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Kevin Bechaz
Kevin Bechaz checked in to Jaws 2
2 daysReply
Jaws 2

“While it caters to a younger audience it's a solid sequel to the classic original. This time upping the body count with a far more menacing a monstrous shark, however the lower budget is noticeable at times and there is a lack of suspense. ”

Kevin Bechaz
Kevin Bechaz checked in to Rush
2 daysReply

“The dynamic dramatisation of the captivating rivalry between Formula One drivers James Hunt and Niki Lauda during the 1976 F1 season. It's just as good the second time and translates well to home cinema. Make sure you pump the volume! ”

Kevin Bechaz
Kevin Bechaz checked in to Parenthood
8 daysReply

“A sweet and heart-warming story about the pressures of family life that offers a well-crafted balance of comedy and drama. Although silly at times, its depiction of the struggles that come with being a parent are realistic.”

Kevin Bechaz
9 daysReply
Night Of The Demons

“A traditional demonic/creepy old house spook-fest with a modern (80s) flare. Although rather silly it manages to entertain with cheesy dialogue, great atmosphere, impressive make-up effects and cliché characters. ”

Kevin Bechaz
11 daysReply
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

“An amazing ground breaking achievements in film-making that beautifully combines live cinema with animation in the style of a classic Hollywood film noir from the 40s. Catering to a large audience offering humour, mystery and impressive visuals. ”

Kevin Bechaz
Kevin Bechaz checked in to End of Watch
13 daysReply
End of Watch

“An emotionally intense and realistic depiction of the daily grind for two young LA patrol officers. The documentary style greatly enhances the experience, allowing the viewer to feel the sensations felt by the characters while on duty. ”

Kevin Bechaz
Kevin Bechaz checked in to Bernie
16 daysReply

“Quirky and darkly comedic in its portrayal of the bizarre real-life events that continues to divide opinion. The documentary style shows us the many different attitudes within a small community as well as celebrating the way of life. ”

Kevin Bechaz
Kevin Bechaz checked in to Shame
16 daysReply

“A thought provoking and provocative portrait of uncontrollable desire and indulgence that combines sexuality with self-destruction. Artistic in style and direction using raw emotion over spoken dialogue to convey feeling and true expression. ”

Kevin Bechaz
Kevin Bechaz checked in to Cyborg
18 daysReply

“An underwhelming post-apocalyptic action sci-fi that suffers greatly from a very noticeable low budget, a bland story and poor performances. The exception being the main antagonist who is intimidating and frightening. ”

Kevin Bechaz
Kevin Bechaz checked in to Another Earth
19 daysReply
Another Earth

“A simple story of love and forgiveness set against the most extraordinary of events that provokes thought about the direction and decisions made in one's life. Unique in it's concept and visual style; equally sad and beautiful. ”

Kevin Bechaz
19 daysReply
The Night of the Hunter

“An extraordinary film that's so many things. A haunting and beautiful film noir thriller as well as a nightmarish fairy tale endured by two innocent children. Exquisite art direction and cinematography provide a dream like atmosphere.”

Kevin Bechaz
Kevin Bechaz checked in to The Stuff
22 daysReply
The Stuff

“A poorly made throw back to films like The Blob. It's so abysmal it can only be laughed at. However it does make a valid point about mass consumerism but that would suggest intelligent thought went into this film. The mind boggles! ”

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Joseph Kucukdurgut
Joseph Kucukdurgut replied on Kevin Bechaz's link
22 days

guys come on this movie was clearly made by some kind of sub-intelligent alien species in an effort to comprehend human behavior show it some sympathy

Joel  Clarkson
Joel Clarkson replied on Kevin Bechaz's link
22 days

Oh look at that. We've got a comedian.

Kevin Bechaz
Kevin Bechaz checked in to The Interview
23 daysReply
The Interview

“A deeply psychological duel between suspect and detective in a classic film nor style set against a gothic backdrop that serves to represent the dark corners of the human mind. Captivating and completely ambiguous. ”

Kevin Bechaz
25 daysReply
Monster on the Campus

“As a fan of Jack Arnold this would be the weakest I've seen. The concept isn't very original and the plot felt very dull and routine. It's doesn't provoke any interesting thoughts or ideas unlike 'It Came From Outer Space'. ”

Kevin Bechaz
Kevin Bechaz checked in to Jersey Boys
25 daysReply
Jersey Boys

“An entertaining streetwise musical biopic that’s brilliantly adapted to the screen with the same explosive level of energy from the stage show. Eastwood captures the spirit with an exceptional cast of performers. ”

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