On your way to Starbucks, you discovered a local coffee shop and decided to take a leap of faith and give the place a try and ended up being a regular. Has such a thing ever happened to you? If not, today is the day Gomiso is about to make it happen!

Just keep on reading and I promise you will become an advocate of this amazing app in no time!

Today we will go through 10 amazing facts about Gomiso that are going to change how you consume your entertainment content forever!

If you own a subscription to any popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HOB max, or Crunchyroll, this article is going to cause a major paradigm shift in you.

Maybe today is the day you finally stop getting recommendations and start to give recommendations to others and become the cool one in your friend group.

Now, before we get into these 10 amazing facts about Gomiso, you need to ask yourself why are you using your current subscription-based streaming service.

Is it because—

  • You want an ad-free experience, where you can fully immerse into your TV without any destruction?
  • Do you like portability?
  • Does the platform stream your favorite TV show?
  • You can download the show and watch it offline during a zombie apocalypse?

The reason I am bringing these topics is that the moment you suggest that someone should switch to Gomiso and abandon their current online streaming service, they will get defensive and in the best-case scenario ask you the why. And in the worst-case scenario, chase you with a pitchfork.

If they chase you, then you are on your own. But, if they ask you why then here are 10 compelling reasons why—

GoMiso enhances your attention span

GoMiso enhances your attention span


Do you know what is the average attention span of an average American? It is 10 to 20 minutes. Which is not that bad, right? But there is a catch; Most people who consume internet content are teenagers and people who are in their 20s.

A study conducted in 2020 shows that the average attention span of teenagers and young adults is less than three minutes. So if you fall into this category, then immersing yourself in the world of entertainment can be particularly difficult. Your mind might drift off and you can get lost in your wonderful world.

This phenomenon is most common when you take your eyes off your TV screen and start to check your phone. A study conducted by global tech care company Asurion shows that an average American checks their phone over 100 times per day that means once every ten minutes.

If this is how things are, then how are we supposed to enjoy our screen times. If we don’t get inside of the show, if we don’t feel the struggles the characters are going through, how would we truly cherish it!

To answer this question, first, we must ask ourselves, why do we keep drifting off? Why do we keep checking our phones? The answer is pretty simple: the shows themselves are not that engaging.

It is not the 1980s. Watching TV is not the only form of entertainment. We are constantly being bombarded by ads, notifications from our smart devices, and not to mention FOMO.

GoMiso knew what was going on. They knew that providing only online streaming services is not enough. GoMiso knew they needed to walk the extra mile if they truly want to keep the audience’s eyeballs on their platform, they needed to make sure that the audience didn’t feel the need to look elsewhere. Hence, they made the platform interactive.

When you are on Gomiso, you can make comments on the show you are watching, make digital check-ins, interact with your friends, earn points. Basically, everything you do when you look away from your TV screen is right inside of it, so you will never feel the itch to check your phone.

By making the app interactive, Gomiso enhances your attention span.

GoMiso lets you engage with your friends and family

GoMiso lets you engage with your friends and family

Let me ask you this: what is more fun than watching your favorite TV shows or movies? The answer to that is watching the show with your friends. Anything that is being done with friends is automatically more fun.

It is clinically proven that we humans as social creatures love spending time with friends. Fun fact about spending time with friends: did you know spending time with friends improves your long-term physical and emotional health?

With the advancement of technology, we spend more time on screen and less on the field with friends. But, this did not change our social dynamics, we still prefer to do everything with our loved ones.

You can find examples of this in any modern online game. Most games these days have multiplayer modes. Not having a multiplayer mode is a major turnoff for most people. Playing games and watching TV both are different forms of consuming entertainment content.

So, if games are multiplayer, then why are online streaming services only single-player? Have you ever asked yourself this question?

GoMiso knows we are social animals. They know we crave companionship. Doing anything with friends inherently makes it more fun. GoMiso knows it. And that is the reason why Gomiso lets you engage with your friends and family from within the app. You don’t even have to switch the window. How convenient is that?

GoMiso is a fun game

GoMiso is not your average run-of-the-mill online streaming service. It is more than just a streaming app; it is a fun game. Let me explain how.

While most other streaming apps let you only watch your favorite show, Gomiso lets you earn valuable points only by watching shows, unlock achievements, earn badges, and many, many more.

