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The Antoinette Perry Award for Excellence in Theatre, more commonly known as a Tony Award, recognizes achievement in live Broadway theatre. The awards are presented by the American Theatre Wing and The Broadway... Read More


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Tony Awards

“Hugh Jackman aced it”

Lucia Cl
Tony Awards

“Hugh Jackman non si può portare a casa vero?”

Alice Franzoi
Tony Awards

“Neil Patrick Harris is so talented! "I share this with you...not really!" LOOOL I missed him as the host! The perfection of Sutton Foster *O* How I wish I could tap!! Jennifer the goddess Hudson!! ”

Tony Awards


Chantaal E
Mickey Asteriou
2 monthsReply
Tony Awards

“68th Tony Awards (2014)”

tikky checked in to Tony Awards
2 monthsReply
Tony Awards
Checked in to Tony Awards
Alessio Garbin
Greg Schwartz
Tony Awards

“Cómo me gustan los Tony, en espectacularidad no les gana ninguna gala. Encima te encuentras con actores que parecían desaparecidos porque estaban haciendo teatro y ves a CINDY LAUPER GANAR

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Celiacruyff replied on Celiacruyff's link
about 1 year

Yo de esto no entiendo pero la música de El Fantasma de la Ópera ha envejecido mal (aunque reconozco que siempre me pareció un musical bastante hornera)

Celiacruyff replied on Celiacruyff's link
about 1 year

hornera no, hortera XD

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