For the last 6 months, we have been focused on making it fun and easy to share what you watch with your friends. This has been mostly about the check-in.

But we wanted Miso to be more than just checking in. We want to change the way you watch TV — to make it better, more fun, and more social. So today we are taking our first big step in this direction with a brand new update to our website.

Below is a video and list of highlights, but check it out for yourself.

– Connect with TV Fans. Comment on shows, engage in a dialogue, share interesting links, and easily see what your friends have posted.
– Follow Shows. Following a show brings comments and related news back to your home page stream.
– More Points. The more you contribute on Miso the more points you get it.
– New Notification System. When friends check-in or comment you’ll get real time notifications on the web.
– Send Private Messages. Sent messages to your friends and other Miso users – just like email — all within Miso!

More of these features are coming soon to iPhone, iPad, and Android. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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