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Ivana Carina
Witches of East End

“Checked in to Witches of East End, S02E09 Smells Like King Spirit”

Ivana Carina
about 5 hoursReply

“Checked in to Haven, S05E02 Speak No Evil”

Ivana Carina
about 18 hoursReply
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

“I loved it! :D
Checked in to The Hunger Games: Catching Fire”

Ivana Carina
about 22 hoursReply
The Lottery (2014)

“Checked in to The Lottery (2014), S01E08 Truth Be Told”

Ivana Carina
about 23 hoursReply
The Bridge (2013)

“Checked in to The Bridge (2013), S02E11 Beholder”

Ivana Carina
about 24 hoursReply
The Strain

“Checked in to The Strain, S01E10 Loved Ones”

Ivana Carina
1 dayReply

“Checked in to Extant, S01E13 Ascension - #SeasonFinale”

Ivana Carina
Z Nation

“Esperando a The Walking Dead. (?) :P
Checked in to Z Nation, S01E01 Puppies and Kittens”

Ivana Carina
3 daysReply
Under the Dome

“Checked in to Under the Dome, S02E12 Turn. Uno más y termina esta season que prometía y cumplió. ;)”

Ivana Carina
Satisfaction (2014)

“Checked in to Satisfaction (2014), S01E09 ...Through Revelation”

Ivana Carina
5 daysReply
Rush (2014)

“Checked in to Rush (2014), S01E09 Dirty Work”

Ivana Carina
Hot In Cleveland

“Checked in to Hot In Cleveland, S05E24 The Bachelors”

Ivana Carina
Hot In Cleveland

“Checked in to Hot In Cleveland, S05E23 Don Elka”

Ivana Carina

“Checked in to Intruders, S01E03 Time Has Come Today”

Ivana Carina
5 daysReply
Doctor Who

“Checked in to Doctor Who, S08E04 Listen”

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