it comes to bringing a group of friends together. One may not be in the same country and hence GoMiso solves that by allowing people to watch content remotely while being connected via the application at the same time.

Now that you’ve got a bit of an idea of what social TV is, let’s look at GoMiso’s offering in this space. You may be thinking that surely this is not all that GoMiso does and you’re right. GoMiso brings a lot of innovation in improving user experience as well. It has a lot of features that are not only useful in the real world but also very convenient.

What makes GoMiso the best social TV application?

GoMiso molds social TV and user experience really well. It aims to solve all the common problems associated with viewings by offering some cool features.

Superior categorization

Recently a lot of cable companies have started categorization allowing users to see movies based on their favorite genre preferences. The company collects the data on what genres you enjoy watching and it recommends movies from those genres for you to watch. However, this is old school. GoMiso brings machine learning to the cable TV platform and ensures superior categorization. It not only categorizes according to genres but also other tags like actors, actresses, and more. It makes further categorization in this too. So, if you’ve been watching movies of Johnny Depp and you enjoy comedy, then the GoMiso application will recommend you a comedy movie of Johnny Depp that you might enjoy for example Edward Scissorhands rather than all the movies of the particular actor. This saves a lot of time. Personalized recommendations have been the future as it improves upon user experience and GoMiso reigns supreme on that front.

A fresh take on the old TV guide

After reading the subheading, you may start to question yourself “What’s wrong with the current TV guide, what’s old about it?”. TV guides have been around for more than a decade. Users can simply press the middle button on their remote or the button labeled “TV guide” and be directed to a TV guide that has the list of TV shows running on the channels. Users can also look at what time a particular show is on and set reminders if they want to catch up on those shows. The issue is when you don’t know what to watch and you’re scrolling through the TV guide, you’ll slowly start to notice how old the interface is. It’s not user-friendly at all.

A fresh take on the old TV guide

The scrolling takes time and all that reading/words can give you a headache. In a world where imagery and visuals triumph, the TV guide seems something out of the historic times. Dull, boring, and time-consuming. GoMiso revamps the entire TV guide by adding visuals that will have you hooked.

You may not have heard of a movie or TV show but their posters are enough for you to judge if you want to watch it or not. Think about this. You walk into the cinema, what is the first thing you do? The majority of us stare at the posters because it’s the first thing that attracts us and it’s because of the posters we are able to make a subconscious decision of watching a particular movie. GoMiso has large icons and posters that users can stream through and make a decision of watching a particular content. No more boring TV guides.

The application is the remote

Many times, when you’re scrolling through a media subscription services catalog of media content, you may realize that using your TV controller can be a huge hassle. Searching for your favorite movie or typing in the search bar provided using your remote control takes a lot of time and frankly, most of us don’t even have the energy at the end of the day to go through all that. GoMiso solves this age-old problem by making your phone a wireless remote control. Users can simply navigate through the catalog of movies or TV channels as the application syncs with your set-top box. This allows all the channels, movies, and other content provided by your cable company to show up on your phone. Simply scroll through your phone and select the content you want to watch, it’ll start playing on your TV automatically as the app gives the signal to your set-top box. You can use the search feature and type on your phone what you want to search using the keypad provided. This is great as there is no need to use the keypad given on your TV screen if you’re simply using the TV remote.

Acquisition by Dijit: Synergies beyond comprehension

Recently GoMiso has been acquired by Dijit Media. The company has been working in this space to improve the user experience when it comes to social TV. The company has improved the age-old TV guide that we had talked about earlier and has substantial experience in this. With that being said, Dijit has been able to capitalize on the algorithm and back-end machine learning systems that GoMiso has in place while providing the best TV guide on the market. It has taken what GoMiso had accomplished before the acquisition and implemented its technologies to further improve user experience in this space.

This is just the beginning of what GoMiso has accomplished and can achieve when it comes to social TV. The combination of Dijit and GoMiso makes it a powerhouse and provides them leverage in creating barriers to entry in this industry. This makes other entrants (bigger players in the market) difficult allowing Dijit and GoMiso to control and revolutionize the future of social TV.

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