The Stalking Dead Edit

Aired on: Wed Apr 11 2012 Edit

When the country's biggest pop star (Lady Hoo-Ha) turns into a zombie, millions of her devoted fans follow suit; Mark befriends one of the new zombies and Randall is forced to deal with his jealousy issues. Edit


Voices: Matt Oberg as Mark Lilly, Kurt Metzger as Randall Skeffington, Natasha Leggero as Callie Maggotbone, Randy Pearlstein as Leonard Powers, Michael-Leon Wooley as Twayne Boneraper, and Larry Murphy as... Read More

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Raúl Aguado
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Ugly Americans

“Lady Hoo Ha!! Unborn this way xD And Rihanna Foxy xD”

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Rafael Vargas
Wonka Campos
Fionn Kirwan
Carlos Lee
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Adnan Aga
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Mitch Watt
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Rodrigo Vizcaíno
Gabriel Millerd
Ugly Americans

“Watched on XBMC - Gomiso plugin”

Sandy John Richardson
Ugly Americans

“I am watching Ugly Americans”

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