Aired on: Sun Mar 28 1999 Edit

Tony is more depressed than ever over Pussy's disappearance. He increases his medication and this causes him to have hallucinations of a beautiful Italian girl living next door. Meanwhile, Junior and Mikey send... Read More


James Gandolfini, Edie Falco, Lorraine Bracco, Michael Imperioli, Dominic Chianese, Tony Sirico, Steven Van Zandt, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Robert Iler, Aida Turturro, Drea de Matteo, Steve Schrippa, Vincent Pastore,... Read More

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therwis Yups
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Joseph Kucukdurgut
The Sopranos

“absolutely beautiful direction in this episode this truly is one of the best shows ever made”

oneday one
23 daysReply
about 1 monthReply
about 1 monthReply
The Sopranos

“Have some Mormons over the dinner. Eat some tomatoes that have no taste.”

Ferran Invernón Giménez
rafael motamayor
about 1 monthReply
The Sopranos

“La primera mitad estuvo medio aburrida, pero después del ataque a Tony se puso interesante. WTF con ese final”

about 1 monthReply
about 1 monthReply
The Sopranos

“La Cucinotta?!”

Elisa Susini
Elisa Susini replied on Bruno's link
about 1 month


David Kurdadze
2 monthsReply
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Simone Frigerio
4 monthsReply
5 monthsReply
The Sopranos

“Don't touch our Pussy!”

5 monthsReply

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