Don’t you hate it when you’re watching your favorite anime online on your favorite streaming platform when you’re greeted by the frustrating Crunchyroll website black screen? Not sure how to get rid of the screen and resume watching anime?

Crunchyroll is quite a popular and fantastic website for anime lovers. It hosts a vast selection of anime titles and other famous content. Though it’s an excellent website for entertainment, it sometimes needs fixing, and viewers may experience technical issues. One of the most common problems is experiencing Crunchyroll website black screen issues. It usually occurs in the middle of something interesting, ruining the entire streaming experience.

Thus, if you have experienced such issues with the Crunchyroll website, try using the fixes provided in this article to eliminate the problem.

Why Does The Crunchyroll Website Black Screen Problem Occur?

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Generally, the black screen problem occurs when you use the chrome browser. On the other hand, if you use your smart TV or mobile streaming application, you won’t face such issues. So why does the problem appear on the chrome browser?

Typically, there are a few reasons why the interruption occurs, and some of these include the following:

  1. Extension incompatibility
  2. Cache buildup
  3. Bad internet connection
  4. Pop-up redirects

Do Viruses And Other Threats Interfere With The Crunchyroll Website?

Ideally, you should not take viruses and malware issues lightly because, in most cases, these two issues are the leading causes of websites or software failing to perform. Thus, always run a proper scan of your system to avoid experiencing issues due to threats like malware.

Does The Black Screen Issue Appear To Be A Website Issue?

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Generally, there is a high chance that the black screen issue is a problem at your end. However, if you have tried all the solutions and the black screen issue of the Crunchyroll website occurs, it might be due to the website experiencing some troubleshooting problems. Unfortunately, in such cases, you cannot fix the problem from your side.

Fixing Crunchyroll Website Black Screen Problems

Diagnosing the main problem can be challenging, but here we’ve gone over some of the possible issues you may be experiencing and how to fix them.

Extension Incompatibility

Crunchyroll website unluckily does not support every chrome browser extension. This implies that one of the chrome extensions disagrees with the Crunchyroll streaming services.

Follow the given steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Select Settings
  2. Then click on extensions
  3. Click on disable all extensions
  4. Update the Crunchyroll website page

By following the above steps, you should be able to continue with the website. However, if the black screen problem persists, you may be experiencing other issues, which is why you should keep reading.

Cache Buildup

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Your daily online activity stores a lot of information on the browser, known as cache buildup, which often makes it difficult for other programs to run smoothly.

People clear up their cache data regularly, and this issue only appears in some cases. However, forgetting to clear your cache data can interrupt your streaming activity and lead to the frustrating black screen problem.

So how to solve this issue? Follow the below-mentioned steps for a quick fix:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Select Privacy & Security
  3. Click on clear browser data
  4. Select the boxes you want to delete
  5. Update your Crunchyroll page

Pop-Up Redirects

Another reason that might interfere with the Crunchyroll website is chrome’s pop-up blocker. This happens when a chrome pop-up blocker restricts some streaming features of the website.

If this is the primary issue, fixing it is pretty easy. Chrome blocks the pop-ups automatically, and to prevent the problem, select allow Crunchyroll pop-ups.

Follow the given steps if you’re facing pop-up redirects:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Click on Privacy & Security
  3. Select site settings
  4. Now click on pop-ups and redirects
  5. Include Crunchyroll on sites that can send pop-ups and redirects
  6. Refresh your Crunchyroll website page

Bad Internet Connection

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Another reason that may be the root cause of the website’s black screen issue is your internet connection. Alternatively, try resetting your modem if the problem is not with the internet.

  1. Switch off or unplug your router and modem
  2. Wait for two minutes
  3. Turn on your modem
  4. Turn on your router
  5. Once the router and modem lights indicate signals, refresh your Crunchyroll website.

Crunchyroll black screen problems can happen due to many reasons. If you are utilizing the website version, try using the abovementioned solutions. If you are using the mobile application and face the same issue, try clearing the cache data, updating the app, or reinstalling the application to eliminate the Crunchyroll website black screen problems.

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