There are over 26 million results when searching for online cannabis dispensaries.

Results pop up for local providers, big brands, and all different kinds of products. With so many options, it’s hard to know if you are doing the right thing when shopping for cannabis online.

There’s nothing worse than having high expectations for a product that falls flat. Keep reading to learn the seven most common cannabis shopping errors and how to avoid them.

Not Reading The Customer Reviews

Sourcing High-Quality CBD Products

This is a leading rule when it comes to buying anything online, not just cannabis products.

You’re taking a risk to try a new product, so try to minimize that risk the most you can by reading online customer reviews. Reading what past customers thought is extremely helpful because it can let you know if the product will hold up to its description.

Avoid This Error

Check review sites that have lots of data for the company you are considering for your purchase. Don’t just look at the ratings, but take the time to read the most recent reviews.

If you see multiple negative reviews do not buy the product. Keep scanning for other options with better reviews. A great option will have reviews that reflect good customer service, quality product delivery, and troubleshooting processes.

Buying The First Option You See

Some people assume when they shop for cannabis online the top-ranking results really must be the best option. That is definitely not the case.

Just because one result might have a fantastic marketing team that knows how to rank on Google, doesn’t mean they sell the best buds.

Avoid This Error

Compare the online dispensaries that pop up for your search criteria and give each one a chance. Look at their product details and prices and compare them. You can also compare things like shipping and delivery methods.

Going With The Cheapest Option

CBD Marketing

Sometimes having an online store can help make a company seem professional, but that doesn’t mean that you can trust each dispensary out there. If you go with the cheapest option, or the business that is offering the biggest discount, you might end up with marijuana that is hardly worth smoking.

Avoid This Error

To avoid low-quality products read the product description fully and compare the amount and price together. Choose something that is more potent and you won’t need the extra weight.

Don’t forget to check the reviews to make sure you will get what you paid for. You can also choose to buy more products at once, as you can often times get a better price for larger purchases. Keep this in mind when comparing cannabis prices.

Not Getting To Know The Company

When you are buying online you have to pay attention to make sure the cannabis store website you landed on isn’t a scam. Unfortunately, there are companies that will try to sell products that are illegal and unsafe.

And if it is a real company you’ll still want to know if they are a good one.

Will they treat you right if something happens to your delivery? Do their company values match your customer values? These things might not seem important when shopping for a good deal, but they all affect the overall satisfaction of a good purchase.

Avoid This Error

A simple google search of the company can provide you will plenty of information to determine if you are dealing with a reputable company or not. Sometimes you can get good information from sites like Reddit and by checking social media for company profiles.

Not Looking At Product Labels

This is where you will find information on the strain and potency of the different cannabis products you’re considering. There are many different strains of cannabis that will have different effects on its users.

It can be disappointing to have a different experience than the one you were hoping for, and sometimes it can even be uncomfortable.

Avoid This Error

Read each description for any product you consider buying.

If you need to do research on cannabis strains and potency levels then do it so you know if products are right for you. You can also look on the manufactures website to see exactly what is in each product.

Not Knowing Enough About Cannabis

Formulate a CBD Business Plan

As touched on above, there are a huge variety of cannabis products that can have different effects on you. Reading the labels won’t help you make any decisions if you don’t understand what they are saying.

There are different potencies, flavors, and different ways of consumption. You can smoke, vaporize, eat, and drink products that are designed to have different energizing to relaxing effects. New products are still popping up often, like terpene rich distillate, which can be used in topical creams and tinctures.

Avoid This Error

Online research can help you to grow your cannabis IQ quickly. You can join online cannabis communities and get access to a ton of resources that will turn you into a cannabis connoisseur in no time.

You can also talk to friends who have knowledge of the subject. Maybe even go with them to some local dispensaries in your area where you can chat with professional budtenders.

Buying Too Much

This can be a common mistake because people want to get the best deal, so they make a bulk purchase. This can be a great way to affordably buy cannabis, but shouldn’t be done the very first time you try a new product.

A lot of dispensaries have a no return policy, so it can turn into quite the headache when you end up with a bunch of products you’d rather not have.

Avoid This Error

You can start by checking the dispensaries return policy. If they will accept returns then it might be okay to try out a big bag, after checking out the company’s reputation and online reviews.

If they don’t accept returns then do not commit to a bulk purchase if you haven’t already tried what you are buying first. If you really need the price break see if a friend or two want to try out the new stuff with you, so you can spread out the risk.

Avoid The Seven Most Common Cannabis Shopping Errors

Now that you’ve brushed up on the seven most common cannabis shopping errors, you can shop with confidence. Use the tips to avoid bad purchases and find the products that are right for you.

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