Aired on: Mon Jun 04 2012 Edit

In the final episode, the chefs are faced with a surprise twist. Guest judge is renown master of contemporary Indian cuisine, Vikram Vij Edit


Hosts: Thea Andrews (season 1), Lisa Ray (seasons 2 and 3). The head judge (the position held by Tom Colicchio on the original version) is Mark McEwan, chef and owner of several restaurants in Toronto and host of... Read More

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Christine S.
about 2 yearsReply
Carlos M
over 2 yearsReply
Top Chef Canada

“Season Finale!!!! Awesome!!”

over 2 yearsReply
over 2 yearsReply
Top Chef Canada

“1.5 hr finale. One of the last three eliminated contestants is cooking their way back into the competition. Still rooting for Ottawa's (Sidedoor's) Jonathan to take the whole thing.”

Marq replied on Marq's link
over 2 years

Worthy winner but disappointed the local guy couldn't pull it out - especially since I've had variations of 3 out of the 4 dishes he prepared for his final meal on the show. The caramel-lime glazed pork belly with mango slaw is especially amazing.

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