The Monkees

  • The Monkees on Tour

    The Monkees on Tour Edit this episode

    Season 1, Episode 32 - Aired 04/24/1967

    For the first season finale of The Monkees TV series, David Jones opens the show with a special thanks and appreciation to the devout Monkee fans for their loyal support during the show's past year. The other three Monkees, dressed as elderly bearded men, arrive to carry him out of the room to have him help them across the street. The show then departs from its story format to present films of a Monkees concert in Phoenix, Arizona on January 21, 1967. At a heliport, mobs of excited teenagers await the arrival of The Monkees on their first personal appearance tour following their NBC-TV series' stunningly successful first season on the air. Here is an intimate view of the combo, thrilled by the first real contact with their fans. From preconcert jitters to postconcert elation, this amazing episode show's each boys' triumph, and records his past fears and present doubts, as they horse around (literally!) at a corral, clown around at a mall, chase swans, and yuk it up at a restaurant. On

  • The Monkees at the Movies (a.k.a. The Monkees in the Movies)

    The Monkees at the Movies (a.k.a. The Monkees in the Movies) Edit this episode

    Season 1, Episode 31 - Aired 04/17/1967

    Watching The Monkees hop on the hot beach in their bare feet, Luther Kramm, Hollywood producer-director, decides they are typical teenagers and hires them as extras for his new beach movie, I Married A Creature From Out Of Town, which, as Kramm explains, is ""a message picture, and the message is: if we don't finish it in 10 days we're in trouble!"" Squelching his fawning assistant Philo, Kramm goes to work on the film starring a bevy of beauties and teen idol Frankie Catalina, a hapless, hopeless, narcissistic deadbeat who couldn't sing, feared the ocean, was allergic to girls, and resorted to reading lines from cuecards. Spoiled punk rotten by success and bright lights, Frankie takes an immediate dislike to The Monkees during a shoot of a volleyball game sequence. Outraged when he belittles them, The Monkees strike back and slyly spoil every one of Frankie's scenes by applying monster makeup to his face, switching his cuecards and speeding up and slowing down a record to which he lip-s

  • The Monkees in Manhattan (a.k.a. The Monkees Manhattan Style)

    The Monkees in Manhattan (a.k.a. The Monkees Manhattan Style) Edit this episode

    Season 1, Episode 30 - Aired 04/10/1967

    In hi-jinks reminiscent of an old Marx Bros. routine (Room Service [RKO, 1938]), The Monkees arrive in The Big Apple via The Blimline (""It's Such a Pleasure to Take Blim and Leave the Driving to Them"") for a new rock ‘n' roll musical. The boys book in at The Compton Plaza Hotel and, in room 304, find their producer, Mackinley Baker, being evicted by Weatherwax, the hotel manager, for non-payment of rent. Weatherwax informs Buntz, his desk clerk, which, in an hour, a big shot from a rabbit breeder's convention will be given Baker's room. The conventioneer, inebriated and holding two rabbits, waits in the hotel bar, drinking and chatting with barmaids. Trying to hold the room until noon, when Baker returns with money from his backer, Micky, Mike and Peter stall the manager and the house doctor by claiming that Peter has the plague. Weatherwax tries to starve them out, but the boys get the staff on their side by promising them parts in their show. Weatherwax and Buntz summon the house det

  • The Monkees Get Out More Dirt

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    Season 1, Episode 29 - Aired 04/03/1967

    As they do their wash, the fabulous four each fall for April Conquest, who runs a laundromat while working for a degree in laundry science. As the boys stand dazed muttering ""soap!"" Wally Cox arm wrestles with an arm sticking out of a washing machine. At the pad, they split, fibbing to each other about going other places, and they all wind up at the laundromat with April. Dr. Lorene Sisters, who solves problems on TV, advises that the way to win a girl is to have the hobby she likes. On the phone, Mike finds that April is fond of cycling, Micky, ballet, Peter, chamber music and Davy, pop art. At the laundromat, each tries to outdo the other as Mike pedals, Micky prances, Davy splashes paint, and Peter helms a bicycle piano—all to the tune of the ""(Theme from) The Monkees""—until they collide. A musical sequence set to ""A Girl I Knew Somewhere"" has each mad Monkee going his own wild way of how to woo and win April; the romp ends with the boys putting the moves on each other in white-clea

