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Longworth and Carlos investigate a murder involving high-end horse breeding. Callie, who was once an aspiring jockey, helps them with the ins and outs of this competitive, cut-throat world. Jim sees another side... Read More


Matt Passmore, Kiele Sanchez, Carlos Gómez, Jordan Wall, Michelle Hurd, Uriah Shelton, Clayne Crawford

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Laboda Barbara
The Glades


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The Glades

“cariniii <3”

J. R.
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The Glades

“"The Glades - Kein Paradies für Pferde" - RTL”

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The Glades


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The Glades

“Prust. Callie kann sich jetzt konzentrieren. Und lässt ein total perplexen Jim zurück. Und total von der Rolle. Und eine hysterisch kichernde Tine.”

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