Building a successful sales team for your CPG business takes careful thought and consideration. A common myth is that hiring more salespeople will generate more revenue. However, less can be more if your salespeople are precisely aligned to the positions that best match their unique skill sets and ambitions.

Being strategic about who you put on your team will increase your chances of success and ability to bring in revenue. With these tips, you can ensure that your sales team is suited for your specific business needs and can successfully grow your CPG business.

Your Sales Team

Tips to Successfully Grow Your Sales Team

1. Map out exactly what skills your new hires need to embody. Personality and charm are only one element of a successful employee. To avoid hiring someone without the skills needed for the job, create a blueprint of what objectives need to be met by the new hire and what exact skills they need to encompass to meet these objectives.

2. Clearly lay out expectations for the job. If you want your sales team to consistently reach their goals and grow in their careers, it is essential for them to understand what is expected of them.

3. Discuss compensation thoroughly before hiring. New hires do not want ambiguity around pay structures. When hiring a new salesperson, you should already have a predetermined compensation plan in place.

Your new hire should know what they will be paid based on the work they are expected to complete. Before signing a new hire on your team, ensure both parties are fully aware and agree to their compensation before beginning work.

Your Sales Team

4. Individualize your onboarding structure. Don’t assume that you can train and introduce every new hire to your business in the same way. Based on the specific job your new hire is filling, their unique skill sets/personality, and their individualized learning style, training materials should be crafted to guarantee personalized success.

Every employee is different and it is important to maximize on these differences to reach a better rate of success and potential for revenue.

5. Craft a recruitment strategy. Consistency and clarity are extremely important to fill specific job descriptions during the recruitment process. You may find it beneficial to create a scoring system when interviewing applicants to better calculate how many of their skill sets align with the specific job that needs to be filled. Having this consistency can better prevent errors and helps you to more clearly calculate which applicant most closely aligns with the open position.

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Your Sales Team

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Building a strong sales team is essential for the success of any business. By implementing effective hiring and training practices, setting clear goals and expectations, and providing ongoing support and development opportunities, you can create a team that is motivated, productive, and consistently meets or exceeds sales targets. By investing in your sales team, you can create a virtuous cycle of growth and success for your business.

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