  • The Monkees on the Line

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    Season 1, Episode 28 - Aired 03/27/1967

    Believing their massive dearth of gigs is because of missed phone calls, The Monkees approach Mrs. Drehdal, on The Urgent Answering Service, for a special rate. She instead persuades them to take over the switchboard while she goes on vacation in Jamaica, warning them not to get involved with clients. While Mike is on the first shift, he presses a red button which triggers a red bed emerging from a wall (Drehdal says it's for when one gets tired!). In-between a barrage of phone messages, he intercepts a call from Ellen Farnsby, a histrionic thespian, indicating that she is thinking of suicide. Mike becomes very confused and worn-out from attempting to locate Ellen's signal within excessive ringing phones and incoming messages, and Davy, Micky and Peter, dressed as surgeons, revive him with a sprits of seltzer water. Mike and Micky rushes off to stop Ellen, while Davy and Peter take over the phones. Davy gets a call asking Mr. Smith to call Zelda Baby; finding the Smith phone out of ord

  • Monkee Mother

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    Season 1, Episode 27 - Aired 03/20/1967

    Mr. Babbitt, the landlord, tells The Monkees, who are far behind in their rent, that a new tenant is moving in. The boys realize he isn't fooling when Milly Rudnick arrives with suitcases, a parrot and a poodle, both stuffed. When the boys protest Milly's presence, she asks them to stay on as boarders. Larry, a moving man, delivers Milly's furniture and she sets the boys to work helping him. Milly settles down in The Monkees' pad, making a sweater for Mike (whom she mistakenly refers to as Micky), urging Micky to fix the kitchen sink, and preparing gourmet meals for the boys. The Monkees later sing ""Sometime in the Morning"" to convince Millie's notion that all modern music isn't music. As The Monkees represent the fall of Southeast Asia with dominoes, Milly, a born matchmaker, meets Clarisse Rawlings at the supermarket and brings her home for Davy. Just then, Judy, Milly's sister, and her husband Arthur arrive with their four children, dressed as GIs and playing ""army."" When Micky trie

  • Monkee Chow Mein

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    Season 1, Episode 26 - Aired 03/13/1967

    The Monkees dine in Dragonman's China Boy Club Chinese restaurant, a front for spies who hide messages in fortune cookies. Peter takes fortune cookies and puts them in a doggy bag, and he takes a cookie containing part of the formula for a ""Doomsday Bug,"" a vicious green-spotted, hairy-legged, 200-eyed germ cell! The boys, having eluded pursuit of Asian Triad agents, are quickly apprehended by CIS operative Agent Modell for picking up stolen security info. At CIS HQ, Modell interrogates the boys until Inspector Blount, impressed with his obtaining the formula Peter picked up, lets the boys off. He reports The Doomsday Bug is the CIS' warfare branch's most powerful chemical, and they have been trying to learn the ID of the master of the spy ring (the #2 man being The Dragonman), but the boys refuse to help catch the spies, despite the Inspector's warning of impending danger. Coming for Peter, Toto and Chang abduct Mr. Schnieder, the toy dummy. They come back for Peter, but this time abd

  • Alias Micky Dolenz

    Alias Micky Dolenz Edit this episode

    Season 1, Episode 25 - Aired 03/06/1967

    When Micky is beaten up by a hood named Tony Ferano, Mike persuades him to report it to the police. The Captain is stunned by Mick's resemblance to Baby Face Morales, the most vicious killer in America, who's in jail. Because they neither captured Baby Face's mob nor did they recover the loot, The Captain asks Micky to help capture both by impersonating Baby Face. Micky refuses at first, but changes his mind when he narrowly escapes a drive-by shooting triggered by Tony and his gangster mob. After Micky goes to Baby Face's cell to learn all of his ""mannerisms"" (and, in the process, nearly gets strangled by B.F. for accidentally hitting him!), The Captain orders Micky to contact Baby Face's friends at The Purple Pelican, a local dive, and learn where they hide. There at The Pelican, Ruby, an aging showgirl who doubles as Baby Face's moll, thinks Micky is Baby Face and promises to help him, but Tony, the new boss, along with his torpedoes Muggsy Ruckyzer and Vince, insists that Baby Face

