Truth or Cosmoquences Edit

Aired on: Tue Feb 15 2005 Edit

Wanda and Timmy agree to help Cosmo impress people at his high school reunion by pretending he is rich and married to Britney Britney and that they are his secretary and his butler. It works perfectly, until... Read More


Carlos Alazraqui, Daran Norris, Faith Abrahams, Frankie Muniz, Gary Leroi Gray, Grey Delisle, Ibrahim Haneef Muhammad, Jason Marsden, Mary Kay Bergman, Susan Blakeslee, Tara Strong

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The Fairly OddParents

“Never too old for cartoons.”

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The Fairly OddParents

“en nickelodeon”

The Fairly OddParents

“I'm so tired & would like to return to bed... (-_-)”

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