New entrepreneurs often think they can handle their leadership style without help. Then again, many new business owners are natural-born leaders, and they’re eager to prove themselves. Whereas other new business owners might be more introverted or less outspoken and struggle to manage employees, impress new clients, or communicate effectively.

Regardless of your own personal leadership style or personality type, the key to conducting business smoothly is communication. Having good communication skills will create long-lasting client relationships, loyal employees, and a smarter and more collaborative team. Considering this, here are some of the best-ranked communication tips all new business owners should know.

Listen to Feedback (and don’t ignore it)

Start With the New Business Essentials

One way to expand upon your communication skills is to listen.  Slow down and listen attentively when your employees, clients, or customers speak with you. Pause what you’re doing and face the person in front of you. This will show them you truly want to hear what they have to say. Listening to others and giving thoughtful feedback builds respect and trust. It also gives you a solid foundation to reciprocate and improve your dialogue with others.

You may also want to utilize a live survey for meetings which allows all participants to speak freely within a meeting.  Live meeting survey software can enable you to gauge your audience’s responses within the meeting.  Moreover, this innovative software can also help you retain valuable information and use it to make improvements – not only in your new business – but in your communication style.

Consider Your Approach to Communication (and adjust accordingly)

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to effectively communicating with others. Some people are direct and straightforward, while others might prefer a more casual approach. In order to improve your communication skills and thus make those around you feel more comfortable, it’s important for you to understand your own personal style of communication first and then adjust when interacting with clients, employees, etc. You can do this with a behavior assessment that reveals how you communicate and how you respond to others.

A behavioral evaluation test can also cue you in on different types of communication styles and approaches, which can give you an advantage in running your new business. By adapting to different behaviors, you’re proving that you respect and understand your team mates. This is an invaluable quality in any relationship, whether at work or in your personal life.

Respond Calmly and Convey Positivity

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The best leaders know that it’s important to stay calm and maintain a level head, even in difficult situations. Whether you’re struggling to juggle multiple tasks or trying to resolve a tough challenge, it’s necessary to maintain a positive, stable leadership position. A good leader will help their team through good times and bad by being open to answering questions and concerns as they arise – and staying optimistic and calm in the process. Your team will appreciate you being available and open to communicating, even in the most difficult circumstances.

Speak Clearly and With Purpose

You’ll put others at ease and resonate with your message when you say what you mean, say it with purpose, and enunciate your perspective clearly. Sometimes being vague might be effective or even necessary, but clarity is always the best way in the end. You can also save time by being clear from the beginning or clarifying any confusing points if necessary. Doing so will make other people more comfortable and increase their chance of understanding where you are coming from.

Find a Mentor


We’ve found that the best way to motivate others is by learning from great leaders. That’s why it’s a good idea to find your own mentor or leader.  Having a seasoned veteran or a coach by your side to help you improve your communication skills is tantamount to success.  Why? Because, ideally, a mentor has already “been there, done that.” They’ve probably gone through the learning curves already – which makes their wisdom a goldmine for you. In essence, learning from a mentor is a time-honored way to improve communication and leadership skills.


Ultimately, you cannot be an effective leader without being an effective communicator. The above strategies will prepare you to not only communicate with your team, but will also help you connect with clients, associates, and colleagues. Communicating effectively is crucial, so be mindful of what you say and how you listen. If used correctly, these communication tips for business success will make a difference in how you carry yourself at work and render positive results for your new business.

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