  • Monkees a'La Mode

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    Season 1, Episode 24 - Aired 02/27/1967

    Madame Quagmeyer, editor of Chic Magazine, selects The Monkees as the subjects of the annual Young America issue. The next morning, The Monkees, at home during breakfast, read an issue of Chic which they received in the mail and its adjoining letter which says they've been chosen as The Typical Young Americans Of The Year; not long after, Rob Roy Fingerhead, an aesthetic photographer, and Toby Willis, a young editorial assistant, both sent by Madame Q, arrives. Rob Roy views Davy, Micky, Mike and Peter and their surroundings with extreme distaste; Davy and Micky, with a hatchet and a lantern, respectively, proceed to demonstrate that the pad contains artifacts of great historical significance. The boys, since they believe young people aren't at all typical, don't feel they are right for the magazine article, but Toby persuades them that this is their chance to become famous. At the Chic magazine offices, the boys are greeted by Madame Q and interviewed by three sophisticated college gi

  • Captain Crocodile

    Captain Crocodile Edit this episode

    Season 1, Episode 23 - Aired 02/20/1967

    Appearing on ""The Captain Crocodile Show,"" The Monkees get cream pies in the face and refuse to perform. They decide to take it up with Junior Pinter, the 12 year-old executive in charge, who wants them to appear on ""The Captain Crocodile Show"" on a regular basis. Having put through a call to his father, the network president (who gave him the show for his birthday!), vacationing in Sidney, Australia, Junior guarantees The Monkees there'll be no more pies in the face and will be given the chance to perform. Having received a memo from Junior, Captain Crocodile fears the competition, and instructs his yes-man, Howard Needleman, to spring into action and make sure The Monkees' second appearance is a disaster. On the show, The Monkees are prevented from singing at every turn by a wavy camera, a fish net, and an explosive-laced bass drum. To worsen matters, when Mike threatens to quit, The Monkees finally get the go-ahead to perform—""Valleri""—and learn to their dismay that the show had bee

  • The Monkees at the Circus

    The Monkees at the Circus Edit this episode

    Season 1, Episode 22 - Aired 02/13/1967

    The Monkees invade Pop Arcade's small circus and fool around with its equipment, until Victor, a maniacal knife thrower, sadistically uses Davy as a target and orders the boys to leave. The boys soon learn that Pop's circus is about to fold because he can't pay the performers. Davy falls in love with Susan, Pop's young daughter. He persuades all of the acts to stay, except Victor, who broods that the rock-and-roll discotheques are the major contribution to the circus' downfall, and the boys don't disclose their identity to Susan, presenting themselves as brain surgeons. In a dream sequence, Peter, Micky, Mike and Davy don the guise of, respectively, a ringleader, a lion tamer and his lion, and an acrobat as they take part in a wacky circus scene; after which they overhear Victor declaring that he has persuaded the troupe to sign an ultimatum threatening to quit unless they receive their back pay. The Monkees break in, clad as aerialists. Posing as Amazing, Incredible, Colossal, and Stu

  • The Prince and the Pauper

    The Prince and the Pauper Edit this episode

    Season 1, Episode 21 - Aired 02/06/1967

    A spoof of the Mark Twain novel: ""The Prince and the Pauper"". When The Monkees audition for an Embassy Ball, Count Myron and his aide Max realize that Davy is a double for Prince Ludlow, 17 year-old heir apparent to the throne. The prince tells Davy that, according to the terms of his nation's constitution, if he is not wed before his 18th birthday, the throne will pass to Count Myron. As they fence, Count Myron and Max are impressed by their scheme to keep Ludlow single by keeping him away from all women and the ones who pay no mind to them will be driven off by the prince's shyness. Myron tells Max he has told Wendy Forsythe, who met Ludlow on the Riviera and took a liking to him, that the prince was a sly, malicious, sadistic pathological liar, in hopes of discouraging her from marrying him. Fortunately, this scheme proves to be a fatal flop, for Wendy comes to see the prince, and is announced by the Courtier, who has a habit of breaking his cane. Too shy to meet her, Ludlow asks Da

