If you spend a lot of money on a software-as-a-service program, you are not alone. Consumers spend, on average, $133 a month on subscriptions alone. And even worse, many people barely even use the subscriptions they have–if they use them at all.

One of the most common software buyer errors is getting a SaaS program when you can purchase a lifetime license for cheaper. Options for software are extensive, giving you plenty of alternatives to the terrible software you are using now. You may even be able to find better business software features by looking elsewhere.

There’s no shame in falling victim to the deceptive marketing tactics of big software companies. So in this guide, we will discuss six errors you can avoid while purchasing software.

1. Common Software Buyer Errors: Purchasing Software from an Illegal Website

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In an effort to save money, you may have been comparing software costs and realized it’s cheaper to buy it on a sketchy website. The website promises successful key activation and a refund if it doesn’t work.

Steer clear of these websites. Only purchase from authorized retailers to avoid getting scammed.

2. Consider Using Native Applications

Many people immediately think of third-party applications when they need a certain solution. But oftentimes, your operating system has native options that are just as good. For example, Microsoft remote desktop software instead of Teamviewer.

Always check your OS for software options first.

3. Don’t Discount Open-Source Software

Open-source software is often free, secure, and still full of features. There are many FOSS alternatives to major productivity suites, such as Adobe Photoshop. There is a bit of a learning curve, but don’t ignore open-source solutions because they are less flashy.

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4. Prioritize Regular Software Updates

Some software developers have a notorious habit of skipping out on software updates. Ignore these publishers like the plague. This is bad for your security, in addition to a lack of feature updates that you deserve–you paid for them, after all!

5. Keep Your License Keys in a Secure Place

Most software uses digital activation these days, so you will never see a license key. However, if you do purchase software that uses licensing keys, store them in a secure place. You never know when you may need to reactivate the software on a new device.

6. Don’t Shackle Yourself to a Single Software Vendor

It’s important to realize that there is a lot of competition for any type of software that you may use. If at any moment you become unsatisfied with a particular company or software, feel free to walk away. Always keep your avenues open and explore alternative options.

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Go Get that Software You’ve Been Dreaming of

With the market being as bloated as it is, it’s easy to make the above common software buyer errors. Make sure to consider open source and native applications first and foremost and avoid illegal vendors or those with few software updates. Remember: there are plenty of software applications out there, so there’s no need to limit yourself to a single one.

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