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WrestleMania features professional wrestling matches that involve different wrestlers from pre-existing feuds, plots and storylines that play out on WWE's primary television programs. Wrestlers portray villains... Read More


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Jordan Owens
about 1 monthReply
Jordan Owens
Scott Smith
WWE WrestleMania

“Got the DVD set as a gift. So, I outwitted WWE. I didn't pay for the WWE Network, and I didn't pay for this DVD! lol”

Alejandro García
WWE WrestleMania

“muchisimo tiempo sin ver la lucha libre y en esta precisamente le quitaron la racha a undertaker :(”

Jaime Trimmel
Adnan Behbehani
Luis Moreno
Fife TV Junkie
WWE WrestleMania

“A great watch on the second time around. The taker mach was a lot better knowing the outcome. Best mania in a least 3-4 years, and will be the bench mark for at least a few years!! 8/10”

Scott Smith
Scott Smith replied on Fife TV Junkie's link
5 months

sad we lost Ultimate Warrior last night.

Fife TV Junkie
Fife TV Junkie replied on Fife TV Junkie's link
5 months

I know its so scary. His promo on Raw just seems so eerie, as if he knew he was living on borrowed time...

Fife TV Junkie
WWE WrestleMania

“Given recent events, it seems the right time for a rewatch....”

WWE WrestleMania

“a caso”

WWE WrestleMania

“Bye bye streak!”


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