  • The Monkees in the Ring

    The Monkees in the Ring Edit this episode

    Season 1, Episode 20 - Aired 01/30/1967

    The fight game gets its lumps in this episode. Walking down the street, Davy chides Peter about his leaving a trail of pistachio nuts across the city (""Y'know, if you committed a crime, the police'd find you in 2 minutes!""). Peter apologizes and goes back to pick up the litter of nuts, when suddenly he bumps into a bully. The bully makes ready to slug Peter when Davy intervenes and accidentally subdues him with a light tap on the chin. Joey Sholto, a fight racketeer, bears witness and tells Davy he can become a world champ. Davy's mates feel they'd rather see him alive and well than rich and famous, but Davy goes along with Sholto, and adopts the sobriquet ""Dynamite Davy Jones."" Joey tells Vernon, an ex-boxing champ turned hood that he'll arrange a series of setups for Davy; when he fights the champion, they'll bet against Davy and make a killing when he loses. In a romp set to ""Laugh,"" Davy is put through a rough training regimen and goes on a boxing tour—where every bout he competes

  • Find the Monkees (a.k.a. The Audition)

    Find the Monkees (a.k.a. The Audition) Edit this episode

    Season 1, Episode 19 - Aired 01/23/1967

    Every local group in the neighborhood—The Four Martians, The Foreign Agents, and The Jolly Green Giants—drop in on The Monkees beach pad to tell them the great news: they have been invited to a TV audition by Hubbell Benson, a TV producer. Sad because Benson hasn't asked them to audition, the boys decide to send him a recording, but Micky has left the tape in a rented recorder. Benson's secretary, Irene Chomsky, accidentally rents the very same machine, and when Benson hears the tape of The Monkees singing ""Mary, Mary,"" he wants to hire them but doesn't know who or where they are! The Monkees go to Benson's office at KNBC-TV studios, but Peter gets the hiccups. Davy and Micky's attempts to cure him result in his contracting seasickness and hay fever. By the time Peter is cured, Benson has left for the Missing Persons bureau, where its secretary gets a hassle searching for a pencil. The Monkees decide to go right up to Benson's office and see him personally, but Peter suffers a hiccup r

  • I Was a Teenage Monster

    I Was a Teenage Monster Edit this episode

    Season 1, Episode 18 - Aired 01/16/1967

    This parody on teenage horror flicks finds The Monkees hired by mad scientist Dr, Mendoza, at a Gothic mansion on Rosebud Lane. In Mendoza's lab, the doctor plans to turn a seven foot monster into the world's greatest rock and roll singer. The Monkees try to leave, but decide to stay and teach the monster the art of rock and roll for $200. That night, Groot, the valet, takes them to their room where they meet the mad doctor's beautiful daughter in a closet (who claims to have nothing to do with this episode, as she is in the sequel). While watching a horror movie about brain transplants, the boys disappear one by one and find themselves strapped to boards in the basement lab. The doctor tells them he plans to transplant their musical prowess into the monster's body, and proceeds with the operation, sparkling the place with electrical vibrations. When it stops, The Monkees find they can't sing, while the monster has all the talent. Mike threatens to go to the police, but Dr. Mendoza tou

  • The Case of the Missing Monkee

    The Case of the Missing Monkee Edit this episode

    Season 1, Episode 17 - Aired 01/09/1967

    At a French restaurant, The Monkees play at a testimonial dinner for Professor Milo Schnitzler, a nuclear scientist, who delivers a speech. The guest of honor hands Peter a note saying that he is being taken to The Remington Clinic, a rest home. After giving the note to Mike, Peter is knocked unconscious, and is dragged off, too. Worried about Peter's disappearance, Mike takes out the note that Peter gave to him. The Monkees set out for The Remington Clinic, where they ask a nurse of the whereabouts of Peter, but she tells them to go to a policeman. Micky, Mike and Davy take a policeman to the French restaurant where Peter was seen last, but it has been altered to resemble The Orient, with Dr. Marcovich, a master spy, disguised as a Chinese waiter. The boys try to smuggle Davy in, disguised as an accident victim, but fail again, and Davy consumes a cough drop that induces spells of singing and dancing to the tune of ""Old Folks at Home (Way Down Upon the Swanee River)."" The three climb

