Sibling Ribaldry (Part 1) Edit

Aired on: Mon Sep 22 2008 Edit

Fiona wants to terminate her dullest patient, Jerome- until he reveals a sensational and, for Fiona, a potentially profitable family secret. Edit


Lisa Kudrow, Victor Garber, Tim Bagley, Dan Bucatinsky, Jennifer Elise Cox, Lily Tomlin, Maulik Pancholy.

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Janitra Ayu
Web Therapy

Rated it 2 out of 5 stars ★★☆☆☆

“Dos estrellas y me invitas a Chelsy Lately”

'Psyko' Luis Mancilla
Web Therapy

“Tiene buenos invitados aveces ... No siempre es graciosa como ellos creen... ”

Norman Sianturi
Muna Dib Paz
Nilo Seijas
Web Therapy

“Pa matat el tiempo en la tienda.”

Zane Pommere
Web Therapy

“Shes just not a good therapist, but so funny.”

Elinora French
Web Therapy

“I wish I had a therapist like Fiona... Not! LOL”

Pablo Troncoso Uriarte
Web Therapy

“dudo que haya peor psicologa que Fiona xDDD”

almost 2 yearsReply

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