Sometimes when we binge a show or spend a prolonged time in front of our TV, self-loathing kicks in! Even when we know we deserve this break, it is hard to convince our monkey brain that we are not at the fault here. But when you watch the same show on Gomiso, things are different.

Watching shows on Gomiso gives you a sense of achievement. Every time you finish watching a show, you get a little dopamine release that makes you feel good about yourself. It is just like unlocking a new achievement in a game.

You can brag to your friends about how many points you have earned on the weekends. You can show off the badges you have earned. The possibilities are endless.

AI-based search feature

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Baidu live based on their search features. How do you think they do that? By applying AI to their search, by making their search features smart.

That being said, Gomiso applies the same AI technology to make their internal search engine smart. Nifty right!

Unlike most other online streaming services, Gomiso’s search engine simply doesn’t show you the result you have searched for. It gives you suggestions based on your search patterns.

The more you use it, the smarter it gets. There are times when I am fumbling for shows and the search feature suggested something that I never knew existed. And after watching the show, I absolutely adored it.

GoMiso lets you keep track and organize everything you watch

The entertainment industry is a bottomless pit. No matter how many shows you have watched, there is always more to watch. As a result, we get bored and shuffle from one show to another. This is where the problem arises.

When you watch too many shows simultaneously, you lose track of them altogether. This used to happen to me all the time before I switched to GoMiso.

GoMiso keeps track of all the shows I have watched, watching right now, and plan to watch, even the shows I have decided to drop. Better yet, it gives me smart suggestions based on the shows I have watched, or shown interest to watch. And these suggestions are damn accurate. Now I don’t have to go out of the app to scavenge for new shows to watch.

Earn badges and points

Badges, points, and achievements always make things more interesting. I have already discussed how Gomiso is more than your average online streaming platform and how it is more like a game.

Gomiso’s achievement system makes it more like a fun game where you get to compete with your friends and other Gomiso users and less like other cookie-cutter streaming services.

You get points by watching a show, giving reviews, and engaging with other audiences. And with each point you earn, you get one step closer to unlock the next badge and unlock new achievements.

Unlocking new achievements gives you self-fulfillment, and getting more badges gives you community respect and authority.

GoMiso is a highly interactive platform, where users constantly ask each other for their opinion and recommendation. If you want to build authority in this community, you need to get these badges.

GoMiso is the new hub where you hangout

GoMiso is the new hub where you hangout

A looming truth in our life these days is the corona pandemic. No matter how much we like to spend time with our friends and family, this pandemic has torn us apart and forced us to stay indoors. Life has gotten restricted to online meetups.

But the truth of the reality is there are only a few things you can do online together before you run out of things to do and get bored.

A study showed that people prefer to socialize by activity over a simple conversation. You can find the proof in every sphere of life. We prefer playing golf or online games with friends over a simple one-on-one conversation.

Things are not that different when it comes to media consumption. After watching a show, we can talk about it with our friends only for so long. But if we watch it together, it gets more fun.

So, in this pandemic, you can use Gomiso as your new entertainment hub to hang out with friends.

GoMiso and sideshows

GoMiso is a company that crawled its way to the top. Nothing has readily given to it. It knows the struggle of the small timers. So, unlike other big corporations, it features side shows created by small times creators.

This generous practice of Gomiso lets us watch exotic high-quality side shows created by up-and-coming creators.

GoMiso, DirectTV, Check-ins

What sets Gomiso apart from other Streaming services is its innovation and flexibility. I dare you to name another streaming platform that lets you connect your DirectTV and do virtual check-ins.

By adding your DirectTV with your Gomiso, you can watch all your favorite shows on your Gomiso app. And when you are at it, might as well do the virtual check-in to let the world know what you have been up to.

GoMiso is a community itself

With Gomiso in your pocket, you don’t need to go to Reddit, or IMDB to know whether the show you intend to watch is worth it.

GoMiso has a huge loyal and friendly community of satisfied users who are always ready to aid you in your time of confusion. Before you start watching a show, you can see what the community has to say about it.

The cool thing is when someone is saying something, you can take their word for it because these are not some random strangers on the internet. These are verified users who have already watched the show, and their badges and points can vouch for them.

Now ask yourself, is there any other online streaming platform out there that lets you engage with your friends and family, provides AI-based search features, track and organize your watch list, earn points and badges, watch exotic sideshows, provide a highly active community all at the same time? Make the smart move. Switch to Gomiso!

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