  • The Son of a Gypsy

    The Son of a Gypsy Edit this episode

    Season 1, Episode 16 - Aired 12/26/1966

    Maria, a gypsy, her Grumchek sons, Marco, Kiko, Zeppo and Rocco, and The Monkees audition to play at a party at Madame Rantha's mansion. The gypsies are furious when The Monkees are chosen over them, since they hoped to steal Rantha's Maltese Vulture, a jewel-encrusted statuette. Maria tells The Monkees that there are no hard feelings and invites them to their gypsy camp. There, The Monkees deck out in gypsy clothing, Marco gives each Monkee a good luck charm, and the boys are initiated into the camp. Rocco shows Micky the fine arts of predicting the future via tealeaves, Marco shows Davy how to fight with a switchblade, Kiko teaches Peter a lesson in gypsy dancing and Zeppo instructs Mike on phrenology (i.e., the reading of bumps on one's head), and before they are finished, Micky drinks a mug of tea spiked with a potion which renders him unconscious, Davy is used as a knife throwing target, Peter is wrapped up in lace, and Mike is knocked cold. Finally bound hand and foot and threate

  • Too Many Girls (a.k.a. Davy and Fern)

    Too Many Girls (a.k.a. Davy and Fern) Edit this episode

    Season 1, Episode 15 - Aired 12/19/1966

    The Monkees are in their pad rehearsing ""(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone"", but David's girl-induced, catatonic trance continuously disrupts them. He vows no more girls, but everywhere they look, there are more girls staring longingly at him: one holding Michael's guitar, one hiding in their fridge, and another standing on a chair. Micky, Michael and Peter shoo them out, but David finds himself in a harem-like state surrounded by the same girls. The Monkees travel by Monkeemobile and see Mrs. Badderly, a gypsy tea room owner, who decides that David is the key to her daughter Fern's success in show business. Mrs. Badderly makes two predictions about Michael about to have a flat tire and Peter's coming down with a 24-hour virus, and Fern Badderly, with the able use of some pepper and a nail, makes them come true. Then, Badderly predicts David will fall in love within 24 hours and leave his friends. When The Monkees leave, Michael sees The Monkeemobile's right front tire is flat and Peter st

  • Dance, Monkees, Dance

    Dance, Monkees, Dance Edit this episode

    Season 1, Episode 14 - Aired 12/12/1966

    When a correct answer to a really tough trivia question (""Who was the 8th President of The United States of America?"") wins Peter a free dancing lesson (valued @ $12.98 [?!]) at the Renaldo's Dance Au Go Go school, the boss, Renaldo, and his shapely aide, Miss Buntwell, trick him into signing a lifetime contract. Davy, Micky and Mike are concerned about Peter's dancing his way to the poorhouse; when Peter declares his tearing up the contract won't get him convicted in any court, they all take part in a hilarious fictitious courtroom scene. Davy, Micky and Mike don robes and wigs as the defense attorney, the prosecutor, and the judge, respectively; and Peter is grilled ruthlessly by prosecutor Micky, hit over the head by Judge Mike's gavel, and eventually found guilty! Returned to reality, Micky (incognito as Peter's solicitor who claims Peter has ""ballpointitis,"" a need to sign long-term contracts!) and Mike try to break Peter's contract but are instead tricked into signing similar con

  • One Man Shy (a.k.a. Peter and the Debutante)

    One Man Shy (a.k.a. Peter and the Debutante) Edit this episode

    Season 1, Episode 13 - Aired 12/05/1966

    Snobbish Ronnie Farnsworth disapproves when debutante Valerie Cartwright hires The Monkees to play at her coming-out party. Peter falls in love with Valerie, but, unable to express his feelings, steals her portrait. In a reworking of Cyrano De Bergerac, Micky, Mike and Davy scream affectionate phrases which Peter lip-synchs to Valerie up above in her balcony—eventually winding up with Peter being slugged by the groundskeeper. Ronnie finds the portrait at The Monkees pad and tries to contact the authorities; ""You do, and I'll be sorry!"" screams Micky in retort. Although Val foils Ron's attempts to give them up, The Monkees decide they must put Ron in his place before he gets them. Soooooooo, Davy, Mike and Micky, donning disguises as a waiter, a park man, and a toy salesman, respectively, appear wherever Ron and Val are together, each time trying to prove what a rotter Ron is. Seeing through their plot, Ron repeats the procedure on Davy, Mike and Micky by outshining them in skeet shooti

  • I've Got a Little Song Here

    I've Got a Little Song Here Edit this episode

    Season 1, Episode 12 - Aired 11/28/1966

    Mike writes a new song, but when he is going to be ripped by the publishing company, he's trying to sell the song to, his friends have to help him.

