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Ivana Carina
about 9 hoursReply
The Lottery (2014)

“Checked in to The Lottery (2014), S01E01 Pilot”

Ivana Carina
about 9 hoursReply
Halt and Catch Fire

“Checked in to Halt and Catch Fire, S01E08 The 214s”

Ivana Carina
about 11 hoursReply

“Checked in to Unforgettable, S03E04 Cashing Out”

Ivana Carina
about 14 hoursReply
Witches of East End

“Checked in to Witches of East End, S02E03 The Old Man and the Key”

Ivana Carina
about 16 hoursReply
Major Crimes

“Checked in to Major Crimes, S03E07 Two Options”

Ivana Carina
about 18 hoursReply
Under the Dome

“Checked in to Under the Dome, S02E04 Revelation”

Ivana Carina
Satisfaction (2014)

“Checked in to Satisfaction (2014), S01E01 Pilot”

Ivana Carina
1 dayReply
Rush (2014)

“Checked in to Rush (2014), S01E01 Pilot”

Ivana Carina
Black Box (2014)

“Checked in to Black Box (2014), S01E11 Emotion”

Ivana Carina
Falling Skies

“Checked in to Falling Skies, S04E05 Mind Wars”

Ivana Carina
The Last Ship

“Checked in to The Last Ship, S01E05 El Toro”

The Honourable Woman

“Checked in to The Honourable Woman, S01E03 The Killing Call”

Ivana Carina
The Honourable Woman

“Checked in to The Honourable Woman, S01E01 The Empty Chair (again) y The Honourable Woman, S01E02 The Unfaithful Husband”

Ivana Carina

“Checked in to Dominion, S01E05 Something Borrowed”

Ivana Carina
5 daysReply

“Checked in to Perception, S03E05 Eternity”

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