GoMiso, Inc. hosts a forum for social TV. The company’s website and mobile application allow users to share what they are looking at, gain points and badges, and connect online with friends and other supporters. GoMiso represents the television and entertainment industries online.

GoMiso and the introduction of social TV

The idea of social TV is very recent. Social television centers around shared beliefs; there are good days when people sit and watch television. At that time, there were not many enjoyable things that people might do, and the best that many expected was the cartoons of the night or the late-night movies. The societal factor is not to sit down and watch TV but to communicate during TV time with family members. The social idea comes from, and Gomiso aims at bringing this up in modern times. Talks and conversations during TV time.

So, how can you put the old or tradition with the new? You will eventually understand that much of this happens if you look around or start thinking about things where old technology meets Modern Technology.

GoMiso and the introduction of social TV

For instance, the radio is a very ancient technology and was invented before TV times. In several different parts of the world, it is still used. Radio is used for entertainment and is still the central concept of broadcasting news rather than joy in developing countries. Many of them have radio access, as only a few in these countries can afford a TV. In recent times, radio technology incorporates AI or artificial intelligence to understand how AI can effectively spread a message. To understand human behaviors.

It brings the most modern technology for television machine learning. It learns how the person watches the TV and slowly begins to curate suggestions according to their tastes. You can track a person’s interests through your Facebook account. Users only post their favorite films on Facebook or like and comment on social media posts. GoMiso then uses this information to create customized recommendations. That’s not the only thing he does, though, but the root of things.

It is also a second-screen technology to be used when you view your TV on your TV screen. A second screen could be a tablet, a phone, or other gadgets that can operate GoMiso. Users who watch TV will watch the same thing with their friends and families. Users may thus comment on what they see and enter into a debate, as in the past, with their friends and family.

What makes GoMiso the best social TV application?

GoMiso molds social TV with an excellent user interface. It aims to solve all common viewing problems with some cool features.

  • Categorization Superior:

Recently, several cable networks have begun categorizing films based on their preferred genre choices. The company gathers information about the genres you like watching and suggests watching movies in these genres. It’s old school, though. It brings cable TV training and guarantees superior categorization. Master learning. It classifies such tags as actors, actresses, and more, not just by genre. It categorizes further in this as well. If you watch Johnny Depp movies and like comedy, the Gomiso App would recommend a Johnny Depp comedy movie that might satisfy you, for example, Edward Scissorhands rather than all of the actors. That saves a great deal of time. Personalized reviews were the future, as user experience is enhanced, and Gomiso reigns supreme.

  • Take the same guide for a new time

You can begin to ask yourself after reading the subheading, “What’s wrong with the present TV Guide and what’s old?” For over a decade, TV guides have been around. You may tap the middle button or the “TV Guide” button and direct it to a television guide with the TV channel list. Users may also examine when a particular show will occur and have reminders to catch up on those shows. The problem is, if you don’t know what to look at and click through the TV guide, you’ll start to note how old the GUI is. It’s not easy to use.

It takes time to scroll, and all that you read can cause you a headache. The TV guide is something from historical times in a world in which imagery and visuals triumph. Boring and long-duration, dull. By incorporating graphics, Gomiso will revisit your entire TV guide.

You may not have heard about the film or TV show, but you can judge from their posters whether or not you want to see it. Think about that. Think about it. You go into the movies; what are you doing first? Most of us look at the posters because it is the first thing that draws us, and we can make an unwitting decision to watch a particular movie because of the poster. It offers broad icons and offices which users can use to view specific content and make a decision. No TV Guides, duller.

  • The app is the remote one

You can also find that using your TV controller can be a massive hurdle when you’re browsing through a video subscription services list of media content. It takes a lot of time to look for your favorite movie or enter a search bar where you use your remote control, and frankly, most of us have little patience at the end of the day.

The app is the remote one

GoMiso resolves this old issue through the wireless remote control of your phone. The program syncs with your setup box, allowing users to browse through the catalog of movies or TV channels. It will enable your cable provider to screen all the media, films, and other material on your computer.

Scan your phone and pick the content you want to view. It will immediately start playing on your TV as the app sends the signal to your box. You can scan and type what you want to search on your phone by using the given keyboard. It is perfect because the keypad on your TV screen does not have to be used to use the TV remote.

Miso is a Social Network for TV fans:

If you want a place where you can rant, enjoy and enjoy the latest events in your favorite shows, Miso is a TV-based social network to archive and update your favorite shows and link to other fans.

Miso monitors medium-based inspections in the same way as location-based inspections. Watch your favorite performance? To sign in, talk to other fans and get checkpoints and badges for the episode. Miso has display drawings; for example, users who check-in for a wedding presentation could have the opportunity to win a prize relevant to the wedding.

Can a TV be better? Miso thinks so:

We live in the Golden Age of TV. We have mastered our approach to produce television that everybody loves across our vast range of networks, while there are failures yet (I look at you, Whitney). We have Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire for people who love high-quality programs; brilliant comedies such as Modern Family, Parks and Recreation, and Community; and famous lovers like American Idol, Glee, and Dancing With the Stars. Its characteristic is that it is essential to learn about music.