  • Monkees à la Carte

    Monkees à la Carte Edit this episode

    Season 1, Episode 11 - Aired 11/21/1966

    Pop's Italian Restaurant is taken over by a mobster named Fuselli and his muscle Rocco. The Monkees are determined to get Pop's restaurant back for him. They take jobs as waiters and contact the police. Soon Fuselli has a dinner meeting for members of the Syndicate and the Monkees (disguised as the Purple Flower Gang) soon have the meeting in total chaos.

  • Here Come the Monkees

    Here Come the Monkees Edit this episode

    Season 1, Episode 10 - Aired 11/14/1966

    The Monkees' manager, Rudy Gunther, sends them to the Riverdale Country Club to audition for a Sweet Sixteen Party. The organizer, Charles Russell, happens to be an old Marine buddy of Rudy's. His daughter Vanessa immediately falls for Davy and starts neglecting her homework. Realising they will surely loose the job if she flunks, the boys decide to help her study for her final.

  • The Chaperone

    The Chaperone Edit this episode

    Season 1, Episode 9 - Aired 11/07/1966

    The only way for Davy to date General Vandenburg's daughter is to hold a chaperoned party. When everything else fails, Micky dresses up in drag as 'Mrs Arcadian', arousing the attention of both the General and Mr. Babbit, the landlord.

  • Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth (a.k.a. Gift Horse)

    Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth (a.k.a. Gift Horse) Edit this episode

    Season 1, Episode 8 - Aired 10/31/1966

    There are no pets allowed in the Monkees' apartment. This leads to comic complications when Davy watches a horse for a kid. The Monkees get a taste of farm living when they try to return the horse.

  • The Monkees in a Ghost Town

    The Monkees in a Ghost Town Edit this episode

    Season 1, Episode 7 - Aired 10/24/1966

    The Monkeemobile runs out of gas in a Ghost Town, where the boys are locked up by two gangsters, George and Lenny, waiting for the arrival of The Big Man.

  • The Success Story

    The Success Story Edit this episode

    Season 1, Episode 6 - Aired 10/17/1966

    When Davey's grandfather comes to visit thinking his grandson has become a great success in the Colonies, the guys pretend to be on Davy's personal staff in an attempt to fool the elder Jones.

  • The Spy Who Came in From the Cool

    The Spy Who Came in From the Cool Edit this episode

    Season 1, Episode 5 - Aired 10/10/1966

    The Central Intelligence Service recruits the Monkees to capture two foreign spies, Boris and Madame, after Davy unwittingly purchases a pair of red maracas with a hidden microfilm inside.

  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers

    Your Friendly Neighborhood Kidnappers Edit this episode

    Season 1, Episode 4 - Aired 10/03/1966

    Nick Trump, manager of "The Four Swine," gets the Monkees to participate in publicity stunts meant to keep them from entering a talent contest.

  • Monkee vs. Machine

    Monkee vs. Machine Edit this episode

    Season 1, Episode 3 - Aired 09/26/1966

    After Peter fails a job interview at a toy factory conducted by a computer, Mike makes the same machine short circuit and is promptly hired. Soon all four Monkees take a stand against the technology minded Mr Daggart (Stan Freberg) in favor of old fashioned, hand made toys.

  • Monkee See, Monkee Die

    Monkee See, Monkee Die Edit this episode

    Season 1, Episode 2 - Aired 09/19/1966

    When the Monkees attend the reading of a late millionaire's will, they find themselves forced to stay the night in his haunted castle.

  • The Royal Flush

    The Royal Flush Edit this episode

    Season 1, Episode 1 - Aired 09/12/1966

    Davy rescues the Princess Betina of the Duchy of Harmonica from drowning. When he goes to get his jacket back, the Monkees find out her uncle, Archduke Otto, is trying to dispose of Betina so he can become king himself.