One of the best ways to achieve an effective presentation is to communicate your message clearly to your audience.

How? Through data visualizations that make your presentation clear and understandable. If you just use text and make an oral presentation, you might fail to deliver the value and insights that you were supposed to. All because your presentation was not organized well nor designed creatively.

Wondering how to communicate effectively with your boss, coworkers, or clients? Consider making a diagram. However, not all diagram makers on the internet host engaging charts. And not everyone can pull off their creative skills to create beautiful diagrams. Luckily, here at Venngage, we are devoted to helping presenters and designers draw diagrams that get the job done in the blink of an eye.

Gone are those shabby and monotonous diagram templates from your previous presentations. It is time to dig into these new and refreshing Venngage diagrams that will surely make your data appear attractive.

Here are some creative diagram templates and ideas — from Venn diagrams to site maps — with colorful and stunning shapes, fonts, and colors, along with when to use these diagrams.

Venngage Diagrams For Your Presentation

1. Fishbone Templates

Fishbone Templates

Our online diagram maker gets creative even in the most straightforward template. You can find here that the fishbone diagram looks like a fish but doesn’t exactly show an image of a fish. With this template, you can also change the color of the shapes according to your preferred palette.

Also known as the cause and effect diagram, a “fishbone” diagram effectively presents possible causes of a problem. This type of diagram can also help classify data and ideas into practical categories.

Let’s use a basic example to elaborate on the use of this diagram. For instance, you had a flat tire along the road. The possible causes can be from a nail, a rock, glass, or your tire’s pretty old. Each of these potential causes can be drawn in the diagram to understand better why you got a flat tire.

2. Venn Diagrams

Venn Diagrams

This is not your typical Venn diagram! As you can see in the image above, instead of circles, our templates use different shapes like rectangles to connect data sets. Play with your colors and contrast while designing your diagram — do not limit your creativity with our template shows. Remember, our tools have access to hundreds of colors, shapes, and fonts.

Thanks to John Venn, students, mathematicians, researchers, presenters, and whoever needs this visual tool can effectively compare and contrast two or more objects. Also, if you want to determine if the two sets do not share the same traits, this diagram is the most appropriate tool.

3. Use Case Diagram

Use Case Diagram

Here, Venngage also gives you access to icons. The example above shows that the template uses adorable icons to represent the customer and NRFC customers. The other symbols also match each definition that would leave a deep impression on your audience.

If you’re wondering why and when you should use icons in your diagrams, these images help give meaning to your data without explaining it more. Plus, they also help your presentation or data sharing flow better.

If you want to summarize the external and internal factors influencing a system, then use case diagrams are very helpful. This type of diagram shows the user’s possible interactions with an object, event, product, or system from the word use.

4. Family Tree

Family Tree

Did you know that you can also upload and crop photos into your diagram? Surprise! Our free online diagram maker allows you to use relevant images that you can upload to your design. This free feature gives you access to make your diagram look more engaging, especially if you’re going to present it to your coworkers. Do the unexpected and turn your charts and make your audience a part of them!

Tree diagrams benefit presenters who want to show which groups share characteristics. They also show how a branch is connected and the sequence of specific events.

5. Site Maps

Site Maps

What’s one of the effective ways to make your webpage look clean? Go minimal! If you use a minimal design composition and include enough information in your site map, it makes the viewers feel comfortable navigating your website. Above, the site map uses a minimalistic design from the background to the fonts. Plus, the template also adds an image at the top — Venngage wouldn’t want to make it boring, of course.

Are you developing a website? A site map contains the list of the pages on your website. This allows your website visitors to find pages instead of typing them via internal links quickly.

Staring at a light diagram can be boring for most people, even if the realities of those data enforce your point. So the best way to engage with your audience during your presentation is to make your visual illustrations stand out with Venngage diagrams. All you have to do is sign up for an account to have access to these fresh templates!

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