Can a TV be better

However, we have still not mastered a way to interact with this material. Many of us go online to watch our favorite shows, but we have to look out for details. What if a computer understood what we were looking at and provided us with the details we wanted? Miso’s coming in here.

Miso, a startup founded over a year ago, brings you this experience in online searching. Miso was launched as a website where people commented on various shows and rated them as community TV watching. But the recent launch of Miso’s mobile app has made this experience special.

Your phone is synchronized to the TV you are watching when you download the app. This app can give your phone relevant information, such as an episode of guest actors’ IMDB profiles, specifics of the music performed on the program, trivium, and prompts to comment on precisely the spell you are watching. Also, users can make an authentic, interactive experience of their ideas and comments.

For this sync experience, Miso collaborates with DirecTV, and over the next year, more blocks will be released. Dexter, the Showtime hit breakout, is the first show synchronized with its debut last Sunday, 25 September.

Katie Smillie, Product & Marketing Director of Miso, believes Miso is transcending this community experience. “We have faith in our user community’s strength. Last year we opened Miso slowly to allow our users to build content so that they can face the challenge and request more from them,” she said. “No matter who you are, at one specific second, you can build what you think people want, and when they watch, people can follow you and get that knowledge. When you get something tagged to a time at a broadcast, it doesn’t matter if you, as a viewer, are still able to watch live or five days later on Miso at any time.”

Smillie is delighted to see Miso synchronized with Dexter and looks forward to more shows for syncing. She pointed out that “I look forward to sharing funny quotes from Manny and Phil for sitcoms like the Modern Family. For Glee, I want to know more about the songs they perform, music, and the original artists.

I want to put the recipe on my phone for shows in the food network and save it later, or if I feel faithful, I would like someone to tell me that particular meal at the nearest restaurant.”

Miso expects to be here with viewers on its way, with TV wholly accepted as a great medium of entertainment. As social media brands such as Twitter demonstrated their trending issues during prize shows or sports events, we enjoy talking to others about what we watch on TV. We get a start from reading responses in real-time to what is going on. This interest capitalizes Miso, and it works for you.

Dijit purchases Gomiso to build social TV:

Dijit Media is strengthening its “social television” market and buys Gomiso to support its “mega personalized” NextGuide UI application for iPad.

The agreement offers Dijit more opportunities for social TV to improve, all about watching your TV on your iPad and other wired devices. Dijit will continue aiding Gomiso products for Miso and Sideshow but will shut down the application and functionality of GoMiso Quips. Social TV expects hundreds of viewers to deal with the problem, and nobody watches a show. It is more complex than ever for you to find your favorite feature on so many cables, satellite,e or Web-based video channels, especially the old screen guides, built at less than 100.

“Miso was the first to identify the new field for social media and today has played an important role in this business,” says Jeremy Toeman, CEO of Digital Media.

We built the most relevant TV Guide and Discovery site for both the audience and the television sector. We will offer a new tool for our users to redefine how they find content.”

Dijit also offers a live TV guide to streaming. It shows a peek at the various services – Netflix, HuluPlus, or iTunes. But it would be a step better if the Facebook profile of you and the interests you listed were to provide a self-service platform.

Many screen guides provide scanning shows or performers; however, remote control takes time. NextGuide is about everything you need to find things you don’t know you want to watch. On the touch screen of the iPad, the guide puts the film back into a tile mosaic. You can choose between the category “Football,” “San Francisco,” “Lady Gaga,” or “Christmas Sheen” from this section. The following are available. Tap the tile for a category view. It is like an iPhone Sherpa.

“What next should I look at?” The guide requests The TV or an iPad are available. It can scan but also warnings. It even starts to monitor DirecTV customers on their home DVRs.

Competitor tools include Fanhattan, a multiple-source video app. Dijit has ten employees and, as a consultant to Dijit, Somrat Niyogi, which is the founding partner.

“Over three years ago, we began our journey with the inventory of social television, and we feel Dijit is the right place both for our users and our channels,” Niyogi said. “We have learned a lot from customers and the constantly evolving nature of television, and think that NextGuide will be a tremendous development.”

To Wrap it up

We came for UHD 4K 55″ plus flatscreen televisions and more from black and white TV boxes. It is because technology has progressed and everything has developed. TV has changed as much as, if not more, technology. The tv was then restricted to analog news. Then a lot of entertainment and media companies came in. slowly. Analog channels transitioned to HD digital channels as technology advanced.

Now there are thousands of satellite TVs on board. The question is, where are we going? What is the next step in advancing television technology? While everything evolves faster, we don’t know a lot about the future of hardware. But Gomiso TV launched an entertainment industry social television revolution.

It is a web app for android/iOS that aims to bring the media industry a revolution. It blends the “social being” with TV. Social applications among teenagers and thousands of years have grown in the world. Sociality has become a theme in the new generation on these channels, and management has realized this much quicker than any other business.

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