Did you know that 46% of consumers said reliability is one attribute they look for in a brand or retailer?

If you’re a business owner, it’s not enough to just ship your items. You need to make sure that your packages are getting to customers reliably.

Here’s how to ensure your fragile shipping arrives safely at its destination.

Use the Right Boxes


The type of box you use will depend on how fragile your products are. For example, if you’re shipping glassware or other breakable items, you’ll want to use a box that’s designed for such items.

The same goes for items with sharp corners or edges. You should ship these in boxes designed to protect them from damage.

Use Protective Materials

The best way to protect a fragile item is to use bubble wrap, packing paper, packing peanuts, or other types of protective material around it. This will keep the item from shifting around inside its container and provide extra cushioning against bumps and knocks.

If you’re shipping something small enough that doesn’t need much room inside the box, consider using air pillows instead of bubble wrap. These are lighter and easier on the budget than traditional packing materials.

You can read this blog on packing paper for more ideas to secure your products for transit.

Ship Fragile Products

Buy Extra Insurance

If you’re shipping an item that’s likely to break in transit, it’s a good idea to purchase extra insurance coverage. That way, if anything happens to your package during shipment, you aren’t responsible for paying for the damage or loss of merchandise.

You can purchase insurance through the company you’re using to ship your items. For example, if you’re shipping with UPS or FedEx, they will offer insurance coverage for some items.

If you’re shipping with another service, such as the US Postal Service, they may not offer insurance. In this case, you can purchase extra coverage from a third-party provider.

Get Tracking Numbers

Before shipping any packages containing fragile items, ensure you have tracking numbers. This is so you can monitor their progress once they’re on their way to their destination locations.


If something goes wrong, you’ll need the tracking number to check in with your carrier. You can also use tracking numbers to make sure your items arrive when they’re supposed to so that you can notify customers of any delays or changes in delivery times.

Fragile Shipping: This Is How to Get Your Items to Their Destination

Fragile shipping is not as difficult to deal with as it seems at first glance. It can be quite easy once you know how to protect your fragile items from any damage, whether they’re going across the country or the world.

The difference between safe and damaged fragile items can be a matter of preparation and making use of existing packaging methods. These are some great ways to keep your fragile shipments protected and intact. SupremeX can be a great option for purchasing the right packaging for your shipping needs, but it’s still important to source your materials from a reputable box and envelope supplier to guarantee the safety and security of your shipments.

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