Every prosperous company wants to expand its clientele or at least it should. In that regard, every business requires growth, which is the primary objective of every profitable business and entrepreneur. And while some company owners are more idealistic than others, growth does not happen by accident.

To increase the sales of your company, you can either increase the volume with your existing customers, bring in some new customers, or secure future programs and contract terms. Then there are numerous factors that influence sales success, such as employing the right people, achieving the proper KPIs, having respectable overall balance measures and accountability, utilizing the right marketing techniques and advertising process, and a slew of other critical components.

Lead Generation Equals Company Growth

Lead Generation

This article will discuss how to drive business growth and win new business, which could be gaining new buyers or setting up new projects. Whatever your business is, it is critical that you know how to structure a proposal for collaboration to further focus on acquiring new customers as part of your bigger selling strategy and plan.

Nevertheless, while many businesses have an enormous ability to increase the work with their existing customers in a variety of ways, a critical component of growing a business is the knowledge of how to acquire brand new customers. You’re going backward if you’re not focused on gaining new customers and making new sales.

But how could you do that? By creating or developing new business leads. You need a consistent flow of leads and possibilities in your business every day, week, and month, and this will not happen by itself; it requires the implementation of prosperous lead generation strategies. Here are four key strategies for generating leads and winning new business and customers:

Create A Crystal Clear Value Proposition

Value Proposition

A brief description of your offering, why it is meaningful to clients’ demands and helps improve their circumstances, and how you intend to deliver on that promise. A strong unique selling point is the foundation of your strategic edge, and we’ve seen it work for hundreds of companies over the years. Make it accurate to your target customer (only), simple to understand, communicate customer outcomes and value, and describe how you are different or better than your competitors in the market.

Assign Your Marketing Team The Task Of Lead Generation

We find that many businesses’ marketing efforts are primarily focused on making things ”look nice!” While your brand and image are important and should be linked to your product offering and positioning strategy, we believe that the primary goal of any marketing team should always be to produce quality traffic.

Ensure that your advertising agency has concrete goals and KPIs for the group of eligible leads it needs to generate, especially for new business, and that this target is sufficient to meet your fresh business sales goal. It is then critical that this is monitored on a constant schedule, and that the team is held responsible to the entire company on this key number.

Make Sure Your Sales Systems And Processes Are Rock Solid

Sales Systems

Consider leads to be oranges on a belt conveyor. What happens now that your marketing team has placed an orange on the conveyor belt (i.e., produced a new qualified lead)? To make sure that neither of these oranges tumbles off the belt at any point, you need an extremely robust sales process. It may seem obvious, but we see it all the time; there is a weak point in the selling process, and oranges are simply slipping (or even trickling) off the conveyor belt and into the ‘bin’! Quite a waste of all those resources and effort.

Each sales request must be registered, respected, and followed up on because sales queries are the lifeblood of the business. Using your systems to capture opportunities and track them through the sales process, you can be laser dedicated to ensuring those oranges don’t fall off until they make it to the end of the conveyor belt—a guaranteed sale.

Establish A Clear Selling Strategy To Succeed

You need a solid sales strategy that produces results underneath your sales process. This could be a hidden game plan or DNA within your company that has been accumulated and refined over time, but you know that it works. Or you may need to develop and implement a different tactic for a specific lead/opportunity to protect the order.

When in front of potential new customers, use powerful sales presentations to interact with a clear perfected sales message, provide value throughout the process, and prove that you can solve their problems and meet their needs.

Final Words

There are many ways to go about this and increase the odds of success. But before you start focusing on sales in earnest, make sure that your company is ready to handle new sales opportunities. Otherwise, things will get pretty chaotic (not to mention costly). If you’re ready for growth, though, then you’re ready for these tips to help that happen.

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